A Nation Gone Under?

A Nation Gone Under?

Gun Control - NewtownBy:  Anonymous

The evil of today embraces the lessons of the past, WWI, WWII and the fears of the future, encompassed by unrest in Egypt, Syria, Iran and Libya.  The world today is not safer.  And the language of political discourse is overwhelmingly coarse and dishonest.

Would President Obama ever disarm the legend of security surrounding himself, his family and the select political power elite in advent of another more devastating 9/11?  The answer is an emphatic “no” because we understand the inevitability of evil.  As the power elite quaked in their boots, they expanded any all reasonable means of self-preservation.

And so it is, self-preservation, with the Second Amendment which protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.

The right of the populous to bear arms is argued for deterring tyrannical government; repelling invasion; suppressing insurrection; facilitating a natural right of self-defense; participating in law enforcement; enabling the people to organize a militia system.  Those Newtown children’s lives will be wasted if we surrendered any of these principles.

Will the populous allow the government to unilaterally disarm us through creeping gun control?  Should disarmament happen we will open the door even wider to the loss of “freedom”, the inevitable fatal exposure to terrorism and the predictability, the certainty and inescapability of creeping totalitarianism?  This was the wisdom of the 2nd Amendment.  Do we surrender it all, a small, very small piece at a time?

Benjamin Franklin said that:  “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”, a hard national security choice.  This principle is a waning battle of limited resonance to our modern culture.  Do not allow the surrender of the right of self-governance of a people in the interests of collective security.  If so, then terror wins.  The children have left us with a stark lesson of the evils of government power over individual liberty, their message, be willing to die for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for that is what they did.

Gun Control - Newtown
Must we politicize everything?

We no longer stand for freedom and liberty, rather self-preservation, disarmament, redistribution of wealth and penance.  Will these Newtown children also have died in vain?  They did in Germany for it took an American rescue.  Who will rescue us?  Don’t count on it.

History will show that this century stumbled mightily from unprincipled capitalism, Wall Street, the decay and short-comings of our culture’s morality, the death of four patriots in Libya-an evil of omission, the misguided “Fast and Furious” governmental program, the Arizona tragedy 2011, Columbine, now Newtown, Connecticut-an evil of psychotic commission, and a self-diminished electorate. And our generation experienced the decline of American Exceptionalism, once ranking first globally less than a decade ago, now sixteenth in the world.

The Bath School disaster in 1927 killed 38 elementary school children, two teachers, and four other adults; at least 58 people were injured.  Dynamite was the weapon.  The Waco Massacre in 1993 where 76 of the occupants died, including many women and children.  Government guns, tanks, grenade launchers and fire were some of the weapons used.

We have had over forty years of faith being diminished in America.  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head on Saturday, January 15, 2011, outside a grocery store.  The shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, killed 6 people and injured 13 others.  The fog of opportunism, time, politics and morality obscures.  This is the clear but silent agenda of blame transference from religion-less-spiritual individualism to a culture of secular vilification of, guns, weapons, fiscal prudence, and Conservatism, a radical progressive malicious and purposeful spin.

Is Adam Lanza not the product of this secular system?  Did we miss the obvious, or will we blame Asperger’s syndrome, guns, knives, cars and even Xbox, anything and everything to avoid personal awareness, responsibility as we arm ourselves with the justification of disarmament?  Enter the mass media gruesome details of that kindergarten classroom, interviews with the affected children, dreadful and unconscionable voyeurism.  We see ourselves at the “cause” level of our culture’s news cycle, documented through the window of Nielsen ratings.

Gun Control - Newtown
Adam Lanza

As horrible as this event is, and it is awful, it pales in comparison to abortions, infanticide, children loss among those, in Syria-the more than 40,000 dead, Darfur-more than 200,000 dead, and Nairobi genocide in Africa-the Sudan rebel war, Narco wars in Mexico-over 50,000 dead, and the million plus disposable products of Roe vs. Wade.  Are we clueless?

Recent crime data from the Justice Department in 2008 shows multiple victim homicides are rare, less than 1% of these crimes involving 5 or more victims.  Gun violence by individuals in late teens and early twenties like the Virginia Tech incident are down.

According to Federal data gun homicides by persons between the ages of 18-24 peaked at 8,600 in 1993 dropping to 5,300 in 2008. This is a significant drop in this category of gun violence.

Since April, 2012 there have been seven shootings with multiple deaths.  Instant news coverage amplifies the perception of these events.  Thus it is not clear whether recent events indicate an uptick in national statistics.  And this should not deter reasonable efforts to lower these statistics, cause a flawed post-mortem, nor should they justify hasty, unreasonable, unconstitutional gun control legislation.

Reasonable constitutional gun laws, the enforcement of existing guns laws, background checks with age and psychological parameters, and the definitions of allowable firearms should not offend citizens, but need constitutional restraint.

The factors surrounding this evil will settle into three camps, the psychology of man, instruments of good which can be used for evil, and the cultural environment.  And depending on one’s predilection, man will decide within which camp it wishes to operate or blame. Some will gravitate toward gun control laws.  Connecticut has the 6th strictest gun control laws in our nation.  Others will criticize the cultural desensitization of traditional moral and spiritual values and our obsession with violence in, movies, games, and sports.

