“Slick Willie” A Swing and A Miss by Anonymous

“Slick Willie” A Swing and A Miss by Anonymous
Bill Clinton tried to be the mighty Casey last night

The expectation was thick enough to be cut by the marvelously orchestrated anticipation. The nomination of President Barrack Obama for a second term as President was proffered. Things are not clear at all on the horizon of our world, not by a long shot. And when it comes to us, the electorate, knowing what we’ll find around the next curve in the road of our existence, well, we “just don’t know”. And to take a chance on “just don’t know”, on a proven talented performer but no-less on the wrong side of excellence and success, finality, is not sage advice. He mounted the stage, in defense of what, in the looming prospects of a party fall in this political game.

“The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville nine that day;

The score stood four to two with but one inning left to play;
And then, when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same,
A sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game.”

William Jefferson “Bill” Blythe the III Clinton is the political master, the puppeteer who could school George Soros, the orator at the convention podium, embracing that position as a pedestal to his greatness, and infused with the energy of the adoring worshipers.  The 2012 Bill Clinton’s DNC nomination speech was ‘vintage’ Bubba, and gave Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan a tutorial on the real world. And that “is” the meaning of “is”. Bubba is inspirational, funny, convincing, folksy, fiery and full-throated and the Piped Piper of political misdirection. Yes, it was a tour de force of rational political communication, a lesson in the mastery of “political spin”. He blames others”, even the fact checkers, the political umpires.

From the benches, black with people, there went up a muffled roar,
Like the beating of the storm waves on a stern and distant shore.
“Kill him; kill the umpire!” shouted someone from the stand;–
And it’s likely they’d have killed him had not Casey raised his hand.

He lusted for a Nobel Peace Prize, given to his nemeses, the conqueror of his significant other, an Olympian feat albeit not having even performed, only so short in training as Commander in Chief, and now he must, as a good party soldier, carry water for his friend? He is never a man without function, so what is his purpose? Are we looking at an investment in “quid pro quo” political cache? But while stirring, stimulating and motivating, he is not inspirationally up to par. And they moved to a “smaller” venue.

“A straggling few got up to go, in deep despair. The rest
Clung to that hope which “springs eternal in the human breast;”
They thought, If only Casey could but get a whack at that,
We’d put up even money now, with Casey at the bat.”

As the homily grows longer, discipline again abandon, his hallmark, the message, though beautiful, is tired. It rips and tears, plagiarizes, carefully masked, from the structure of the Carter/Reagan debate of 1980. “Are you better off today than four years ago”? Was he saying “What doesn’t kill you makes one stronger”? Will there be any “proverbs”, like the catchy tune of a great movie, the emotional eternity of “But I regret I have but one life to give”, that will take root in our souls and grow, inspire, stimulate and motivate the base, the grass roots of this political, partisan and dogmatic stadium ?  We have a lot more questions about our jobs, our children’s futures, careers, our businesses, our personal lives and the future of this great nation. “Can you hear us now?

Casey and Clinton after the Strikeout

 “Then from five thousand throats and more there rose a lusty yell,

It rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell,
It knocked upon the mountain and recoiled upon the flat,
For Casey, mighty Casey, was advancing to the bat.”

And the thunderous stadium, filled full, by the adoring masses, was nostalgic, misty, wistful and almost willing to be fooled again. He inherited a mess, stopped a “free fall”, invested, squandered, wasted, misspent tons of our money, lost it all and then some, $16 trillion and growing, but as an inspired but ill-advised gambler, please, please, let me finish the job?  This is the wisdom of after losing many trillions, forgive the hyperbole, a one hand “win” is “trending up”. And we are all struggling, especially seniors, with in the definition of “lost it all”.

Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer, wandering astray from the nationally awe-struck, enraptured, those transported to the world of Alice in Wonderland, the awestruck pundits and commentators: Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech Was “A Giant Swing And A Miss”.

The true genius and the only one to tell the truth last night – Charles Krauthammer

What are we cheering for, a slight of hand that salvages “incomplete” from a “failure”? The argument is buried in relative statistics, pick and choose, mold to fit, redefinition of history’s form, fit and function.  But a “do-over” is not possible, the ‘blue dress” is it forever linked to “I did not have sex with that woman”, love him anyway, forgive him always, the added damage, of titanic proportions, is not reversible with his protégés strategy, policies and procedures. Double down, trickle down, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Albert Einstein.

“Fraud,” cried the maddened thousands, and the echo answered “Fraud,

“But one scornful look from Casey, and the multitude was awed.

They saw his face grow stern and cold;they saw his muscles strain,

And they knew that Casey wouldn’t let that ball go by again.”

There is a lot of stress out there and we can hope that things will just get better. As for the “Willie” speech, Charles Krauthammer, extracting him-self from the mesmerized, almost sadly, he does not wish anyone ill, with head hung in wisdom, sighs, it is always worth repeating, “He swung and he missed.”

[vsw id=”X-2lXQQcXb8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

In the “final analysis”, a tired moniker, was there any of the Jeane Duane Jordan Kirkpatrick doctrine where one embrace a rascal because he is our rascal?  But, remember how the hopes of fans in the famous baseball poem, “Casey at the Bat.” (Ernest Lawrence Thayer, 1888) were dashed in the end:

Oh, somewhere in this favored land, the sun is shining bright;

The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,

And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;

But there is no joy in Mudville-the Mighty Casey has struck out.

Fool me once, shame-shame on you. Fool me twice, shame-shame on me. Perchance it will take months, months until the election outcome, to learn the final result, but many of us would put our money on the wisdom of Krauthammer, whatever that is.

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