On the Ground in Ohio

October 27, 2012 Posted by Frank Cervone frank@hollywoodrepublican.net

Frank Cervone at the Ohio Statehouse

Have you all had enough of the political mailings, commercials and telephone calls?  Well, we are close to all that ending, but more importantly is how can we, as a nation come together to save America and restore it to the Land of the Free and back to a Christian nation?

Every Presidential election year, the nation’s eyes are on Ohio to see where their allegiances are formed.  Last month, I was holding my breath as Ohio turned blue, then to red, back to blue and then pink.  Then came the debates.  It appears that Ohio may have paid attention.  According to the University of Colorado’s newest prediction, Ohio is a solid RED!!

Of course things may change, but the GOP is on the ground here in Ohio with some amazing results.  We’ve even been noticed by Karl Rove. He wrote, in The Wall Street Journal on October 11th, that in Greene County Ohio in 2008, Democrats requested 4% more absentee ballots then Republicans. In 2012, Republicans are requesting 19% more absentee ballots then Democrats.  As of October 15th, we had 28 times more door knocks, 5 times more phone calls, and over 2.5 million more voter contacts than in 2008 and we are gaining momentum.

Of course, we’ve had a lot of help.  In Ohio, the majority of undecided voters were Independent women.  I believe we won over a lot of those undecided voters by the conduct alone of Obama and Biden during the debates.  Women, no matter what, even if they don’t understand finances or foreign policy, believe in manners.  Conducting yourself appropriately in public.  Obama and Biden did us a great service by acting as inappropriate as they did.  Don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t meant to insinuate that women are less capable of understanding the nuances of president, but in addition to knowledge, women are just more proper.  Remember growing up, it wasn’t your Father that told you to get your elbows off the table, don’t interrupt someone when they are speaking, write thank you notes or to look at someone when they are talking to you.  It was Mom.  Women keep us a civilized nation.

During the first debate, Obama interrupted, over-talked, smirked and wouldn’t look at Mitt Romney.  Why do you think that is?  Why didn’t or couldn’t Obama look at Mitt Romney while he was speaking?  His behavior was similar to those kids I saw while in school sitting in the principal, Mr. Vita’s office, where they were being lectured on something that got caught lying about.  Not being able to look someone in the eye is a sign of deception.  That’s not just my opinion, check every law enforcement handbook or psychology textbook.

During the Vice-President debate, Biden, well we all saw what Biden did.  I’m sure his Mother is still cringing at his behavior.  She probably wanted to grab him by his ear and yank him out behind the woodshed.  Could anyone possibly take him serious?  Even if he had never opened his mouth and said a word, his competence would be questionable.  But, much to the Democrat’s dismay he did speak.  And when he did, the fact checkers were ready.

When asked why we were in Libya, but not Syria, he stated Syria was much too large for our troops.  Pardon me?  It would only take a second to figure out that was an incorrect statement.  Libya is a country with an area of almost 1.8 million square kilometers (700,000 sq mi) and is the 17th largest country in the world.  Syria is only 185,180 square kilometers (71,479 sq mi).  Libya is almost five times larger than Syria!

Then his consistent laughing.   Even when Paul Ryan was talking about soldiers killed in Afghanistan.  He smirked when Ryan talked about the failed foreign policies and laughed out loud when Ryan talked about the Ambassador in Libya being murdered.  There is absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCE where it would be appropriate for anyone to laugh when in comes to our men and women who are fighting to keep this country safe.

Billboard in Texas

I don’t care that he is the Vice President; his behavior was totally unacceptable. Any type of irreverence toward our fallen soldiers should not be tolerated. And any pundit that says he “won” this debate is sadly mistaken. And to think, this idiot would be our Leader if anything would happen to Obama.  Doesn’t that just make you cringe?

Then Obama’s campaign also seems to be hoping to retain his Commander-In-Chief position solely on Big Bird and free cell phones?  That’s the only thing I’ve heard come out of their camp because he really has no record to stand on.  Romney is going to evict Big Bird off the government payroll, and with Obama everyone gets a free cell phone!

Let’s start with Romney “killing” Big Bird, which in a normal world would mean that he thinks that PBS should run as a corporation and the government shouldn’t be borrowing money from China to pay for it. All other television stations are ran independent of government dollars.  They sell advertising to pay to stay on the air.  Why should PBS be any different?  Don’t let them fool you with their pleading for donations to stay on the air.  PBS is the biggest non-commercial media organization and has more than 350 member stations in the United States.

