Tea Party-Unite

Tea Party-Unite

With the re-election of Barack Obama and the continuation of Harry Reid’s reign of terror in the U.S. Senate, these are dark times for America.

For America to survive, Americans must save it.  Expressions to the contrary notwithstanding, Americans reside within the Tea Party.

Members of the Tea Party must stop their infighting turf wars if they ever hope to successfully combat those in the GOP currently working to marginalize the Tea Party.  For so long as Tea Party members struggle to peacefully co-exist, they will experience difficulty replacing “progressives” within the Republican Party.

The Tea Party must removes “progressives” from the GOP before going against the combined forces of the institutionalized “progressive” left.

The institutionalized “progressive” left is relentless, determined, well-funded, organized and extremely aggressive. Their views of America are not fondly nostalgic. Some may have even cheered the final flight of the Enterprise with the same glee that 9/11 was celebrated by Islamo-fascists in the Middle East…and for reasons that are not dissimilar.  Some may have toasted the final flight of the Enterprise as an enduring, meaningful symbol of the decline of American civilization.  Their goal is to bring about, by whatever means necessary, an end to what President Abraham Lincoln called “the last best hope for man on earth”.

Tea Party principles are based on the belief in the U.S. Constitution.  Across America, a huge natural constituency exists for the bread-and-butter American issues of lower taxes, reduced government, a strong national defense, secure borders and a return to the traditional American values of:  E Pluribus Unum, Liberty and In God We Trust.

E Pluribus Unum means from many, one.  It does not mean unquestioning acquiescence to multiculturalism and diversity.  Liberty means opportunity for all, not equality of results.  In God we trust means reliance upon the Creator of all things.  It does not mean passive acceptance of secularism, atheism or submissive surrender to “progressive” statist mandates.

The Tea Party movement began as a peaceful protest against big government, reckless government spending, high taxes and oppressive regulations.  The Tea Party’s “Contract from America” expressed principles held by its members.  The most basic being that: “Our moral, political, and economic liberties are inherent, not granted by our government.”

The principles of the Tea Party were clearly expressed in the Contract:  Protect the Constitution, reject Cap & Trade, demand a balanced budget, enact fundamental tax reform, restore fiscal responsibility and Constitutionally limited government in Washington DC, end runaway government spending, defund, repeal and replace government-run health care, pass an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy, stop the pork, and stop the tax hikes.

The American idea, the shot heard round the world, is that We The People can govern ourselves. By the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God we are entitled, by virtue of our humanity, to the maximum amount of Individual Liberties consistent with law and order, and to the Right of private ownership, not the least of which is the Right to own and decide for ourselves.  These Liberties and Rights are to be equally protected by a constitutionally limited, representative government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.  This is a distinctly exceptional American idea.

The “progressive” idea is that an all-powerful centrally planned government, with extreme hostility towards private ownership, forces redistribution of wealth through “progressive” policies in the name of social or economic “justice”.  In order to ensure “fairness”, an oligarchy of self-imagined, self-appointed “intellectual elite” must be responsible for controlling businesses, industries and “the masses”, who are incapable of governing themselves.  This idea came to America from Britain’s Fabian Socialists and Germany’s Frankfurt School.  This is a European idea, not an American one.

Before the country can be united, the GOP must be united behind the American message.  Before the GOP can be united, the Tea Party must be united.

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3 Responses to "Tea Party-Unite"

  1. We The People must continue 2010’s successes by uniting around America’s Founding Father’s priciples, ideas and ideals. What’s unfolding, right before our very eyes, is anathema to all, every single one of our Founding Fathers mission, vision, goals and objectives, to wit:
    There are approximately 308 million counted individuals as of Rahm Emmanuels 2010 Census, in the USA.

    Today: 4.3 million of these are on welfare, 47.1 million on food stamps (SNAP) and 5.6 million on unemployment insurance for a total of some 57 million individuals on some form of government assistance program.

    Adding to this, an increasing number of baby boomers, retiring to the already bloated entitlement rolls (some estimated 5.6% or 17.8 million).

    One has a pretty dismal picture of USA’s increasing poverty rate. Add to this the unbelievable statistic that some estimated 21 million children in the USA live in poverty, receiving lo-cost government help (possibly illegal aliens, too).

    So far, adding these catagories up (some overlap is evident): approximately 95 million individuals currently living in the USA are in some form of government assistance programs or receiving some form of government assistance. Roughly 1/3 of the country is on “the dole.!!!!” Think about this.

    Now, on to household incomes: 14.9 million received some form of (SNAP) totalling 13% (in 2011)
    47 states reported increases in enrollments (DC, AL,HI the highest) Oregon = 18.9% highest of all.
    18 year olds and older living with parents = 17.9% up from 16% in 2007
    Then there’s General Assistance ( a catchall catagory) = 2.9% of all american households.

    How is this “redistribution of American income” going to ultimately work out? HUH??? The numbers just don’t add up. Credit Card debt: 2011 = $48 billion in new debt; 424% than in 2010; 572% than in 2009. How in the world is this conceivably sustainable???? And Bernanke is printing 40 billion/month in new money!!!!Pray. Amen.
    Solution? Founding Fathers. Period!

    1. Okay then…..How about focusing on fair and balanced debt reduction? How about stopping the bluster about the debt ceiling? Oh, and how about focusing on a real jobs agenda? All the Tea Party is good for is derision…and until that stops, they will continue to be marginalized.

  2. Good question, when do we focus on a real job agenda? and when does Obama give us a real economic plan that does that? You would figure that after a job report that saw 4 workers leave the job market because there are not enough jobs available for evey new job created, you would were figure that this administration would be doing just what you suggest, come up with a real economic plan. I guess, punishing the rich is and humilating the political opposition is more fun than coming up with a serious plan.


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