Snow White and The Seven Priests – by Anonymous

Snow White and The Seven Priests – by Anonymous

PedophiliaLast Sunday’s Daily Breeze, South Bay, CA. 01/27/2013, contained the “document dump” of Roger Cardinal Mahoney’s unforgiveable snap shot, $660 million in settlements, of the global Church Sexual Abuse Scandal.


The headlines read:


“The Shadow of Abuse: Documents reveal pattern of shielding priests by Los Angeles church official.”


“Mahoney was at center of sex abuse scandal” “Court documents show that (Roger Cardinal) Mahoney and other church leaders shielded abusive priests from public knowledge and prosecution.”


“A New Era- Church initiates major reforms” “In this last decade, church leaders and members say, they have had to come to terms with feelings of anger, confusion and shame over the dark history of child molestation and the cover-up.”


“Father James Michael Ford-Reports of abuse met with skepticism.” This was the era of Timothy Cardinal Manning, Archbishop of Los Angeles, from 1970 to 1985, the mid-point of a half century of abuse.


“Father Michael Baker: ‘An extremely serious and grave situation’. “In a scandal that implicated dozens of priests in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the case of Father Michael Baker is the one that Cardinal Roger Mahoney said troubles him the most.”


“Father Santiago Tamayo: Priest one of group exploiting teen girl.” “Appropriately enough, the tales of how Tamayo Cruces and five other priests sexually assaulted a 16-year girl were fodder for the tabloids in the 1980s which dubbed it “Snow White and the Seven Priests.” “The case files of Father Santiago Tamayo and Father Angel Cruces read like lurid dime-store novels. Appropriately enough, the tales of how Tamayo, Cruces and five other priests sexually assaulted a 16 year-old girl were fodder for the tabloids in the 1980s, which dubbed it “Snow White and the Seven Priests.”’


“Father Nicholas Aguilar Rivera: Visiting priest fled to Mexico after her was warned.”  “The letter from the bishop in Mexico was friendly, offering warmest greetings and asking a favor from then- Archbishop Roger Mahoney.”


“Father Eleutorio Ramos: Molester reassigned 15 times in 20 years.” “Ramos admitted to police in Orange County that he had molested at least 25 boys over the span of a decade.”


“Monsignor Cristobal Garcia: He rose in church’s ranks” “The Vatican investigation came 27 years after Garcia’s “possible pedophilic activity” was noted in confidential files held by the Archdioceses of Los Angeles, along with a recommendation that it be turned over for investigation.”


“Father Michael Buckley: Mahoney informed of abuse at least twice.”  “In the case of the family of three brothers, Cardinal Manning personally promised the boy’s mother in 1975 that Buckley would never again be allowed near children.”


“Monsignor Benjamin Hawkes: A ‘slick operator’ said one accuser.” “Hawkes saved the archdiocese from debt by selling off property he considered unnecessary, then growing the schools and hospitals. Hawkes was untouchable but according to a deposition and handwritten letter, the old priest liked to touch boys.”


“Father Lynn R Caffoe: Mahoney calls priest master manipulator.”  “(Father) Caffoe has not truly resolved his inner anger and sexual tension, so that he remains a real threat to minors. This is confirmed by his subsequent behavior,” Mahoney wrote to then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI.” Letter Dated 11/8/2004.


“Father Larry Lovell: Mission’s ‘problem’ cleric now in prison.” “Whatever church Father Larry Lovell passed through, he left abused children and sickened parents in his wake.”


“Father Fidencio Silva: 60 altar boys left in his charge.” “He was apparently also far too chummy with some of the 60 altar boys in his charge. He would eventually be accused of molesting more than two dozen of them.”

Pope Benedict XVI – Did he know and cover-up as well.


“Monsignor Peter Garcia: He preyed on vulnerable immigrants.” “Among the various priest accused over the years of sexual abuse, Monsignor Peter E Garcia seemed to have a specialty. Garcia’s victims-he confessed at one point to having 20-were primarily young undocumented immigrants, a quality that made their families less likely to prosecute.”


“Father Matthew Michael Sprouffske: Victim kept her silence for three decades.”  “Memos between Father Roger Bonneau, Monsignor Thomas Curry and Cardinal Roger Mahoney show Sprouffske admitted the accusations were true, though he insisted it was only one incident of its kind. He also agreed to therapy.


Are we really justified in feigning “surprise?” Here we have mountains of incontrovertible proof, nothing left in defense except denial.


It is all just local here, or mirrored internationally, anticlimactic and a mere drop in the ocean of global Church Sexual Abuse. The real evil is alive and well, at the very pineal of institutions, The Catholic Church, Penn State, The Boy Scouts, and our Public School System (Miramonte et al). This scandal has touch and tainted very one of the Catholic Church’s Princes and Popes in the last century.



Every Pope and Cardinal, how could they not know, was complicit in the activities of “Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” the knowledgeable catch-all for these sordid facts.


The Paraclete Fathers rose to the occasion in 1947 and were diminished because of their honesty about clerical pedophilia. There can be no doubt that the last five Popes knew and were complicit by, “Not to act is to act”.


There no longer is any defense only denial framed by manipulative and insincere “Mea Culpas”.


Should we pray for Dietrich Bonheoffer’s religion-less Christianity and secular justice, the equivalent punishment for all pedophile derelicts and enablers?  Church settlements, a disgusting morality abstractly contrived: is an outrage without jail time or give us Father Gerald Michael Cushing Fitzgerald’s Devils Island.


And the public’s silence, “Not to speak is to speak”. One didn’t think it could happen but this tops Jessica’s law awareness. Where are we going wrong?

