Is Change Good?

Is Change Good?

Political ChangeMost of the debate since the Obama Presidency took office in 2008 involves “Political Change.”  You can call it transforming the United States as the President has on many occasions.  You can call it “the progressive agenda.”  Or, you can call it “destroying the American way of life.”  But, frankly, it is very simply political change.

Some political change is good.  For example, passing the 13th Amendment was good.  It was radical change at the time.  but, it was good.  In fact, it was wonderfully depicted in the Steven Spielberg movie, Lincoln.  The end of slavery in the United States was a good thing and no one can deny it.

Other political change that was good includes, giving women the full right to vote, the idea behind the United Nations (although its actual implementation is debatable), the creation of the space program, and the theory behind social security and medicare.  Some of this change was forced on people, but eventually it was adopted into society.  Most, if not all Americans now agree on these and many other changes that have taken place in our society since the American Revolution.

Some political change, however, is bad.  The worst example in American history that comes to mind immediately was passing the Volsted Act which created prohibition.  Prohibition, the scourge of the roaring 20s.  The one sole act of Congress that created organized crime and led to mass rebellion against a law.  In fact, this change was so bad that it lasted barely 10 years before the United States government realized what a grave error it had made.Political Change

Another example of “bad” change is the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade.  This decision alone led to the legalized murder of millions of unborn children.  You can argue that this is a women’s rights issue until you are blue in the face.  But, the reality is that abortion is murder of the unborn.  It can be looked at no other way.  However, the United States Supreme Court decided that it was legally protected by the Constitution.  Hence, we can do nothing to stop it.  Bad political change to a majority of America, but not as clear cut as Prohibition.

Now, we are looking at many other changes being proposed by the Obama Administration and the Radical Left of his party.  The first of these is already law and that is Obamacare.  Obamacare single-handily give the Central Government control of 1/6 of the US Economy.  It is simple another step towards turning America into Democratic Socialism.  Many in the country find this appalling (including the writer), but approximately 40-45% believe it is the right thing to do.  Is this bad change or good change?  Only time will tell.

The second major change the Obama Administration advocates is “fairness.”  Many, including myself, consider this to be a direct attack on the free market economy.  It is not a step towards Swedish style socialism.  It is a direct step beyond socialism into Central Planning (communism).  President Obama believes that everyone should be equal.  He does not like the rich unless they are his friends.  He wants the poor to eventually be equal to the rich.  He wants the rich to support his proposed Utopian society.

However, he misses the key point here which is that if you take away the incentive of the rich to acquire more and more, you take away their incentive period.  If you tax their earnings at enormous rates, you cause them to stop earning.  What happens then is economic disaster.  In the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher, “The only problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  Hence equality and fairness will never work.  So, President Obama’s Utopian society of fundamental fairness just can’t work.  It is Bad Political Change.

There are many other examples of what is good and what is bad change.  At this point, let’s open the discussion here and see where it leads.

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