The Underground Super Bowl Commercial

February 3, 2013

Underage ProstitututionIn preparation for Super Bowl Sunday. . .

In a small, unassuming editing bay at Texas Lutheran University, a group of Dramatic Media students was inspired by an assignment from their Social Drama class after working with After learning about the gruesome sex trafficking problem surrounding the Super Bowl, this group of budding filmmakers decided to create an “Underground Super Bowl Commercial” for a theatre, film and new media coalition called, Theatre For Change.

I realize that this is not a million dollar production, yet somehow. . .it’s better.

Seek Truth. Create Story. Change The World.

There is indeed hope for our future filmmakers yet!

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2 Responses to The Underground Super Bowl Commercial

  1. Anonymous on February 4, 2013 at 6:17 am

    I would be remiss if I did not raise my voice in support of your intentions. Would that you could lead, I would follow.

    Hollywood is a tamable, brought from wildness into a domesticated or tractable state, beast. They are first and foremost principled but fallible capitalists. If we want Hollywood/Internet/Television/Radio/Christianity to do something spiritually moral, withhold profitability/tithing, the gratification for clueless, crude, coarsen corrupt products, and events that improperly managed, beget the worse in humanity. Reward them when they are the change we seek. If there is a crack in the armour of the Jewish/Liberal/Hollywood cultural, it is being blinded by thirty pieces of silver. Take away their profits and how soon the convert. So you see, the real villain here is the audience.

    Our culture is us. This tragedy is not fundamentally about sex. It is about the abysmal and
    treacherous abuse of media and commercial power. These causes are in the sacrosanct domain that Hollywood and the media goes to protect turf and profit, but it is the domain where we will begin to find the answers: the secular sub-culture and the narcissistic hierarchical elite that has allowed this nightmare to happen and has failed to comprehend the profound depth of the damage done, and alas, a pivot, but to where?

    We have High School and College students who when asked about Benghazi, ask “Who is he?” This is the era of the “low information citizen.” Our problems are with our culture, our educational system and with our electorate.

    Has your crusade for “The Rape of the unnamed Girl” born any permanent spiritual moral advancement? Even the Catholic Church denies, equivocates, stumbles, offering “settlements”, hoping the furor will subside without substantive cultural pivots, when caught “red handed.”

    Yes, first and foremost, “we must be the change we seek.” The battle has just begun and we are on the front lines, and we are losing. Are we in it to the “end”? Or are we just going to analyze, complain and pound the breast, that confusing “Mea Culpa”?

    But I salute you as one of the few outspoken supports of the children, God’s Fence Posts.

  2. Brian on January 7, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Well done

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