Hillary Lies To Congress So Let Make Her President!

Hillary Lies To Congress So Let Make Her President!

hillary clintonHillary Clinton is lucky she doesn’t have to worry about an inquisitive media looking closely into her record as Secretary of State or her performance in the recent congressional hearing.  If so, they would have reported her parsing of the truth and her bobbing and weaving from questions asked of her.  If anything, the media would report that Hillary Clinton misrepresented her role in the tragedy at Benghazi or that she is incompetent.  Either way, she is not Presidential material.

The media have shown no interest in Benghazi, despite the fact that four Americans were murdered and there was even a possibility that they could have been saved if timely action was provided.  Instead, the media allowed a fake story about an internet movie being responsible to play for weeks, a story that Hillary contributed to.  She even had the audacity to state this view at the funeral of her fallen Ambassador when she must have known the truth.  Nor has anyone in the media concern that the individual responsible for the movie is now in jail.  (The official story is that he violated conditions of his parole but anyone with common sense knows if this movie about the evil of Mormonism, no one would have cared.  Most likely, he would have been rewarded with a Broadway play.)

Clinton’s Middle East policy is becoming a disaster that is apparent  to all with the exception of  the New York Times and much of the establishment.  The French are dealing with the fallout of Ms. Clinton’s policies in Mali and, Syria has become a battle between Iranian ally, Syria and jihadists while this administration has done nothing to at least assure that some of the opposition to Syria be made of more moderate folks.  Leading from behind is leaving a mess to the incoming Secretary of State, John Kerry and let’s face it, Kerry has been nothing more than a mediocre Senator and there is no evidence that he will be any better than Clinton.  The only problem is that Kerry will be cleaning up Hillary’s mess while Hillary will find a way to extricate herself as she runs for the Presidency.

As for the hearings, Hillary took responsibility for the mess in Libya while explaining to everyone who was listening that others screw-ups really led to it.  Then there were the fake tears and the classic response to Senator Bob Johnson, when she stated, “What difference does it make,” when she all be admitted that the truth of why Benghazi happened didn’t really matter.  That response alone should disqualify her from any further public service, but it won’t.

If the hearings show anything, it is that our ruling class cares little for the truth or for those who serve them.  There will be no search for truth and the media won’t insist on it.  We are seeing arms being removed from Libya and ending up in the hands of our enemies and the terror war that we were told being won during the election, is not.

Hillary, like her boss, either lied about Benghazi or simply was not aware of what was happening.  Either way, being a liar or simply incompetent is not a reason to reward Hillary with a ticket to the White House.  Here is the real summary of Benghazi, Hillary and Obama lied, four American died.

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