The Phony White House Charm Offensive

March 17, 2013

Not only did the White House disavow the GOP’s 10-year budget plan put forth by House budget chief Rep. Paul Ryan, the White House will not release its budget until early April, a pattern true to the form displayed over Barack Obama’s time in office.

110601_ryan_blasts_obama_ap_328White House press secretary Jay Carney verbally attacked Ryan’s budget, saying it would punish middle-class Americans, cut taxes on the wealthy, and “the burden is doubled or even tripled on everyone else.”

Carney claimed Ryan’s “voucherization” reform of federal programs, including Obamacare and Medicare, “does nothing to deal with the fundamental problem, which is rising health care costs, but actually exacerbates that problem.”

These statements are in direct conflict with Obama’s heavily publicized attempt to convince the public he is trying to work with GOP legislators, which includes dinner with a group of GOP Senators, lunch with Ryan and two visits to Capitol Hill.

The real hope is that Obama’s efforts will boost his poll ratings, which have fallen noticeably since Obama tried to stop sequester cuts to the 2013 federal budget through demonization of their effect and by impugning the GOP’s motives.

Ryan’s plan is actually a reduction in spending, and does not cut federal spending at all.  “On the current path, we’ll spend $46 trillion over the next 10 years [but] under our proposal, we’ll spend $41 trillion,” Ryan wrote in a Wall Street Journal article. “On the current path, spending will increase by 5 percent each year. Under our proposal, it will increase by 3.4 percent.”

The GOP would be well advised to proceed at their own risk with every one of their senses on full caution mode.

The current Oval Office occupant has displayed disingenuous intent on more than one occasion and there is no real evidence to assume that his “charm offensive” is anything other than a change in tactics.  The destruction of his political opposition remains the underlying strategy.

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One Response to The Phony White House Charm Offensive

  1. messup on March 18, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    This administration has as its foundation not America’s Founding Fathers and their hard fought, hard thought economic/social philosophical underpinnings but a Western European (yes, Marx studied philosophy in Londons libraries) system of “dialetical materialism” (whatever in the world that is)! In other words, things emanate from government, are controlled by government and exist for government. Today, all one has to do is look around to see food banks, charities, social networks feeding the poor, increased levels of misery. 7.7% (levels of unemployment-stuck there), more factories closing,yard sales, estate sales consignments and rising layoffs, then:
    1) education- 25th in the world;
    2) religion under daily attacks;
    3)government by We The Elite People of cuture of corruption in all of Washington DC and for these very same people and lastly;
    4)financial sector for the “too big to fail” crowd. 1980’s LBO’s are back in vogue (look at increasing stock-buy-backs, dividends, tax havens, etc.).
    America is so far off track it will take one generation to right two terms of “Obamination!” This is exactly like FDR’s “New Deal!” It’s economic socialism, period! His administrations gave the USA 3,466 Executive Orders! And after ten years, when none of this worked, he finagled a World War to get his policies working…Truman didn’t fare any better.
    God Save America. Vigilence is the key. Prepare for when the time is ripe, We The People are ready to take back our beloved USofA. Tea Party and Teavangelicals unite. Pray.Amen.

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