Democrats Forget Israel AGAIN

Democrats Forget Israel AGAIN

It is not any great secret that this administrations attitude towards Israel is luke warm at best downright chilly at its worst.  The relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama has been even colder.  So I am not surprised when I found out that the Democratic platform contained no mention of Israel anywhere in the political document.

That should have really been a non event.  After all George W. Bush and the Republican 2000 platform simply stated, The United States has a moral and legal obligation to maintain its Embassy and Ambassador in Jerusalem. Immediately upon taking office, the next Republican president will begin the process of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”  Which never happened.  Then in 2004, “Republicans continue to support moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”  Either hardly a glowing claim of support for Israel.

What is news was the way the Democratic Party tried to correct it.  With the hall almost empty Los Angeles Mayor and Democratic Chair Antonio Villaraigosa walked out to the podium and attempted to get those there to vote on the changes.  Three times he asked for the vote and each time the “Nays” out voiced the “Yeas.”  Finally he said the Yea’s have it and the changes were passed.  All of this in front of dozens of media personnel and their cameras.  It was obvious that the vote had been decided before Villaraigosa even walked out to the podium.  Embarrassed and amid a loud chorus of “Boo’s” he quickly walked off the stage.

If this had been done with a lot more tact and compassion, in front of a house full of delegates, this again would have probably been a non event.   But to try and sneak it past everyone and then to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar is a very embarrassing moment for what till then had been a stellar convention.

Just to keep the record straight it was the Democrats who first mentioned Israel in their party’s platform in 1972 saying, “Recognize and support the established status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with free access to all its holy places provided to all faiths. As a symbol of this stand, the U.S. Embassy should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”  It took Republicans till 1980 to mention Israel by stating, “Republicans believe that Jerusalem should remain an undivided city with continued free and unimpeded access to all holy places by people of all faiths.”

Again it is not the content or lack thereof, that should have made the evening news but it was the way it was handled that has left a very bad taste in most people’s mouths, Republican and Democrat alike.  Sadly though this sort of behavior has become the normal way to do business in today’s political arena.


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2 Responses to "Democrats Forget Israel AGAIN"

  1. “If this had been done with a lot more tact and compassion, in front of a house full of delegates, this again would have probably been a non event.”

    And isn’t that a sad commentary. The curtains were pulled back and we were witness, an observer, an eye witness, to a convention hall, “half full of radical progressives and globalists” who hate God and Israel.

    Where is the non-event? We think not. Listen to the antagonist, our nemesis, an adversary and certainly an opponent; they reveal who they are and what they are about. The Jews made this same mistake in WWII, the result was the genocide of approximately six million European Jews.

    One suspects that we misjudge leftist organizations whose radical perspectives, these ideas are meant as the optics for foreign consumption, who focus on the managed decline of America. These perspectives are “Internationalists” who believe American sovereignty is an “obstacle” to their goals of “Collectivism”. This is the corruption of our American constitutional political system. “Democratic Convention Features an Illegal Alien Speaker.”

    Have we already forgotten the ongoing effort to subordinate American criminal justice to an international interloper called the U.N. and the World Court? One only has to look to George Soros who once wrote: “In short, we need a global society to support out global economy.” “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”

    Leadership and American exceptionalism is a miracle and we are surrendering it. Liberty is lost a little at a time and not recoverable without a revolution.


    This is in Mr. Obama’s own words. Remember in 2007/08? Well, it’s un-edited, un-redated, un- rescripted.

    Play it, listen carefully and see if this President can be trusted to “Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God!!!” (He has an aversion to the word “GOD”)Besides, Mr. Obama will decimate America’s and Americans Judeo-Christian heritage…this is patently clear, given it took three times to vote for re-instatement of “God” and “Jerusalem” in DNC’s platform…which Mr. Obama had specifically authorized it’s removal.

    Show it to your friends, then take 10 or 15 of your friends with you to vote, for massive fraud on a scale never before seen in these USA is unfolding right before our very eyes.

    Remember the 2010 Census? Remember when Mr. Obama took it from the Commerce Department and put it under control of Mr. Rahm Emmanuel in the Executive Branch? Well, now We The People know white populations were deliberately undercounted, while Hispanic populations were over counted.

    How do We The People know this? Texas filed a complaint. Most Hispanic heavy communities across these “fruited plains” displayed the same anomalies.

    Only way to combat this fraud, is to vote massively this Nov. 6. Chicago-style thuggery is on full display for all to see and witness for themselves. In this video, in Mr. Obama’s own words, he says his administration will obey the “Rule-of-Law.”

    This administration is America’s largest criminal enterprise yet in an elected office.

    Kabuki theatre, “Right/hand – Left/hand Rule” is on full display.
    While the Right/hand gesticulates…the Left/hand is “presto!” foisting off on America another Executive Order (900+ and counting-of which some 128 are totally unConstitutional). How’s that “Dream Act III” working? HUH!!!! Amnesty for 2.2 million illegal aliens? Wait till 2013 for unemployment figures…that’ll be a real shocker.

    God Bless America. Amen. Pray for Her, she’s on life support.


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