A note to Granny: You’re not in Oklahoma anymore

A note to Granny: You’re not in Oklahoma anymore

By:  Howie Carr from “The Boston Herald”

Round one to Scott Brown.

Granny Warren is described in one of her bios as a “legendary high school debater in Oklahoma.”

She’s not in high school anymore.

The kid from the poor side of town handled her with ease, landing one blow after another. You could see how thin-skinned she really is. She’s not used to having anybody talk back to her.

When he was pummeling her on the asbestos litigation, and her $225,000 payday, and on the $700,000 she and her husband make from Harvard, she seemed on the verge of losing it. But Scott didn’t go for the knockout — that never works in a debate for a guy. Just ask Rick Lazio.

My favorite line was when he said, “Can you imagine a Senate with 100 Professor Warrens?”

I can’t imagine 100 Professor Warrens anywhere, except in a nightmare.

Sometimes, watching those aw-shucks TV spots, you forget how sharp Scott’s elbows can be. Like when she cited his vote against Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court — he cited Kagan’s almost total lack of experience outside academia.

But before that, he hit her with a beautiful right cross: “I’m sorry I voted against your boss.”

This woman has lived in Massachusetts for, what, 15 years. Surely she should have figured out by now that a lot of people here don’t like Harvard. Or the Globe. Too many phonies in both places, of which she is currently Exhibit A.

Some of the blows Brown landed were subtle, almost too quick for the judges to score. Like at the end when he mentioned her bragging about being the founder of the “radical” Occupy Wall Street movement.

Other times he would circle back around, as he did with the Indian question. She was prepared, as well as she could be, considering that everyone knows by now she’s a complete fraud who would still be nearing retirement in some tank town if she hadn’t decided to “check the box.”

Then he brought up “the box” again, slamming her Johnny-one-note calls for higher taxes, while she won’t “check the box” to pay higher taxes herself.

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