As far as salaries go, both candidates are trying to reach the middle class people.  People like you and I.  Did you know that Carroll Spinney, the actor who dresses up like Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, was paid more than $314,000 last year?  Big Bird’s boss, president and CEO of PBS, Paula Kerger, makes more than $600,000 a year; which by the way is more than we pay the President of the United States. Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 in compensation in 2008. All that for Sesame Street to bring us the letter of the day?  Well people, the letter of today is “T.”  “T” stands for the tax dollars we are spending to have the 26 letters of the alphabet brought to us on their television channel.  Maybe we need to make a better choice.  Tax dollars to Sesame Street or to teachers on your street, to teach your children.

Then there is the “Obama gave me a free cell phone!”  Well news flash!!  Free phones have been around for a long time.

The Federal Communication Commission started this service for lower income people under the Reagan administration in 1984, and Tracfone (wireless) service was originated under the Bush Administration in 2008.  The program started with landlines (who had cell phones in 1984?) and under the Bush administration as cell phone rates became more affordable, the government offered cell phones.  This free phone program was started by Republicans and upgraded by Republicans.  So, if we are using the argument to vote for the party that gave us a free cell phone, the vote goes to Romney!

The third debate was a disaster.  I know there were jokes going around after the first debate that Obama didn’t have his teleprompter, but he did with this one:  The Moderator!  One of the basic rules was that she was not to in any way, direct or comment at all.  Basically she was just to announce who was asking the questions and whose turn it was to answer them.  Instead, she acted like Obama’s personal advisor.

It makes me wonder.  Obviously, the media has been totally biased during this election process, but in this country with over 311 million people, couldn’t they find someone not tied to the Obama campaign to moderate?

First they have Jim Lehrer from PBS as moderator.  Well, he’s certainly on Obama’s side since Romney wants to “kill Big Bird.”  Martha Raddatz moderated the Vice-President debate, but could hardly be called unbiased since Obama had attended her wedding to one of his Harvard Law School classmates, Julius Genachowski, who Obama later appointed as head of the Federal Communications Commission.

This last debate was moderated by Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation on CBS.  Now Schieffer, a strong Democrat was watched carefully by the Republicans, rightly so, since he has been an Obama fan even in 2008. His style of moderating is slanting the questions, allowing Obama to evade answers, but demanding detailed answers from the opponent.  And it once again shows that Schieffer would ask questions of Obama so he could showcase what he believed was his strengths.

The last debate was exactly as we predicted.  Obama was given much, much more time to speak, even though he has had more time in the last two debates also.  Then Schieffer wants to ask hypothetical questions, and when Romney wants to talk about what’s real, they want to let Obama talk again.  This moderator, also like expected, tried to keep Romney on subject, tries to dismiss him when his answer is Anti-Obama, but allowed Obama to spend his time bashing Romney.

Obama kept mentioning when “We” got Bin Laden.  “We” didn’t get Bin Laden.  Our Navy Seals did.  The same Navy that Romney wants to make sure has the fleet they need to carry out unforeseen actions by terrorists, unlike Obama who said we no longer use horses and bayonets.  News reporters reported a Marine tweeted that in fact they do still use bayonets.  Obama also talked about how he supports the military and their benefits, but just this same day denied the Fort Hood shooting as a terrorist act denying them additional benefits.

Obama while trying to defend his record said terrorism was at it lowest level, but seconds later when asked what the biggest future threat was, he said terrorists.  Does he expect his policies will allow terrorists to become stronger?

Romney came back with the biggest threat is Iran nuclear weapons.  He is right.  Go see the movie 2016.  When Obama took office we had 5000 nuclear warheads.  We now have 1500.  Obama wants to reduce military spending.  How will we be able to defend ourselves with no weapons?  Does he think if we stop building in the arms race, the others will stop?

Romney charged Obama with a Status of Forces in Iraq, and Obama denied it.  Fact checker showed that Romney was right.  According to the fact checkers, in this entire debate, Romney showed more knowledge, or maybe just less fabrication in his discussion.

