Why Zero Dark Thirty?

Why Zero Dark Thirty?

Zero Dark 30By:  Anonymous

And a group of college students were asked if they ever heard of Benghazi? And the answer was “No, who was he?” This is the era of the “low information” voter.


This time it was the Algerian equivalent of Seal Team 6, Algerian helicopters and special forces, as they stormed a gas plant in the stony plains of the Sahara during this the third week in January 2013. Why? Their mission and goal was to wipe out Islamist militants and to free the hostages from at least ten countries. The United States government is playing a new, very uncomfortable role, leading from behind, playing catch-up. The French, fresh from a failed attempted rescue of a secret agent, Denis Allex, captured by insurgents in Somalia, have re-entered the global crisis, also attempting to fill the vacuum, God bless them, imagine that, the French!


As our government wanders in the haze of indecision- a clear provocation to radical Islamist terrorists-we are a self-diminished super power.


Are hostage situations, resurrecting images of “deals” with terrorists- when if ever offered or granted-a disaster? The first priority for terrorist militants is to kill, as it was with an American Jew like Daniel Jacob Pearl, the South Asia Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal, based in Mumbai, India. Don’t ask a college student who Daniel Jacob Pearl was!


What we Americans need, sadly, is a wake-up call confronting the lies we are continuously being nourished with, starting with late July 2012. It was mid last years that our nation was being told that “Al Qaeda is on the run”, nobody cared to mention they are regrouping in African and running right straight at us. This propaganda is looped repeatedly, regularly, on a complicit media platform, as if “saying it enough” will make it true. This lie will most assuredly be “falsely” trumpeted at the 2013 inauguration, all while some struggle to weaken the 2nd Amendment, our defense against tyranny.Zero Dark Thirty


Al Qaeda is just one of many radical Islamic organizations in Libya, Mali, The sub-Saharan Africa, the next staging ground for the often mentioned rise of the coming “Caliphate” outside of the Middle East.


The chaos in Syria is part of this administration’s inability to fathom the depths of national security rationality on what the real enemy to America is? Our ability to respond to the evil in the world is purposefully and strategically being diminished by enemies from within, by our surrendering constitutional rights to self-defense, our ability to confront tyranny, the 2nd Amendment, and by the cuts in our defense posture. It is already happening, don’t wait for sequestration.


The Algerians have been through this terrorism before in the 1900s. Then it was the kidnapping of French priests, eventually murdered. Why, because the French would not meet the militant’s demands. This is a lesson perhaps we are want to re-learn?


We have the Carrier Battle Group in the Mediterranean. The “Law”, an incredible concept ignored, an eviscerated security force, a law that requires us to have eleven Carrier Battle Groups. The United States only has nine. At this moment in time some Navy Officials state that the nearest Amphibian Ready Group with a Marine Expeditionary Force aboard is off the east coast of Africa, nothing in the Mediterranean. So short is our memory. America was promised after Benghazi that things would get better. Behold the creeping strategy of the “managed decline of America”. The total, and yes, it has been, as to date, total, not even a plausible deniability, the total lack of a “response” is our answer to Benghazi. This vacuum looks favorably as a provocation to radical Islamist terrorists. Just remember Ambassador Chris Stevens in context with


As we go to meet the foe –
As we did the Alamo.


This is the era of the low information voter. Given the Holocaust, our Jewish culture should have a better handle on these phenomena. Are they not the primary target of radical Islamist terrorists, along with Westerners, with the most to lose? Why “Zero Dark Thirty”-Liberty and Freedom! Do we lack the courage? Is it any wonder that Benghazi was such a necessary cover-up and catastrophe? Is America retreating? Do our enemies know it? Will we depend on France or Algiers ultimately? These are the times that try men’s souls.


There was a time when an attack on an American was an attack on America. Where have all the patriots gone? “Zero Dark Thirty” was exceptionalism, a rarity these days, rising about radical insane partisanship.

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3 Responses to "Why Zero Dark Thirty?"

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head with “low information” generation. They’re being educated (or not educated) by the lefty media and their lefty parents. Where are the Patriots? I’d love to know that too.

  2. When asked about Benghazi, it seems our youth think it’s a clothing designer! This my friends is our electorate mainly our youth who are clueless!

  3. America is, too soon to forget, that we are a nation committed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As a nation we coalesced, merged and fused into a purposeful, if fallible, government of the people by the people and for the people. With all our imperfections we are that shining City on the Hill.

    Why are we slowly walking away from those unalienable rights, embracing a secular isolation, a philosophical but real closing of the tent of inclusiveness? As slip toward global irrelevance, yet thankfully a long way to go, look to France, Algeria and Israel, an occasional mirror, in real time, those fundamentals and principles we stand for, our Judeo-Christian philosophy, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Others are actively teaching us, that which we once knew, by their example.

    The Armed Islamic Group, known by its French acronym, GIA, waged a violent war against Algeria’s secular military regime during the 1990s. Today, the “Algerian hostages: Hague says crisis ‘top priority’ The Algerian hostage crisis will remain the UK’s “top priority” until every British national is accounted for, Foreign Secretary William Hague says. The Algerians fought for ten years against these Islamist terrorists. It was a bloody, terrible and cruel war that the Islamists lost.

    The remnants of that Algerian rebellion are today Al Qaeda acolytes, a virulent, mediatized strain of that fictional Al Qaeda extremist, fanatical and radical group that President Obama insists we “have on the run”.

    The Algerian government has no intention of giving radical Islamists any victory much less a “sound stage” to announce demands whereby reviving what was a “sound” defeat. No need for American leadership, if it exists, only support for what we the people believe in.

    Can America learn something from the French and Algerians; most definitely, it is all in the leadership “provided again by the people”..


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