Turning 50 with MSA

October 13, 2012 Posted by Frank Cervone frank@hollywoodrepublican.net

Frank and Susan Cervone

Okay, what else has happened since we last met?  Oh yea, I TURNED 50!  I remember the doctors telling me they didn’t think I would make that milestone.  And by the grace of God, I made it and to celebrate, Susan and Angelina threw the best party anyone could ever ask for!!

I had been dreading this birthday for a variety of reasons and had forbid Susan to have any type of party for me.  Unbeknownst to me, even before I gave her that message, she and Angelina had already started planning for my Birthday Bash!  First they contacted our very good friend, Corky Shull who has a band to ask if they could play for the party.  I have to tell you, Corky, Brenda, Frank, Dirk, Tom and Dale are the best!!  They said they would be happy to be the entertainment for my party. If you’re in the Eastern/Central part of Ohio and need a good band, Corky’s Old Time Rock n’ Roll is the band to get!!

My girls then found a venue, the amphitheatre at the park.  Then the invites had to happen.  Angelina created an “Event” page on Facebook.  Now, Susan and I both have Facebook, but even though we have mutual friends, my friends that were from the political part of my life were not on her “friends list.”  She had to go back and forth from Facebook to Facebook so she could friend request my friends.  Then once they accepted her friend request, she would send them the invitation.  I was not invited to my own event so I would not get notifications.

Susan then started enlisting other partners in crime.  She contacted Robert Wood so he could invite the appropriate political people that didn’t have Facebook.  Ryan Rushing was the storage facility.  Susan would drop me off at an appointment, then rush off to shop for food and party supplies then drop them off at Ryan’s house.  We had gone to a wonderful backyard party at Joe and Angela Flatter’s home where Susan noticed Joe had a large canopy.  She put him to work with that.  This went on for more almost three months, all the while telling me if I didn’t want a party, she wasn’t going to bother with one.

Of course she didn’t stop at that.  When she told my brother Cory about the party, he said to count him in.  On that Saturday, the day before the big party, we attended Tom and Steph Peterangelo’s Annual Luau.  We were having a great time, even though storms had moved through and there was no electricity, when Susan came over to me to tell me she had to leave because Angelina had locked herself out of the house.  In reality, she was heading to the airport to pick up my brother and his lady.

I was surprised and so happy to see them when they walked into the party.  Cory said he was there for my birthday party, and Susan quickly covered by saying if I didn’t want a party, at least she could get my brother to spend the day with.

The next day, D-Day, I had wanted to go to the Gun and Knife show and Susan was all too eager to drop Cory and I off to admire the weapons.  Little did I know, she needed me out of the way because she was busy on the phone with Angelina who was at Ground Zero making sure everything they had planned came together.

Cory and I walked through all the exhibits and when it was time to leave, we drove around Dayton showing Cory and Cathy the sights.  It was a little after 3 p.m. when we arrived home and I was ready to just kick back and relax.  Then the phone rang. It was Angelina.  She was crying.  She proceeded to tell me how she was at the park with her friend and someone had ran her off the edge of the road in the park and her new Volkswagen Beetle was stuck and damaged.  She was so apologetic.  She was crying.  Apparently my Dad instincts kicked in and after asking if they were all okay and safe, instructed her to call the police and check her insurance card because she had road side assistance and I would be there as fast as I could.

Susan and I, along with Cory and Cathy all jumped in the car to head to the accident site.  Angelina kept calling me with updates.  It was hard for me to hear in the back seat of our convertible, so Susan started talking to her, giving her landmarks as to where we were.  They carried on the conversation I expected to hear.  “Police there yet?  Oh, okay. Which officer is it?  Did you call for the tow?  Alright, calm down, we just got off the exit, we will be there in less than two minutes.”

We arrived at the park and were following the curvy road down to where Angelina had “ran off the road”, when I heard Susan take a gasp and say, “Oh my God, how bad did she mess up the car?  Look at all the people gathered around it!”

Just as we came around the bend, there was an enormous group of people, but they weren’t there to gawk at an accident, they were my friends and family there with signs, balloons and cheers of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANK!

I was dumfounded.  I didn’t know what to say.  So many people!  I had no idea.  I think the first words I uttered were…. my hair is a mess! To which Susan replied, “Your brush and hairspray are on the seat next to you.”

We parked the car and were immediately surrounded by the best people in the world, my friends!  I hugged every one of them (at least I hope I did).  Everyone laughing; and asking if I was really surprised.  Pictures being snapped.  Hugs.  Kisses.  Warmth.

Susan finally rounded me up to walk toward the party and just as we crossed the bridge, there was Corky’s Old Time Rock n’ Roll band starting to play Happy Birthday To Me!!!  It was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  There were people I have met from every aspect of my life there.  Friends, family, fellow politicians, citizens, church family, marching band folks from Angelina’s high school days and those I had worked with in some of the many activities I had belonged to during my political career.  They were all there for me.

To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t wanted a party because I didn’t think any one would come.  I didn’t think any one cared.  Boy was I wrong.  Now every time this MSA is trying to wreck havoc on my body, I have the memories and the photos to remember that I am loved.  People do care.  We are a family!

PS:  Out of all the ups and downs my family is enduring, what saddens me the most, is while my family and friends are watching what is happening to me, the City is still doing whatever they can to make Susan’s life miserable.  I hope God can open their eyes to see what they are doing and will forgive them when they appear before him.

To Frank DeMartini….Angelina deserves an Emmy for her phone call to me.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, even those standing next to her when she made the call say they even had them believing she has wrecked her car!

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  2. kay and Bob Strank on October 14, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Frank, what a wonderful party. Bob and I were so sorry to miss it. My Arthritis was so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. I know we were the losers by missing out on all the fun. thank God for his blessings, allowing you to make much further than doctors predicted. It just goes to show that God isn’t finished with you yet. Prayers continue to flow to heaven for you everyday.

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