Combat Warriors by Anonymous

Combat Warriors by Anonymous

Combat, Women Combat“U.S. military leaders on Thursday 01/24/2013 formally lifted the ban on women serving in combat positions, with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta saying women have become an “integral part” of the military and have already demonstrated their willingness to fight during the wars of the last decade.”


If this allows for “choice’, then the pursuit of happiness, an unalienable and equal right, is certainly being served. This is not to say that equal rights are a guarantee for, that erroneous conclusion from a struggle that necessarily augurs for equal outcome.


Unanimity of men and women in battle is currently elusive; science may change this, it is as elusive as trying to equate men to women. They are not the same.


The pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right with an assurance of equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Factors that favor a mismatch are formidable. Men and woman are not the same or equal in all things. Thus reasonable discrimination is not only justified, it is often prudent.


Good faith positions produce “point” and “counter point” in a rational debate. There is a reason for the separation of professional men and women, roller derby, men and women’s basketball, the Olympian men and women’s decathlon, boxing and weight lifting.

Is it proper for her to be “In Harm’s Way?”


If the men and women were to compete directly the outcomes are heavily skewed toward a defeat for women. The differences are for the clear minded not a matter of sexism, discrimination or prejudice. The argument is a simple matter of fact, the associated natural and evident discriminatory gender factors, with too few exceptions.


In the arena of gender factors we embrace height, weight, strength and endurance. The “Women’s Bell Curve” is to the left of the men’s. In today’s hostile world, “boots on the ground”, this might tip the fulcrum of victory to defeat. Every man is genetically programed to protect the “pride”. To blunt that distraction is futile. Pray tell why Radical Islamist jihadists use women and children as shields. And this begets unbalanced, emotional “rules of engagement”. Both women and children are sacred or they are not. One cannot prevaricate.


The answer might well be “let equality of physical and mental warrior prowess” be the template until science and the intellect makes that irrelevant. There is the serious pregnancy issue, security versus social issue, the unalienable right to life of the unborn, abortion, infanticide versus radical insane progressivism. Never lower the standards of height, weight, strength, endurance and excellence in combat just to appeal to a “social consciousness”, “social justice engineering”, and put our nation at risk. The mandate, none the less remains, is anyone who meets these “combat” standards are never to be denied.


As “war toys” gravitate toward drones, robots and mechanisms of artificial intelligence, the fulcrum balances, may even tip in favor of our feminine intuitive side, also easily attacked as sexism. The capability of the “Wizard of Oz” behind the curtain is more appropriately the skill of the intellect, the ultimate leveler of all other factors of combat, the intellectual competitive capability and the opportunity, more a mental sub-set of wisdom and not an overwhelming physical quality.


This brings to mind Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, a kick-ass performance, the fight with the Queen Alien, the “Alien” Series,  is one of the most iconic movie moments ever, the mechanized robotics, the gift of “more equal”, a promise of the future, almost wins the day.


In this, not to distant world, within the walls of all possible sequestered safety, there will be no eminent physical edge, only the equal, level field of intelligence and wisdom. Then and only then, in this narrow sliver of exceptional arena of equals, where women and children are safely secured, is there no argument for rational discrimination…..except extinction?


Where possible, take me before mine and yours, the women and children, should I be adequate, another prudent cause for discrimination.

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  1. The history of warfare is replete with examples of the failure of mixing men & women in combats units. The most recent & best example being the IDFs effort based on necessity but which failed because of the degradation of the performance of the men. Those facts don’t mean that there haven’t been a real Ripley or 2 with Maria la Bailadora doing the honors at Lepanto on 7 Oct 1571. But, otherwise, the elite Spanish Infantry were all men.


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