Media Cheering For Obama While Mid-East Burns!

Media Cheering For Obama While Mid-East Burns!

Yesterday, reporters were caught on an audio feed coordinating their efforts to go after Mitt Romney at his press conference, and there is no doubt that the media worked together on this while essentially leaving Obama alone.  With the exception of FOX, the media has essentially acted as cheerleaders for the Obama administration and with a video showing members of the media coordinating to attack a Republican this is just the latest example of this cheerleading in action.

A few years ago, a group of 400 journalist, liberal pundits, Journalist professors and a few former members of previous administration got together online in what was described as discussion board on the issues but in reality, it was attempt to shape the news cycle to favor Democrats.  The whole cabal, called JournoLists, eventually was exposed but it was not like anyone paid a price for inventing the news cycle as opposed to actually covering the news.  After JournoLists was exposed, the late Andrew Breitbart noted that JournoLists, “was a Watergate of epic proportion in the newsroom.”  The problem exposed was the bee hive nature of the media and to what extent the media was willing to go to promote their agenda.

When covering Kansas and Missouri politics for the conservative magazine, KC Jones, I observed how many of the media would often get together and talk about the various candidates.  Unlike JournoLists and the reporters at the Romney press conference, they didn’t cooperate on what they would ask or write but they always seem to love liberal politicians more than conservatives.  I noticed that many of the reporters often wrote similar prose and whatever the news cycle, they simply repeated what others wrote.  It wasn’t coordination as much as lack of imagination but that is no longer the case today.

The Dearly Departed “Happy Warrior.”

The bottom line is that the original statements from the United States Embassy were nothing short of appeasement and it was only after Romney made his own tough statement that Obama made his, with Hillary standing next to him.  (As one pundit quipped, his statement was probably written by Hillary and maybe Hillary was standing at his side to make sure he got his lines right.)  Not only was Obama not pressed on why there was insufficient protection at the embassy on 9/11 but maybe someone should have ask with American embassies under attack and American State department personnel killed; why is important to go to a fundraiser in Nevada?

And Mr. President, it has been reported that you have attended about half of Daily Intel briefings and if it is true; is this why your administration was not prepared?   Don’t count on the media to be that tough on Obama.

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2 Responses to "Media Cheering For Obama While Mid-East Burns!"

  1. What is the single, unique, overriding thread to all this upheaval?


    The New World Order (per Obama) best operates from a “top-down/command economy.” Just like one he’s familiar with all his life and has desperately tried since his inauguration, to implement in the USA (900+ Executive Orders).

    Every action, be it “Arab Spring,” Eurozone (Merkel has to hold it together and Hollande’s election), Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Britain,
    China, Sub-asian continent (India, Bangladesh) ALL have to display a form of Governance Mr. Obama wants and is familiar with… “Left-of-Center.”.

    Trouble with Obama’s “master plan” is each government’s “key players” have their own MO and greed and power agenda.

    These “key players” want total control over every economic means of:1)land, 2)labor and 3)capital. How they achieve it, is immaterial.

    This is what Mr. Obama’s “master plan” didn’t add to his carefully concocted “Arab Spring,” Latin American “rapproachment” and Eurozone “gentle pursuasion” equation. And the Lab experiment is blowing-up in his face.

    Mr. Obama will have “egg-on-his-face” for a long time to come…just like another architect of failure…Jimmy Carter, nobel peace prize winners all.

    Vote massively for massive fraud is all around us. Take 10 to 15 friends with us to vote. America is counting on us. Amen.


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