Most, one would hope, would settle on the psychology of man, conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome, free will, individualism, personal accountability and responsibility.  Evil exists.  To remove the “risks” from liberty is to destroy “freedom”.  Secularism breeds dysfunction, the war between materialism and spiritualism.

“We cannot survive as a free nation when some men decide that others are not fit to live and should be abandoned to abortion or infanticide.” Ronald Reagan.  He could just as well have been talking about Adam Lanza, for Adam decided who should live and die.  Our greatest prayer is to be freer, less fallible.

Oh, how comforting it is to feel that gun control would sojourn the bleeding of unnecessary but unavoidable evil that is the fallibility of man.  Speed, alcohol, drugs, small and large bodies of water, airplanes, trains, cars, civil wars, and bacteria kill children in great numbers.  Sanity, wisdom and reason are the answers.  Is it reasonable to use “control” to diminish the “good” axis of our existence, all blessing that when misused can cause great harm?  Without bacteria, our immune system would die and so would we.  Guard against the manipulation of evil to distract and limit liberty and freedom.  Fire has its own axis of good and evil.  Learn from it, don’t destroy the miracle.

The children have put their finger on the moral and spiritual erosion of individualism, the leak in our dam of freedom, of our fallible culture.  We care less about the meaning of life and are doing much to destroy it.  Will we rally to principled individualism, egoism, and exceptionalism or will we embrace Saul Alinsky’s genius of insidious control, “Never let a crisis go to waste”, and slip back into the “inconsequential”, losing sight of humanities higher goals?

As a culture, a significant fallibility, we consistently celebrate the notoriety of societies’ worst.  While here we have innocent martyrs, patriots all, bravely if unknowingly, shouldering fatal risks, paying the supreme price, inherent in liberty and freedom.  Is there any wisdom in sharp relief of the pain?  Our tears are homelessly transient, are they gone yet?

Gun Control - Newtow
The Funerals Begin

Would the innocent and martyred children of Newtown want us to embrace the wisdom of the risks of liberty and freedom, they paid the price, but will we listen, or would they want us to cowardly squander their gift with unreasonable governmental authority circumscribed by the rule of mistaken laws.  Fire will always burn; will we put it out, or become better stewards of that miracle?

Senseless evil will always be with us.  If we build a parapet against freedom’s risks, security will be temporary but the loss of “Liberty” a casualty.  Do not condemn fire, being burnt so often.  Ours is a country where “Freedom” has a price.  This constant struggle, attacks from within, the reminder, do not dishonor these patriots with selfish security, opening the door to the power of terrorism.

America must stand firm on principles and fundamentals, against the “feel good” attacks on freedom, on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, else-wise we are cultivating irreversible compromise, a Trojan Horse for terrorism.

Richard Engel, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent, free from kidnappers in Syria after shootout with guns?  And when we don’t have guns we have Daniel Jacob Pearl kidnapped and beheaded by his captors.

Our government did not protect Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  His request “The Guns of August: Security in Eastern Libya”, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty, in Benghazi, their guns not enough, no back up, no one watching their back.

The assault on our great nation will eventually come through either our north or south border.  The gun that landed Marine Jon Hammar in a Mexican prison was legal.  This the result of diminishing respect for America.  Hammar’s father says Jon told him of the great hatred for Americans in Mexico.  And all of this as we politicize a unilateral disarmament, an invitation that is provocative.  We no longer carry a big stick….any stick!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Ronald Reagan

Radical secular Progressivism is that “Road to Serfdom” (F.A. Hayek).  Beware the secular forces “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”  Ronald Reagan, was a thorn in the side of secular forces, those anti-traditionalists.

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One Response to "A Nation Gone Under?"

  1. Remember “The Great Society” of the 60’s? Remember all the countless War Veterans unceremoneously dumped on all Americas streets, byways and allys? In the 60’s! Remember all the Mentally ill and hospices dumping their patients out on Americas public parks and soup kitchens in the 60’s and 70’s? All this to fund “The Great Society!” Remember Al Gore’s “Locked Box” argument for releasing all Social Security Trust Fund receipts (replacing them with paper IOU’s)and him casting the deciding vote???Eviscerating Social Security!!!
    How’s about today’s Veterans Administrations Hospitals and health Care? Underfunded, understaffed and running on “empty!”

    That’s Americas biggest shame…continues til today. Newtown’s shooting, Tucson, et al have this common thread. Kazinshy, McVeigh, Koresh, Dalmer, Son of Sam, to name a few…all have mental illness issues. How’s about school psychologists randomly handing out Ritalin to school-aged children, because teachers couldn’t “control” them, as if Ritalin were candy???HUH? This in the 80’s!!

    Mental Health is the issue! Always was, and always will be. Until the New Left realizes that “Tax and Spend (Keynes)” is finite and always ends in disaster…a better approach to Americas issues is a “balanced one” than We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC’s mentality of”I, The Creator!” Just doesn’t work!!!

    This Christmas, We The People celebrate Our Creator, God and Jesus Christ…not Washington DC’s culture of corruption.Pray. Amen.


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