The Obama Administration Will Not Destroy the USA!

The Obama Administration Will Not Destroy the USA!
Obama Administration
From Goodwin’s Article in the New York Post

On Wednesday, I read an article by Michael Goodwin in the New York Post entitled, “What, Obama Worry?”  In that article, Goodwin makes the case that the Obama Administration is slowly leading the United States into oblivion.  He cites a conversation in which a well known unidentified Democrat was asked the question whether the country could survive the next three years of the Obama Administration.  The response from the Democrat was “I Don’t Know.”  Goodwin goes onto say that this left him a little nervous.  He then goes onto to describe all of the screw ups in Obama’s first term, including the pending disaster of Obamacare.

This comment probably would have left me a little nervous too had I not been in my 50s now.  You see, I lived through the 60s, Vietnam, Watergate and Jimmy Carter.  I’ve heard many times that the United States was going down for the count.  In fact, it was something that the news quoted quite often in my childhood.  Let’s be honest, we almost came to a Revolution over Vietnam and we almost became a second rate country under Jimmy Carter who by the way is still the worst President we’ve had in my lifetime.  Obama is not even close.  At least, Obama with all of his negatives seems to understand defense (a little).

I’ve lived through the early Reagan years when we were being told on an almost daily basis that Japan and Germany were going to overtake us.  Well, we all know the didn’t.  In fact, that conversation has completely stopped.  Now, we’re afraid of China in the same way.  This, of course, is the same China that cannot afford to feed most of its occupants.

Every time I’ve read articles like Goodwin’s it doesn’t even phase me.  After all, we are the USA.  We just celebrated our 237th birthday this week.  Sure, we are going through hard times now mostly because of the Liberals.  But, we will pull through.  I still believe in American Exceptionalism.  And, I know I’m not the only one.

In 1980, when Jimmy Carter was running for re-election, we had the worst stagflation anyone could remember.  Inflation was in Double Digits and Interest rates were at an all time high.  The phrase misery index was coined for the first time to describe how bad things were.  Borrowing was even harder than it is now because of the huge interest rates.  Savings were good if you have any money to save because you could actually get 20% on a regular bank CD.

The Worst President of the past 50 years.
The Worst President of the past 50 years.

From a foreign affairs standpoint, we were a joke.  It started with Afghanistan.  Carter decided to boycott the Russian Olympics as a result.  Russia didn’t care, they just ignored the then occupier of the White House.  Pathetic foreign policy continued with the Iran Hostage Crisis which made Ted Koppel a star.  In fact, even Carter’s attempt at a military mission to rescue the hostages proved to be a disaster.  Our helicopters didn’t even make it to hostile airspace and they went down.

So, don’t tell me that America cannot survive another three years of the Obama Administration.  I’m not worried.  I am worried about the short term effects of his policies, but I’m not worried about anything much else.  We will survive.  We always do.

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