Clooney Peddles Overseas For Obama

Clooney Peddles Overseas For Obama

In 2008, Barack Obama won the election that would make him President.  That same year Geneva, Switzerland passed a law that made begging an offense punishable by fine and, potentially, prison.  Four years later, Barack Obama finds his campaign morally, ethically, and financially broke.  So, what does he do?  Well, he does what any good wealthy and powerful European socialist would do… he’s sending a surrogate — megastar George Clooney — to Geneva so that he can literally beg for campaign contributions.

Ironically, Geneva is now contemplating reversing the law on the grounds that it is discriminatory.  Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up.  I will concede that is is all coincidental and its easy to get caught up in the minutia, but the overarching theme is simple: Obama is as broke as one of his promises and he is groveling for campaign cash… and if he can’t get it from the people who actually live in America, then he will go outside its borders to find it.

Now, it is illegal for Obama to accept campaign contributions from foreigners, but he can receive money from expatriates… you know, those Americans that actually reside in a different country.  Think Johnny Depp (France); Think Tina Turner (Switzerland); Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani and Madonna (England).  Yeah, those folks who are totally and completely unaffected by what Congress and the President does, with the exception of altering the tax code.

According to the Associated Press, the Swiss media said the evening event was limited to U.S. citizens and would begin with a champagne reception for 150 people donating $1,000 each, followed by a dinner for 50 costing $20,000 a head or $30,000 per couple.  The event is sponsored by Democrats Abroad, the overseas branch of the U.S. Democratic Party.

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The daily newspaper, Le Matin, said “Gorgeous George” (I’m not kidding) wanted to ride his Harley-Davidson from Lake Como in northern Italy where he has a home, but that organizers preferred him to avoid what they consider a risky journey and travel to Geneva in a chauffeur-driven car instead.  Furthermore, they believe this fundraising effort will break a fundraising record outside U.S. as they estimate that it could exceed $500,000.  The question is begged, how much of that money will be withdrawals from Swiss Bank accounts?!

Meanwhile, back at home, Obama grovels for $3 contributions (lowered from $5 donations).

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While Obama has raised about twice as much as Romney since inception ($356.5 million to $197 million), it’s no secret that Mitt Romney has been out-raising and underspending Obama the last several months.  In fact, Romney has been setting records by exceeding $100 million in donations month after month while Obama has been running monthly deficits since June.  Case in point: Romney took in $101.3 million in July and Obama spent $59 million, about $10 million more than he took in during the same month.  Ouch.

Since the start of the presidential campaign last year, Obama has outspent Romney, $270.6 million to $166.8 million.  To what end?  The most recent polls reveal not much of a lead, within the the margin of error, for Obama:

** ABC News/Wash Post           8/22 – 8/25    — Romney +1
**  Rasmussen Tracking            8/23 – 8/25    — Obama +2
**  CNN/Opinion Research        8/22 – 8/23    — Obama +2
**  Gallup Tracking                  8/19 – 8/25    — Tie
**  FOX News                         8/19 – 8/21    — Romney +1

The $110 million dollar advantage has so far bought Obama a slight ever-changing lead that puts him a hair in the lead… for the moment.  However, Romney has yet to begin to even fight.  Federal election law has prohibited Romney from spending money raised for the general election until he is the official party nominee.  In other words, Romney can’t spend much of the money he’s raised until after this week’s Republican convention.

After this week, there’s no amount of fundraising, peddling, or begging that Gorgeous George Clooney can do in any part of the world that will help Obama reverse this trend.  Why?  Because Clooney, with all the movie magic he possesses, cannot lower the unemployment rate, lower gas prices, decrease poverty, lower the deficits, lower the debt, increase the credit ratings, lower taxes, raise housing prices and just simply improve the economy.  And until these things begin to happen, contributions for Obama will dry up and money will continue to flow to Mitt Romney.

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