Brad Pitt Hearts Obama

Brad Pitt Hearts Obama

At a London screening of the upcoming film Killing Them Softly, Brad Pitt gave several interviews.  In one, he stated, “I am an Obama supporter and I’m backing his election campaign.”  Why?  The Thelma & Louise star explained, “Gay marriage is inevitable. The next generation, they get it. It is just a matter of time before it becomes a reality.”

What Brad Pitt doesn’t understand is that this election is not a referendum on gay marriage, it is a referendum on Obama’s undeniable failed promises and policies which affect both straight and gay people equally.

For example, Obama promised to keep unemployment under 8.0% since that time there has been 43 straight months of unemployment over 8.0%.  In fact, there is only a paltry 63.5% Americans actually in the work force — a 31 year low.  That means 36.5% of Americans are unemployed… and that includes both straight and gay Americans.

But what would Brad Pitt know about that?  He’s consistently working.  In fact, he makes approximately $35 million per film and he has four films currently in post-production: Voyage in Time, World War Z, Twelve Years a Slave and The Counselor.

Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, yet he ran up record amounts of trillion dollar deficits that amounted to $5.2 trillion in new debt in just short four years.  That is manifested in an increase of public debt in the amount of $45,848 per household to a total of $136,260 each household — and that includes both straight and gay households.

But what would Brad Pitt know about that?  He has no debt, but rather a net worth of $180 million.  That equates to the average annual income of about 5,785 households in America.

Obama promised to “stop foreclosures” and help 9 million homeowners; however, only 1.7 million Americans were helped and approximately 13.2 million foreclosures will be filed by the end of Obama’s first term.

But what would Brad Pitt know about that?   He owns, with Angelina Jolie, palatial estates in Los Angeles, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; and the South of France (where they are building a runway for the couple’s private plane at their home in France).

Inflation has pushed prices for food up 15% since Obama took office.  Yes, both straight and gay people eat food.

But what would Brad Pitt know about that?   For Angelina Jolie’s birthday, he spent nearly $4,400 on a curry dinner for their five friends and two body guards.  For the average American, that’s two months salary.  He then gave her a $400,000 pre-wedding watch.  The value of that watch alone is more than what many Americans will make over their lifetime and it is double the value of the homes that few Americans are still barely hanging on to.

The examples are limitless.  Obama made hundreds of campaign promises in 2008 — there is nothing candidate Obama would say to get elected — and instead of working tirelessly to make good on those promises, he’s been busy living it up in the White House.  Obama has played 100 rounds of golf, he’s spent several days working on his March Madness college basketball tournament  brackets, he spent weeks on a world American apology tour, weeks vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, going on date nights to Chicago and NYC, attending concerts, going on late night and weekday morning talk shows, attending sporting events, hanging out with the Hollywood elite, and attending the most campaign fundraisers of any President in history.

The net result?  Total and utter failure.  The Obama Presidency — the worst Democrat since Jimmy Carter — is marred with awful unemployment numbers, massive debt and deficits, anemic economic growth, record numbers in poverty, record numbers in food stamps, record numbers in foreclosures, doubling of gas prices, weakening of the dollar, higher inflation, a lower credit rating, squandering of taxpayer dollars on failures like Solyndra, Fisker, & GM, the creation of the Obamacare program that robs billions from Medicare and is set to be the greatest tax on the middle class in world history.  These are all issues that have a horribly negative impact on Americans… regardless of who they sleep with and who they want to marry.

But what would Brad Pitt know about that?  He lives in bubble where none of those issues matter to him.  Instead, he thinks Obama deserves another four years because of a single issue — gay marriage — that Obama can do nothing about, legally, without the help of Congress.  Meanwhile, gays all across America are suffering just as much as straight folks in this awful Obama economy.

Really, is there any more evidence than one needs to see of just how out of touch “Hollywood” is than their undying and never-ending support of one of the worst Presidents in the history of the U.S.?

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