The Reality of Long Term Unemployment

The Reality of Long Term Unemployment

unemployment_5In his “Mission Accomplished” moment, Barack Hussein Obama ended his jobs council on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Despite the fact that more than 12 million people in the U.S. are still out of work.

Obama’s allies will point out that when the jobs council began two years ago, unemployment was above 9 percent and has since improved to 7.8 percent.  What they conveniently overlook is that the unemployment number has shifted downwards in large part due to people who have exceeded their unemployment benefits are no longer being counted.

So, if you are a middle aged worker who has experienced long term unemployment, you have forever lost what for most people were the peak earning years of life.  A time when under normal circumstances, the opportunity to save for retirement was most feasible financially.

Instead you were drawing unemployment benefits worth less than half what you used to make.  As the result, instead of saving for retirement, you reduced your expenditures (read: standard of living) by half.

Not to mention the loss of medical, vacation, 401k and other employer provided benefits.

Then to add insult to injury, the self-imagined, self-appointed “progressive” intellectual elite ruling class decide that the expiration of the unemployment benefits that sustained your Spartan existence means that for the purposes of their statistics, you are no longer out of work.

Even if you have honestly sought work for years and have been unsuccessful thanks to an economy crippled by their “progressive” economic policies, have used up all your personal savings and are a month or two away from living on the street.

The reality of long term unemployment is not being accurately portrayed by the Obama administration, their “progressive” political allies, or pelosi_obama_reidtheir devoted supporters within the institutionalized “progressive” left.

The economy is not growing.  Jobs are not being created.  If you are unemployed, prospects for future employment look bleak.

Their big government “stimulus” spending was devoted primarily to helping their “progressive” allies in blue states that needed the money to balance their own indebted balance sheets.

Every dollar spent on “stimulus” was obtained through a tax on the private sector.  Instead of the private sector having the money they earned to invest in growing business and creating jobs, it was sent to Washington DC, where the cost of an ever growing, bloated bureaucracy was first removed, then redistributed to those deemed fit by the same self-imagined, self-appointed “progressive” intellectual elite ruling class that has shown through their handling of the nation’s unemployment statistics that they are far more concerned with retaining their own grip on power than truly helping the little guy.

If you have a job, thank God and pray to keep it.

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One Response to "The Reality of Long Term Unemployment"

  1. MSNBC ( disproved everyone of STOU2013 points…as lies. Sad, a President, so enamoured with oneself (and the Office), oblivious to ALL American’s pain and suffering.
    Commentary follows:
    1)50 million infants (and unborn) killed (wanton infanticide);
    2)Unemployed college graduates(scientists) driving taxis;
    3)56% of America’s manufacturing now performed overseas;
    4)Lowest number of patent applications in American history;
    5)even beer sales are in the tank…no more White House Beer fests. Pray. Amen.
    More commentary:
    a)Welfare recipients are at an all time high…
    b)gas prices are at $4.05/gal, was $1.82/gal in 2008/09,
    c)ARIMA-X-12 reports addition of 17.1 million welfare recipients in just 4 years time…rolls have increased to more than 48 million Americans in true pain and suffering. STOU2013 was kabuki theatre extraordinaire.
    Final commentaries:
    I.Renewable energy is a joke! By (this administration) handing “redistributed” taxpayers hardearned dollars to greedy crony-capitalist’s who later folded everyone of their businesses…
    II.even Tesla,Volt, GM and Crysler are this aministration’s laughing stock.
    III.Not to mention solar and wind energy programs (drive on I-10 to Indio, CA) learn the truth about wind farms.
    IV.Bureau of Land Management reports 15 applications for solar energy programs (on Federal Lands) in Arizona…only one (an Italian firm- subsidized by the USA) has expressed interest with beginning the 2 year long environmental impact study.
    CONCLUSION? A sad but true, joke on all Americans.


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