Same Old SNL

Same Old SNL

SNL returned to the airwaves this past weekend and they unveiled a new President Obama… Jay Pharoah.  Although Fred Armisen is a comic genius and plays a great President, he always made Obama look cool and likable.  He could just never quite capture the smugness and arrogance that Pharoah brings to the character.

In the cold opening, SNL portrayed Obama as a terrible President (really, what choice did they have given the debt, economy and Middle East all in turmoil?).  This was a first, and you’d almost think that for once — FOR ONCE — they’d throw their support behind Obama’s opponent given the horribleness, but, alas, there was no hope for change.  Mitt Romney was portrayed as a bumbling idiot, a worse choice than Obama, almost a heaven sent miracle for Obama… and Paul Ryan was portrayed as a liar and bad with numbers. Really?  No, really?  Really?

At the end of the skit, they did a funny comparison between Obama and Romney singing.  It reminded me of classic SNL, where people’s sensibilities were not violated and they did not alienate half their audience… or, at least, they were equal opportunity offenders.  Nope, instead they doubled-down on the current garbage where they are unapologetically trying to get one of the worst Presidents in history re-elected, for no better reason than the (D) after his name.

Unfortunately, SNL hadn’t changed much since the end of their last season.  Their ever-constant theme, ‘Democrats are better than Republicans,’ was fully evident as was seen in their skits and by their selection of Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad and Ted) as their season opening host.  He’s given over $92,000 to the Democratic Party and Democrat-associated special interest groups including Barack Obama.

And, to his credit, he is very talented and he was providing a very funny opening monologue with all the different voices and singing, but he just couldn’t help himself and had to ruin it by saying, “You know what? Mitt Romney just makes me so mad,” as Droopy Dog and liking  New York “except for all the Jews” as Kermit the Frog.  If not for the anti-Romney and anti-Jew rhetoric that is ever-apparent these days with Democrats, Seth was almost entertaining and likable.  Yeah, I said almost.

But they weren’t done there.

They took aim at Clint Eastwood in a skit called “Eastwood and Chair.”  They spoofed the legendary actor’s speech at the Republican National Convention suggesting that it was a new road act.  Never mind showing the disorganized Democrat National Convention; or the Extreme Makeover of the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz; or the speeches full of lies.  No, make fun of Eastwood.  To their credit, nothing about the skit violated people’s sensibilities and they did not alienate half their audience (well, maybe except for people who wear high-waist pants).

Otherwise, they made fun of Army vets, American Olympians and small business retailers.  True class acts at SNL.

The skits that I wanted to see that they didn’t fathom:

* Extreme Makeover with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz
* Veep Joe Biden at a slave auction doing black voice & making racist jokes
* The Democrat Convention booing God and Jews and then getting a visit by God
* Obama walking the catwalk in Vegas as the Middle East explodes
* Bill Maher holding an anti-Muslim and anti-female fundraiser for Obama

The good old days at SNL are over.  And I’m not just saying that because Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg are gone or because they don’t go after Obama with equal enthusiasm as they do Romney.  Nope, the good old days are over because SNL has jumped the shark.

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