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The New Class Warfare

April 30, 2012

Few states have offered the class warriors of Occupy Wall Street more enthusiastic support than California has. Before they overstayed their welcome and police began dispersing their camps, the Occupiers won official endorsements from city councils and mayors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Irvine, Santa Rosa, and Santa Ana. Such is the extent […]

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Dog Eat Dog

April 30, 2012
Obama Kimmel

Going back as far as 1920 the White House Correspondents’ Association (an organization of journalists who cover the White House and the President of the United States) has held the The White House Correspondence Dinner.  The purpose of the dinner is to recognize aspiring and accomplished journalists and to raise scholarship money aimed at supporting aspiring […]

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My Testimony

April 29, 2012

I accepted Christ when I was about 8 years old. I was raised in the faith by way of my grandmother and my best friends family. I loved the Lord at a very early age. As I began to grow older and entered jr. high and high school, like a lot of people, I decided […]

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The Final Landing of the USS Enterprise

April 28, 2012
USS enterprise landing

The experience of watching the space shuttle Enterprise circle New York City on its way to JFK Airport can be described in many different ways.  One of the words viewers most frequently used about the sight was “bittersweet”.  As Enterprise piggybacked its way on a 747 to its final landing, Americans turned out in large […]

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As California Collapses, Obama Follows its Lead

April 27, 2012

arack Obama learned the rough sport of politics in Chicago, but his domestic policies have been shaped by California’s progressive creed. As the Golden State crumbles, its troubles point to those America may confront in a second Obama term. From his first days in office, the president has held up California as a model state. In […]

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Herbert Hoover and Cedar Rapids

April 27, 2012
Hoover's failure to follow Harding, led to the Great Depression

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my partners in this web site Tom Donelson in his adopted hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa which is pretty much famous for two things, being the birthplace of Ashton Kutcher and being the location for the Broadway musical, “The Pajama Game.”  However, it […]

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Eating Dogs and Mormonism

April 26, 2012
POTUS thought he was "tough"

The goal in this election of the Democratic Party will be to portray Mitt Romney as being out of touch with the common folks or just simply; weird.  The left’s attack of his Mormon faith on MSNBC is just part of the strategy.  Democratic governor Brian Schweitzer mentioned that it is “Kind of ironic given […]

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MSA and Some Spring Cleaning

April 25, 2012
Frank and Angelina

Ok, so I crashed again.  Being fromNew York, I am not good about “pacing” myself and the doctors keep preaching it to me.  If I get a burst of energy, I rush around trying to get everything I want done and then fall into bed totally exhausted where I spend the next few days.  This […]

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Democrats Have Bigger Anti-Mormon Problem in Election Than GOP Has

April 24, 2012

This is a very interesting article about the problems that Mormonism will be for Romney among Democrats which just shows who the true bigots are.  Here’s a clue:  It’s not Republicans. With just over six months before Election Day, the 2012 presidential campaign looks dull but astonishing. It’s dull because Barack Obama no longer elicits the kind […]

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How Do Republicans Claim the Middle?

April 24, 2012

It is often said that the  general election is won by claiming the middle and the GOP can grab the center of the political core.  Take economics as the Democrats depend upon the Buffet rule to take mantle of sticking up for the little guy.  Obamanomics is finished as a believable set of economic principles […]

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