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Silver Linings of 2012

December 31, 2012

As 2011 ended, I was optimistic about the future.  Our business was going to boom, Obama was going to lose to Mitt Romney in a landslide election, I’d get to spend another year with my WWII vet grandfather, my football teams — Colorado Buffaloes and Pittsburgh Steelers — were going to do well, taxes would […]

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Norman Schwarzkopf RIP

December 31, 2012
Norman Schwarzkopf

Norman Schwarzkopf was a beloved leader who was respected by his troops. He proved his valor by fighting beside them and leading them in harms way. RIP

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Are You Living in a “Death Spiral” State

December 30, 2012
Are You Living in a “Death Spiral” State

Originally Published by:  Fox News Insider A writer at Forbes Magazine has identified a phenomenon called the “death spiral states.” Sounds intimidating, right? Fox Business Network’s Melissa Francis broke down what you need to know on America Live today. The category includes 11 states where private sector workers are outnumbered by people who are […]

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Data to Share on the Economy

December 29, 2012
Middle Class

Editor note:  The data came from December 20, 2012 Zero Hedge and show the true nature of our economy. The Zero Hedge blog had some interesting data that shows the fragile economy.   In December of 2008, 31.6 million Americans were on food stamps and today, nearly 48 million Americans are now on food stamps.  That […]

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It’s Still Government Spending, Stupid

December 29, 2012

The problem with the federal government is not tax revenue, it is government spending. Unless government spending is controlled, any tax increase is a waste

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Is Change Good?

December 28, 2012
Political Change

Most of the debate since the Obama Presidency took office in 2008 involves “Political Change.”  You can call it transforming the United States as the President has on many occasions.  You can call it “the progressive agenda.”  Or, you can call it “destroying the American way of life.”  But, frankly, it is very simply political […]

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Climate Change – What Is The Real Story?

December 27, 2012
Climate Change

Three years ago, Climategate exposed the weakness of climate science as presented to the public. One major thesis promoted by many within the “humanity is primarily responsible for climate change crowd” is that there were no major changes in climate until the second half of this century became discredited after the release of those emails.  […]

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Gun Control: Freedom or Tyranny?

December 26, 2012

What did our founders mean when they included the Second Amendment? Was it about Gun Control or giving the people the right to defend against tyranny?

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It Was Four Days Before Christmas

December 25, 2012
Christmas Parody

A little Christmas Parody of Clement Moore’s famous Christmas poem written by a movie industry Assistant Director. It may have

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012
Christmas 2013

Many people from our secular culture are attacking Christmas, but we must remember that this season is about the birth of Christ. There is no other reason.

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