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Today is the day in which the dreaded Sequestration hits.  At least, that is what the Democrats would make you believe.  In fact, according to the genius Congresswomen from Los Angeles, Maxine Waters, “170 Million Jobs will be lost as a result of it.”  Unfortunately for Ms. Waters and her math skills, this is impossible because only about 113 million people are employed in the United States.  Later when she was told of her error, Waters said it was only 700,000 people that would lose their jobs – big difference.

Now, 700,000 jobs being lost is bad enough, granted.  But, let’s keep in mind this whole thing known as sequestration was the brainchild of President Obama who is now running from it like the plague.  In fact, he hasn’t even sat down with Congress members yet to come up with a solution at all.  He has just gone into campaign mode and told the country how bad his idea actually is.

A few years ago, the country was in danger of defaulting on its debt and having its credit rating dropped for the second time in history – both of which would have occurred while the current occupant of the White House has been in residence.  This represented another in a long line of crises that have been created by this Administration.  At that time, Speaker Boehner and President Obama had the opportunity to make a long term deal to lower the deficit and basically save the country from immediate financial peril.  If you remember, the deal was on the table and it looked like it was going to happen; substantial spending cuts and increased revenue from the wealthy.  Then President Obama chickened out.  He could not make a deal that would upset the left wing of his party.  The opportunity to do the necessary went away.

In a last ditch effort to save the economy, President Obama himself came up with the solution.  A committee made up of an equal amount of Republicans and Democrats would sit down in a room and strike a deal by coming up with a fixed amount of spending cuts and tax increases, if necessary, by a certain deadline.  If this Super Committee failed to meet the deadline, automatic spending cuts across the board would take effect.  This came to be knows as Sequestration.Sequestration

Well, what do you think happened next?  The committee couldn’t get anything done because the Left simply could not agree on the hard and necessary cuts to lower the deficit.  Boehner and the Republican caucus put everything on the line, including tax increases, but the Democrats could not come up with any meaningful cuts to meet the numbers.  The deadline came and went.  Sequestration was here.

As you recall, this was more than a year ago.  Then, as history tends to repeat itself, in these situations, Congress just kicked the can and pushed the sequestration date out to March 1, 2013.  A date long after anyone in Congress had to worry about getting re-elected, especially, the President.  And, a date in which the next major election was so far into the future that maybe the electorate would forget.

Well, guess what?  March 1, 2013 is here and so is sequestration.  Now, President Obama must face the fact that his beloved plan, that’s right, his plan, not Bush’s, not Boehner’s, not Pelosi’s and certainly not Harry Reid’s is going to send the country into a long term depression and ruin his beloved legacy.  He can’t blame this on anyone else.  And, as we all know, the only thing President Obama cares about is his legacy.  He doesn’t care about the American public or the country itself.  He cares about how he will be remembered.

President Obama and Tiger Woods enjoying a day on the course.

So, what has he done to avoid this pending disaster.  Well . . . last week, he took a few days off to play golf with Tiger Woods.  Ok, he’s entitled to his vacations just like everyone else.  Since then, he has been touring the country telling everyone that would listen that this would be the worst thing that could ever happen.  (Remember, this was his idea).

Has he sat down with Boehner or even Harry Reid or the leadership of his party to work out a solution?  NO!  In fact, the meeting to save  the country from sequestration is going to happen today after the cuts actually take effect.  And, if you listen to the pundits discuss this pending meeting, it appears that it will be nothing more than a photo opportunity.  Nothing will get done.  So, the cuts will take effect and the country will suffer.

Or, will it?  If you listen to the Tea Party Caucus, this sequestration is just what we need.  Senator Rand Paul and his followers believe this is the only way to get Federal Spending in check.  At least, the growth in Federal Spending.  Nobody is really cutting anything here.  And, that is the fallacy of sequestration.  The real cuts necessary to lower the deficit do not involve slowing the growth of federal spending, they involve cutting entitlements and defense.  It is the only way to balance the budget because the tax increases that Obama wants will do nothing to lower the deficit.  In fact, if he taxed the top 1% at 100% of their income, it wouldn’t even come close to eliminating the deficit at all.

Hence the problem and why there is no solution.  No one in Congress will do what is necessary to save the economy.  They will just kick the can down the road and try to keep their jobs.  And, in the coming months 170 million people will lose their jobs.  Oops, did I just say 170 million, what I really meant was 700,000.  In reality, will anyone lose their jobs?  Maybe, some, but I don’t think it will be near that number and Maxine Waters is just blowing Democratic smoke.

What are your thoughts?

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4 Responses to "Sequestration"

  1. The problem with the debate is with the underlying aspect of the debate.

    The first problem is that our tax policies is not growth oriented as everyone got nailed in the last debate including the middle class.

    The second problem is that the cut is 2% of the budget, if that. We are only slowing the growth of the spending, not reducing spending. So we have an economy burdened by higher taxes and more government spending; a double whamming.

    The only good news is that the tax bill could have been worse and the sequester will put some cuts in place; so it could be worse.

    Still, until we have growth oriented policies, the best economic story is what we have; slow growth and high unemployment. This is the best we can hope for.

  2. Part of the problem as I see it is where these so called cuts are coming from. The Department of Defense is exepected to lose 85 Billion dollars in funding, when they are only 1/3 of the total federal budget. Why when we are seeing issues with our national security (terrorism, North Korea, and Iran) are we telling the men and women who are tasked to defend us to do more with less.

  3. Excuse me I meant to say 45 billion, 85 is the total amount of the so called cuts.

    Of course we know there are no real cuts just reduced spending temporarily.

  4. The government is an addict who needs an intervenetion.
    Spending is beyond out of control and we have a 5%increase Every Year, regardless of fiscal events the previous year.
    The whole debate is from slowing the Rate of Growth. Where else does a slowing of growth cause trauma besides teen agers?
    We needs to slow spending and control the cash-a-holics who are seeking deeper pockets of green without regard to the effects, immediate and long term.


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