Satan Resembles Obama

Satan Resembles Obama

As I typed this, it is the top story on Yahoo News… Front page news of Google News… Front page news of USA Today… Front Page news of Huffington Post… Front page news of…. Front page news of NBC News… Front page news of Daily Mail… Front page of the Hollywood Reporter… Front page news of the Drudge Report… What is it?  Here’s a hint from one of the headlines, “Why does the devil in hit TV show ‘The Bible’ look exactly like President Obama?

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Just curious, where was the story displayed of the actual prosthetic head of George W. Bush on the pike in HBO’s Game of Thrones?  Answer… not the top story, not even on the front page (well, except for Drudge).  And when you read the articles about Bush’s head on a stake, it was about how innocuous it was, how it was done without any malice, how funny it was, how Republicans took it too seriously, how it was not a controversy.

But have an actor that somewhat resembles Obama play Satan in a biblical epic… well, get ready for all hell to break loose.

This story isn’t that much different in than the impaled Bush head in Game of Thrones story in terms of content, but in context- it is night and day.  Why?  Because those pushing the story have done so by deeply rooting it in suspicion that this was done on purpose and with malice intent.  Well, unlike the Game of Thrones story, the writers of this particular story could not wait for a statement from the producers or the network, they had to publish the story ASAP.  Who needs all the facts anyway when you are trying to push an agenda?  So, each article says the same thing:

  • They had not yet got a quote from the producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey
  • That the producers are very religious
  • The producers are connected with Republicans like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

So, add it all up.  The Satan character in History Channel’s The Bible resembles Democrat Barack Obama and the overly religious producers, who are connected with Republicans Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, refuse to give a statement of apology at this point.   According to the stories being pushed this morning, this is not innocuous, this is clearly done with malice, this is not funny, Democrats are right to take it seriously and this is a huge controversy.

George Bush Head on a Stick
Again, never mind that an actual prosthetic head of President Bush was impaled on a stake… this devil looks like Obama!  And, for the record, the top producer of The Bible, Mark Burnett, actually donated to Obama’s campaign.  That’s right.  Burnett actually donated $2,300 to the Obama campaign during the 2008 election, and then to the Democratic National Committee after Obama took office.

So, when you consider that… how is the narrative changed?  But does it matter at this point… many Americans, this morning, have read the top and front page stories and they have moved on to Facebook or whatever else they are doing.  The narrative was pushed and America has processed and logged it in their collective mind.

The damage is done… or, if you are a Democrat, another job well done.


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Satan resembles Obama in a biblical epic.


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  1. Exactly like Obama? Talk about a rorschach test! The guys obviously way older! In my opinion, Obama actually resembles satan in that he comes to kill (by drones) and destroy (the whole moral/economic/political systems of) the United States. If he has his way, we will be a third world country by the time he’s finished.


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