California Imploding!

California Imploding!
Governor Moonbeam.

Once we were California dreaming and California was the place you would go to pursue your dream.  Today, it is the state where you are from, not where you are going.  When the largest state, population wise, is failing, it does hurt the nation.  The following statistics illustrate California’s problems.  California has some of the nation’s highest taxes including gasoline, sales and income taxes which has resulted in the lowest bond rating nationwide.  The poverty rate is 23.5% and California is home to one third of those living in poverty and is currently tied with two other states with highest unemployment rate at 9.6%.  Those high gasoline prices are part of the reason California has the highest energy costs.  And California is the worst place to do business, which goes hand in hand with the high unemployment.

And, California is not doing much to develop one of the largest shale deposits in America.  So when you consider the number of cities going bankrupt and the failure of the state to fully develop its energy sources, you are seeing a state that is imploding.

Since 1990, there has been a net out-migration to other states but for many years, this was balanced by immigration from other countries.  With California’s unemployment rate exceeding Mexico, immigration from south of border has slowed – which shows that one way to limit immigration is to slow the economy and California’s politicians have succeeded at that.  Over the past two decades, nearly three and half million people have said adios to the once Golden State and this year will see big tax increases, big enough that even leftist HBO pundit Bill Maher complained about how outrageous it was and even threatened his fellow lefties that “you could actually lose me.”

Many middle and lower income people are leaving because of job losses.  And it doesn’t help that a middle class family will pay nearly three times more for a house in California than in Texas.  As taxes goes up on the wealthy, many of those wealthy, who contribute nearly half the state’s incomes taxes, simply will go elsewhere, joining the exodus of their less wealthier Californians.  The Democrats, which are dominated by the far left, have complete control of the House and Senate and have succeeded in passing some the most stringent anti-growth measures.  Jerry Brown brags of balancing the books but ignores the off-budget pension deficits, which continues to grow and mask the problems of many municipal localities, who face their own bankruptcy.   While some view California as “a blue state” success, the facts are different.  California is in decline and nothing short of a second tax rebellion will be required to save what was once the Golden State.  Texas has now become the state that dreams are made of.Califorani

In 1848, California’s gold rush helped populate the state and saw millions come to pursue their dreams.  But, until a true free market party arises in the State that can challenge the leftist dogma that is ruining this state, the only gold rush will be the rush out of the state.  The irony is that California is sitting on a ton of what the old TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies, called Texas Tea.  There is an abundance of Natural gas and oil, just waiting to be developed.  New energy Gold is in the ground ready to be mined and you have a state government that is merely willing to let it sit.  And in the process it make the state poorer.  It would be nice if America was once again California dreaming but instead, it is a state slipping into its night fall of bankruptcy.

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