Why We Don’t Need a New Dream Act by Al Ramirez

Why We Don’t Need a New Dream Act by Al Ramirez

The Dream Act has been stuck on Capitol Hill for a decade. Now even Marco Rubio is trying to introduce a “Republican version”. I don’t think there’s any such thing.

I got involved in the Republican Party during Reagan’s 1980 bid for President because of my two neighbors, Mr. Van Slyke and Mr. Vaughn. They were both respected businessmen in our community and were typical of the nice chamber of commerce types. They started taking me to Republican Club meetings when they and their wives watched over me and my sisters while my parents were working. I liked Ronald Reagan but seeing how we were being bullied in Iran and had to wait in long lines for gas was enough to make me think we needed someone better.

Al Ramirez - Senate Candidate 2012

What made me realize I was a Republican was a trip to the grocery store. We had put some Hamburger Helper in the cart and were off to the meat department to get ground beef and pork chops. It was in the meat department that some kids from school whose mom was already there came up to her with a bag of dog food. They said “Mom, here’s the dog food for the puppy” to which she replied “Oh no honey, we can’t pay for those with food stamps. Put that back and grab some ground beef.”. The kids said ok, and the puppy liked people food better anyway.

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