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5 Responses to "Snow White and The Seven Priests – by Anonymous"

    Fr. George Nevill Rucker met with a victim in Seattle in 1991 and reported “the meetings were pretty grim.” In a letter to Curry, a meeting attendee whose name was removed from the file, said Rucker refused to fully accept responsibility for his actions, blaming them on steroid medication and even God. Rucker told the facilitator, “Well, God called me into the priesthood and God doesn’t make mistakes so I assume all of this happened as part of God’s plan for (the victim’s) salvation.” The facilitator commented, ” And so he did Fr. George Neville Rucker when at the Saint Anthony’s church and pahrochial school in El Segundo California did infact continue his Rape and molestation of many more young tiny girls after which the La Arcdioces Knew he had molested many other children. And yes this is Just the Tip of the iceberg World Wide their will be no change in this behavior until the Laws are changed

    1. 7/28/13 9:44pm — I totally agree that, just as with murder, there should be NO statute of limitation for those who “molest” and rape children & adults. Just as murder kills the body – rape & sexual victimization by a sexual predator KILLS THE SOUL. No one EVER truly recovers from these hideous acts. It is documented over & over & over again that rapists, sexual predators, etc, CANNOT BE FIXED, TREATED, CURED NOR REHABBED. Any & all money paid for such bogus programs is totally wasted. The only way to ensure public safety is to pass a very rigid FEDERAL & UNIFORM “ONE STRIKE & YOURE OUT LAW” IN ALL 50 STATES. It also needs to be “plea bargain” proof. Lock these born- brain -damaged degenerates up for life so that, hopefully, they no longer have free reign to damage more lives than they already have. Remember, for every 1 victim of a pedophile there is collateral damage to as many as 20 or 30 additional persons which include the victims family & friends. No more slaps on the wrist. Lock all of them up at first conviction & throw away the key.

  2. And the caption under the picture reads: “Pope Benedict XVI – Did he know and cover-up as well.”

    All of the Churches sexual abuse issues, by mandate, have been directed to the “The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) (Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei), previously known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition (wherefrom arose the names Roman Inquisition or Holy Inquisition popularly used in reference to the 16th century tribunals against witchcraft and heresy), and after 1904 called the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office”

    On 25 November 1981, Pope John Paul II named Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) as the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the “Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office”, the historical Roman Inquisition.

    Ratzinger’s 2001 letter “De delictis gravioribus” clarified the confidentiality of internal church investigations, as defined in the 1962 document Crimen Sollicitationis, into accusations made against priests of certain crimes, including sexual abuse. This became a target of controversy during the sex abuse scandal. As a Cardinal, Raztinger had been for twenty years the man in charge of enforcing the document, what did he know and when did he know it is rehetorical.

    Yes, Pope Benedict XVI spent twenty years in the titanic archives of this evil. He knew personally Father Gerald Michael Cushing Fitzgerald, ground zero for the destruction of plausible deniability, the founder of the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete, which operates centers for priests dealing with challenges such as alcoholism, substance abuse and sexuality.

    Starting in 1947 and for two decades, Gerald Michael Cushing Fitzgerald wrote regularly to bishops in the United States and to Vatican officials, including the pope, of his opinion that many sexual abusers in the priesthood could not be cured and should be laicized immediately. Research Paraclete Report January 11, 2011, By Thomas P. Doyle.–paraclete_report.htm

    “Pope Benedict XVI – Did he know and cover-up as well.” The answer has to be “Yes”. Nothing comes closer to being an “absolutism”.

  3. What do:1)LGBT, 2)Redistribution of wealth,3)greed,4)power,5)corruption 6) Pope Benedict, 7)Obama and 8)George Soros have in common?
    Peru – the world’s largest supplier of silver (from the Potosi silver mines) is experiencing a booming economy. The country’s largest supermarket chain – ALICORP- is purchasing a Brazilian failing producer of Pasta (Santa Amalia) for $200 million dollars. More Peruvian businesses have pending aquisitions in the making in Brazil.
    Brazil – Petrobras, the government owned oil and ethanol (sugar cane)monopoly reported losses in 2012 of 36% versus 2011. Remember, they have a $2 billion dollar stake in off shore oil reserves in Louisianna’s shallow drilling platforms. And received first bids on any two (or more) of seven off shore drilling platforms Obama set aside in “preferential treatments” due to his Gulf of Mexico “drilling moratorium.” And George Soro’s “investment” of $2 billion dollars in Petrobras at Obama’s behest. Looks like the “crony-capitalist’s” lost really big time on this one.
    Brazil – Eike Batista(OGX), recipient of both American – Brazilian government deal-makings and Soros’s “investments,” has been “de-listed” from Bloomberg’s 100 most richest in the world.
    Brazil – who made out like a bandit in Brazil’s demise? Yep, you guessed it….Bank of America(ITAU). They managed to eke out a small profit over 2011. Of course, Quantitative Easing is also taking place in Brazil…sure does help a banks bottom line.
    Yep, Argentina is in free fall. Brazil, is following suit and Chile a close third. Goes to prove, once again, “redistribution of wealth” (a la Marx) just has a really unhappy ending.!!!Pray. Amen.
    Oh! By the way, the evangelicals in Brazil are literally exploding in membership. Catholics, in Latin America, are leaving Catholicism by the droves. See, Pope Benedicts resignation on 2/11/2013 is an attempt at stopping catholics (chism in Catholic church) leaving the “pedophile kingdom”(Cardinal Ratzinger comes to mind) created by a greedy, power hungry and corrupt Catholic/Vatican hierarchy (including Archbishop Dolans, “hiding” of $55 million dollars in another dioscese). Brazilian Evangelicals are snapping up TV stations, real estate, et al because of tithing and believers hungry for the Word of God. Morality trumps Sodom and Gamorrah…every single time!!!!


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