Lessons from the NRA

Lessons from the NRA

National Rifle AssociationObama’s favorability is dropping and the NRA is now more popular than he is.  Who would have thought if possible?  There are several lessons to be learned here.

1.  Lesson one, don’t back down!  The NRA didn’t or began with a compromise but stuck to their guns on the core issue.

2.  Lesson two, offer alternatives.   The NRA basically offered their own alternative like armed guards at schools and expanded police protection.  This forced the gun control lobby to argue different issues.  The NRA turned this into a battle on gun rights for self protection and against tyranny.  They are now winning the intellectual debate.

3.  Lesson three, if you wrestle with pigs, cut off its head and have ham for breakfast.  Obama’s philosophy is to destroy the right and the Republican Party.  Many conservatives and Republicans may not realize it but the NRA does.  The NRA doesn’t want to be Ham for breakfast.

4.  Lesson four, know your opponent’s real goals.  The NRA understands that Obama and the left want to eliminate all guns and the Second Amendment.  So why compromise with folks who really want you dead?  If this was a battle of how to best to perserve the Second Amendment while protecting Americans, compromise becomes more likely.  If this is a battle over confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens, then you fight to win.

5.  Lesson five, don’t listen to consultants and strategists that your ad campaign must be nice, sweet and must reach out to the uncommitted independent who simply wants us all to get along.  If this was the case, Obama would have lost.  Romney’s entire strategy in the third debate with Obama was to appear reasonable and nice.  Didn’t work as Senator Ted Cruz quipped, “I thought Romney was going to french kiss Obama.”  The NRA ad including Obama’s children sent a message.  Use kids as prop, we can too.  Besides are our children any less important than Obama’s?

Senator Ted Cruz

6.  Lesson Six follows lesson five.  Don’t apologize for ads and if some of your erstwhile supporters get weak kneed, keep on plugging.  Former Senator Gramm summed up the proper response in a campaign in which his opponent demanded an ad be taken off.  He told his staff to double the ad buy on it.  The NRA strategy is simple, punch me in the nose, I kick you back in the groin.

7.  Lesson seven, if you are fighting for conservative causes, don’t try to please the media.  Assume the media hates you and go over their head.  The NRA’s lesson to conservatives is that we are in a battle for the soul of America and the other side won’t rest until we are utterly defeated.  So for the next four years, there are very few issues that can be compromised.

During the Lewinsky crisis, Bill Clinton’s advisor’s told him that his Presidency was at stake. His response,”We just have to win.”  Clinton took a win or die attitude and won. Obama believes the same and so does the NRA.  Will we?

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