Fiscal Cliff Will Happen

Fiscal Cliff Will Happen

With events scheduled for in the White House and on the road, Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail spreading his message, with the clear and obvious intent of pressuring Congress into agreeing to his “fiscal cliff” terms. While he will make claims to a willingness to listen to all ideas and negotiate with all parties, in fact he will endlessly argue for ending the current tax rates on Americans making $200,000 and above while accusing Congress of holding middle income families hostage. To present the illusion he has been working hard to arrive at a successful resolution, Obama held closed doors meetings with big unions, big business and as an afterthought, small business owners. Can you say all theatrics, no work? Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell R-KY, categorized the White House efforts as nothing but a public relations ploy: “Rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement, he’s back out on the campaign trail, presumably with the same old talking points we’re all familiar with.  Look: We already know the president is a very good campaigner.  What we don’t know is whether he has the leadership qualities necessary to lead his party to a bipartisan agreement on a big issue like this.” Obama is planning to use American citizens as human props in the ongoing campaign to rally his base.  He will call upon his followers to pressure Congress into submitting to “progressive” demands to raise taxes on small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Obama will preach that if a stalemate persists, taxes on middle class American will go up because Republicans held them hostage to protect tax cuts for the rich. Can you say economic justice? Economic justice is a Marxist concept where economic policies must result in the distribution of economic benefits equally. Obama’s push to let tax rates expire on incomes over $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for families will hurt small businesses, the sector responsible for most new jobs growth in America. Obama loves to characterize the tax increase as asking financially successful Americans to pay more in order to save government programs that face spending cuts.  The fact is, ending current tax rates for “the rich” would fund the United States federal government for less than nine days. For Obama to propagate the false notion that taxing the rich will solve America’s fiscal problems is a red herring.  By consciously using middle class Americans as human props in attempts to sway public opinion in his favor, he is displaying true contempt for middle class Americans. The United States federal government is borrowing forty cents of every dollar spent to prop up a slumping economy and support the deprived underclass it created using big government socialist programs to render American citizens dependent upon government. Foreign debt buyers are slowly ending their investment in America’s bankruptcy and the Federal Reserve is now purchasing over sixty percent of America’s Treasury Bonds. Can you say The Weimar Republic?  Can you say Zimbabwe?  Can you say today’s Eurozone on more steroids than the Soviet body builders at the 1952 Olympics, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Lyle Alzado, Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire combined?  Can you say the worst economic downturn ever? America does not have a revenue shortage.  America has a spending addiction. Giving the United States government more money to spend is like trying to sober up an alcoholic by having them drink a gallon of gin. In the ongoing “progressive” campaign to “fundamentally transform” America, the fiscal cliff created by “progressive” big spending will happen because “progressives” want it to happen. And “progressives” will blame successful Americans. Join the Revolution

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  1. Obama’s re-election:
    1807 and 1929…same situation, same causes…government excessive spending.
    1929 to 1939=Great Depression. Hoover, then FDR did:
    1)Higher wages (Obama likewise)
    2)Public works(Obama stimulus)
    3)2 to 3 million unemployed
    4)Coordination b/t business and government. (Obama’s Business Czar)