The Obama campaign keeps bringing up the 47% of Americans that Romney “doesn’t care about” due to entitlements.  They try to tell us it’s our elderly and military he is attacking.  I sat down just last weekend with a retired Naval Commander.  I had no idea what his political affiliation was, and didn’t ask, but I did ask him if he was offended by Romney’s comments.  He said no.  He didn’t believe that Romney’s comment was made toward him, nor toward the elderly, retired or disabled.  In his opinion, he believed Romney was talking about the voter turn-outs that are usually less than 50% and of that 50% that don’t vote, it is demographically those who are dependant on the “system” for support.  Not because they are retired or handicapped, but just because they don’t have to work.  They aren’t made to work. Have no incentive to work. And can draw a monthly income with no drug testing or verification.  When someone is satisfied with that, why would they have any incentive to change things.

They talk about “Obamacare” and how much that will cost Americans.  Here are some factual numbers.  I know they are factual because they are happening in my life.  Susan went out on disability from her job.  In May when she applied, they gave her a cost sheet of what it would cost for coverage for her, Angelina and I.  It was $653 per month.  Now that they are issuing the coverage, based on what they rules they have to comply with in January 2013, the cost is now $1,267 per month.  That is $614 per month increase or $7,368 per year!  Do you have an extra $7k lying around to spend on healthcare coverage per year? We don’t, so thanks to the Obama administration, my insurance coverage is less, and Angelina won’t have any at all.

Susan and I have traveled through more than 14 states over the past few weeks.  We noticed many more Romney signs than we did for Obama.  Many states were very creative in their signs against Obama.  One billboard in Texas had a picture of Jimmy Carter and the caption read, “Miss me yet?”  What does that tell you?

Come on Ohio!! Can we really say we are better off than we were four years ago?

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4 Responses to On the Ground in Ohio

  1. Mark Siegel on October 27, 2012 at 9:10 am

    About a half hour ago — maybe 20 minutes before I read Frank Cervone’s comments about how women believe in manners — I was awakened by the sound of a female voice screeching at full lung power, “Your ass is getting my ass up at five every morning!”

    No doubt that the conduct of Obama and Biden during the debates is a poor reflection upon them as individuals and as leaders and that it antagonizes portions of the undecided vote.

    But Mr. Cervone should get his head out of his 18th century posterior. The next time he thinks that women make us a civilized nation, he should come to the county courthouse (where I work every day) or even just observe women on the streets and listen to the language that they use.

    He should see the kids that they’re brought into the world (often the woman will have a bulging stomach, indicating the pending arrival of one or more of them) without the benefit of a man in the household (I think that the Republicans are completely wrong on reproductive issues, but that’s another subject entirely).

    Or Mr. Cervone should just visit a high school consisting of students from ANY socio-economic background and listen to the language used by the females.

    It seems more likely that treating women like goddesses — which seems to be Mr. Cervone’s default position — is causing us to become less civilized.

    I think that the Democratic Party is among the most noxious of organizations ever conceived of, and I’ve already cast my vote for Mr. Romney — for all the good that it will do him in California — but our society suffers from a number of diseases that would require more than a change of administration to cure.

    • Frank Cervone on October 30, 2012 at 5:59 pm

      Hello Mark!

      Thanks so much for reading my post and being involved in the electorial process.

      I write my articles based on MY life experiences. Just as I did this one. I don’t purport to be the expert on any subject except what it is like to have MSA or to experience life knowing that you are terminally ill and that today may be your last day.

      I am sorry that you were awakened Saturday morning by a female voice that didn’t fit my description of women. I don’t know what that’s like. I don’t have experiences in my life like that.

      My mother is Italian and my family was very loud as most Italian families are. I’m sure she cursed. I’m positive she threatened to kick my butt. I think I still have the knots on my head where she used those high Frankenstein platform shoes to clobber me with.

      I also know it was my mother that taught me how to act in public. How to use inside voices. To be polite and respectful.

      My wife and I have four children and four grandchildren. I am Italian. My wife is Native American. Tempers flare. Fights and arguements happen. My kids were teenagers at one point. Our house could be, and I am sure at times, was loud.

      But I can guarantee you, not once, absolutely not once did my family act out in public. Three of my children now have their own children. I have very polite grandchildren.

      Has politeness and civility in some of our society went by the wayside? Yes. Can we get it back? Yes. What will it take? Responsible parents to teach their children, and demand no less than proper behavior.

      Thank you for your vote for Mitt Romney. Hopefully he will be someone we can look up too and more parents will model themselves after him.

  2. Frank Gilbert on October 28, 2012 at 5:51 am

    So who you voting for (lol)? Nice to see you are still on the go Frank and Susan.

    • Frank Cervone on October 30, 2012 at 6:00 pm

      I’m voting for the winner, just as you are!
      It was good to see you and Connie on Saturday.

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