Random Thoughts from CPAC to Sex Week!

Random Thoughts from CPAC to Sex Week!

Every so often one gets caught up in stories that once they are re-examined turn out to be much ado about nothing.  I, along with other pundits, wrote that the Administration was buying a ton of bullets and asked for what?  It is healthy to be skeptical of government and certainly this administration has done more than its fair share to be skeptical of, but as National Review writer Charles Cooke noted, what we are seeing is a government buying ammunition for agents needed to enforce the laws.  Cooke wrote, “That there is no grand clandestine plan for the subjugation of America should by no means be taken to imply that every government action is acceptable.”  (Reader David Burris made some good observations on this in response to a piece I wrote.)

At CPAC, Pat Caddall gave a speech on the Republican consultants cabal that dominates GOP political strategy but there was a point he made that every Republicans should listen to as he observed THAT, politics is a life and death struggle for Democrats.  For the Democrats, there is only victory.  Much of what the Democratic Party is today consists of the hard left that began their long march from the Vietnam War protests through much of the establishment including the apparatus of the Democratic Party.  Caddall’s point is simple, Republicans view politics as just another aspect of life you participate in, but for the Democrats; it is life itself.  As one Illinois Republican told me, “For a Democrat, their life is government; a lost election means the loss of a job.  For a Republican, lose an election and you go back to your life.”


One example of this mentality is a recent Huffington Post story about comedian/pundit Steve Crowder.  Mr. Crowder quipped “What is this thing about Ashley Judd and rape?”  The Huffington Post insinuated  somehow that Crowder was wishing for Judd to be raped but what he was referring was Judd’s habit of equating everything from buying Apple computers to Coal mining as some sort of rape.  The Post’s goal like much of the left is to engage in a politics of personal destruction to minimize and isolate the Conservative movement.  For the left, political opposition is not mere opponents to disagree with but the enemy to be destroyed.

As for Judd, if she chooses to run for the Kentucky Senate seat, it will be fun.  There are enough quotes from her to show that maybe she is not the best person to be a Senator.  One can get away with wacky statements in Hollywood but not in a run for the Senate in a Red State like Kentucky.

Organizing for America, the vehicle for Obama’s re-election is now Organizing for Action.  OFA’s goal is to promote the Obama agenda over the next four years and beyond.  And it is supported by wealthy donors.  The big secret is that the left is funded by two sources.  One is union donations that are siphoned from workers to support leftist policy and the second by wealthy donors like Soros.  Soros through his various organizations has managed over the years to spend far more by several-fold than the leftist bogeymen, the Koch Brothers.  The two day kick-off event featured 75 folks donating a bargain rate for $50,000.  For Half-Million, one gets dinner with the President, briefed by his administration or maybe a night in the Lincoln bedroom.  Of course, that half-million will buy some protection and a little access to the President and his administration.

The left is the party of the wealthy and many wealthy individuals understand it is better to be part of the Party of government as opposed to government of free markets since they can garner favors.  Call it crony capitalism.


Finally, Tennessee is having sex week in April but as Professor Glen Reynolds quipped, that when he was in college; every week was sex week.  There is nothing like making sex boring than turn it into a college course.


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