    Today, there are:
    1)4.3 million on welfare
    2)47 million on food stamps (SNAP)
    3)5.6 million unemployed.
    4) 1 in 5 children, are “poor”
    5)21 million american children received lo-cost help
    6) 1/2 of single moms kids live in poverty
    7)US has highest rate of poverty in developed world.
    8) (18 Nov. 2012) The 7 large metropolitan areas with the highest poverty rates in 2011 are all in the 4 states that border Mexico. The Hispanic and black poverty rates in the U.S. in 2011 were 28.0 and 25.7%, respectively, compared to 11.0% for non-Hispanic whites. For 2009-2011, the highest poverty rates were California, D.C., and Arizona at 23.5, 23.2 and 19.8%, respectively. The lowest were Iowa (8.4) and North Dakota (9.0). California also had the 3rd highest unemployment rate (10.2%) in Sept. (Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau 2011 American Community Survey, Nov. 2012 Census Bureau Current Population Reports)
    9) (18 Nov. 2012) Some Republicans are considering amnesty for illegal aliens to buy Hispanic votes. Hispanics will thank them and keep voting for Democrats. 28.0% of Hispanics are below the poverty level. There are 83 federal programs that provide benefits exclusively for low-income residents. The fed spent $746 billion on these programs in 2011 and states added another $283 billion ($1.028 trillion total). Hispanics will vote for Republicans when they promise to outspend Democrats on these programs. (Source: Nov. 2012 Census Bureau)
    10) (14 Nov. 2012) Medicaid enrollment went from 60.1 million in fiscal year 2005 to a record 70.4 million in 2011. In August 2012, 47.1 million received food stamps in 22.7 million households … both are records. Take from those who earn it and give to those who did not. (Sources: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 9 Nov. 2012 CNSNews, 10 Nov. Zero Hedge)
    11)(14 Nov. 2012) There are 83 federal programs that provide benefits to low-income residents. In fiscal year 2011, federal spending for these programs totaled $746 billion, excluding benefits for veterans. The largest spending was for Medicaid ($296 billion), food stamps ($75 billion), earned income tax credit ($56 billion), college Pell grants ($41 billion), child tax credit ($23 billion), Medicare prescriptions ($22 billion), and section-8 housing ($19 billion). In addition, states spent $283 billion on these federal programs, resulting in a total of $1.028 trillion. (Source: 16 Oct. 2012 Congressional Research Service (
    12) (5 Nov. 2012) 115,000 illegal aliens cost the (Michigan) state and local governments $928,677,000 in one year …K-12 education $314.1 million … welfare $142.6 million … justice $66 million … limited English proficiency education $63.2 million … Medicaid $62.4 million … low-income families’ children health $25.2 million. (Source: Feb. 2011Federation for American Immigration Reform)
    13) (11 Oct. 2012) As the government expands, a larger percentage of residents become dependent on entitlement programs. In 2010, 70.5% of federal spending went to 47 government dependence programs, up from 48.5% in 1990 and 28.3% in 1962. Government dependence programs are driving annual budget deficits and the national debt. Politicians know that to get elected they have to support the continuance of these entitlements. (Source: 23 Sept. 2012 Heritage Foundation)
    14) (10 Oct. 2012) In March, the unemployment rate was 16.4% for workers under the age of 25. 53% of adults 18-24 live with their parents … 29% of adults 25-34. (Sources: Economic Policy Institute, 19 Sept. 2012 IJ Review)
    15) (4 Oct. 2012) 70% of all federal spending goes to aid individuals for welfare items such as housing, food, medical, income and student aid … not including Medicare or Social Security. In 2 years, the number receiving welfare increased from 97 million to 107 million in the 2nd quarter of 2011. In the last 3 months, more people applied for Social Security disability payments than found jobs in the private sector. Almost half in U.S. die with less than $10,000 in assets. (Sources: U.S. Senate Budget Committee, 14 Aug. 2012 National Center for Policy Analysis)

    Credit card use (or some form of debt):
    2011= $48 billion in new debt
    424% more than in 2010
    577% more than in 2009
    You judge the future!!!Pray. Amen.

      1. This is both a humbling statement as well as a very serious responsibility.

        The New Left will not, ever debate any points, issues or material collected and posted under this “nom de plume,”(messup). Totally shunned and have given up!!! Never have ever debated nor replied to a “(messup)counter charge!”

        Writing for this publication would be a very serious commitment for both timliness and content. Messup’s view points are curt, courteous and concise. Dig deep and unmask hidden agendas. Many (view points), 95%ile range, have been “leaders of the pack.” Even ahead of Mssrs. Savage and Limbaugh.

        Have nothing to hide. Open and honest to a “T.” Never any guesswork. Always “spot on.” If an editor’s pen is required, would be comfortable with such an arrangement. Otherwise WYSWYG! (What You See is What You Get)

        Your thoughts are deeply appreciated.

  2. The fiscal cliff is stage managed kabuki political theater. There are the spending cuts that the republicans want and the tax increases that the dems want. And each are saying that they do not want what they asked the other side for. Remember the brair rabbit. The fiscal cliff is the brair patch. They are going to fall of right where each side wants to be.


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