Ron Paul and Super Tuesday In Ohio

Ron Paul and Super Tuesday In Ohio
Cervone in Fairboran, Ohio
Frank Cervone Talking with Citizens

Super Tuesday is here!  I posed the question on where Ohio stands on Ron Paul to just everyday citizens.   I think we have heard enough from the news and paid endorsements/attack ads.  Here are the responses from the “man on the street” I have received.

Matt supports Ron Paul for a few reasons.  He likes his foreign policy because Paul doesn’t think we, as America, should police the world.  Paul also believes the states should have more power.  Ron Paul predicted the economic collapse years ago and has a great strategy to get it back on track.  He has never found where Ron Paul has changed his view on any issue.  Matt confides that he is someone who is pro-legalization of marijuana and supports Paul because he believes the war on drugs has been a failure and believes marijuana should be decriminalized.  And finally, Ron Paul doesn’t have corporate interests or people with big money lining his pockets.

Linda, who is not from Ohio asked if Ron Paul favors medical research paid for by the taxpayers?  She wanted that to be a thought for others.

Phyllis liked some of the things that Ron Paul says, but has no intention of voting for him.

I did find that a lot of Ohioans were concerned about his foreign policy views.  Mona thinks that America has mut become the great country we were four years ago.  Ron Paul’s foreign affairs leave a lot to be desired; we cannot let Iran have nuclear weapons to use on Israel and us.

Justin agrees his international agenda lacks considerably but likes the idea of fixing America first and Kay agrees she doesn’t think he has enough experience in foreign policy and Doug thinks he is naive in international matters.

Walt didn’t mix words and plainly states, “Because he’s a fruitcake on foreign policy and doesn’t have the common sense to run a country.”  Walt thinks if the world isn’t laughing at us yet, just wait and see what happens if he runs this place.  Politicians….what a joke!

Lorrey doesn’t agree with his foreign policy at all, but would vote for him if he were the nominee, only because she would NEVER vote for Obama so he can continue to destroy this country along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Cynthia believes he is correct that we spend way too much money nation building, and too much on the extravagant embassies, but added she does want us to remain a super power.

Sarah is an independent but likes Ron Paul even though she doesn’t believe he has a chance.  One reason is because he leaves issues like abortion, gay marriage/commitment, gun control, etc. up to states decision, not making it a national law.

Heather’s friend is a big Ron Paul fan and says he likes Paul because he’s against welfare, he wants to get rid of the Patriot Act, and he doesn’t want to intervene with other country’s problems and wants no more costly wars.

The Ohio State Flag

Doug likes his fiscal restraint, but not his isolationism.  Justin doesn’t think his isolation ideas will float because he still has checks and balances to deal with.  Cynthia agrees that we can’t be an isolationist country.

Justin also thinks Paul’s ideas are great in the way he wants government more transparent and the idea of fixing America first.  Sarah likes that he is a religious man, but doesn’t let it effect his voting.

Tom believes Ron Paul is the only ideologically consistent candidate since Goldwater.  He believes Romney, Santorum and Gingrich change their views any way the wind blows.

Gus has only mildly followed Ron Paul’s campaign because he (Gus) believes Americans are generally sick of the two party system; having to cater to the far left or far right is the way Democrats and Republicans roll.

Sarah is being honest when she says, “If Rick Santorum is the Republican candidate in the end, she will vote for Obama, but if Romney is the candidate, she will probably vote for him.

But what is evident, in the end, in this part of Ohio, any Republican nominee is better than Obama.

I think Karl Rove had the right idea when he said, “Ron Paul has high floors, but a low ceiling.”  Meaning he has a large support base, but can’t break through to gain more.

For some clarification of the Ohio Primary for Ohioans, I am including the following explanation of what Ohioans will see on the ballot of the primary election from, Christopher Maloney, Communications Director for the Ohio Republican Party.

You will not be voting directly for a presidential candidate.  You will be voting to give your choice for a presidential candidate delegate votes.  It is the delegate votes from congressional & at large districts.  A candidate needs to go to the convention with over a 1,000 delegate votes to win the nomination to run for president.

Ohio awards the sixty-six delegates it has been allocated from the RNC in a proportional manner.  Sixty-three of those delegates are up for grabs on Super Tuesday.  Forty-eight delegates are known as “District Delegates” and are awarded winner-take-all by congressional district.   There are sixteen congressional districts in Ohio and three delegates are allocated to each district.  For example, if Mitt Romney receives a plurality of the vote in the 10th Congressional District on Super Tuesday, he will receive all three of the delegates allocated to that district.  Rick Santorum failed to qualify for delegates in three Ohio congressional districts.  Therefore, nine of Ohio’s delegates are off the table for Senator Santorum.

The remaining fifteen delegates awarded on Election Day, known at “At Large Delegates,” are allocated proportionally to each candidate based upon their share of the statewide vote.  In order to qualify for At Large Delegates a candidate must receive at least 20% of the statewide vote.  If any presidential candidate receives more than 50% of the statewide vote, they receive all fifteen At Large Delegates.

If you’ve been counting delegates, you might have noticed that we only explained how 63 of the 66 are awarded.  That’s because Ohio has three more delegates who get to back any candidate they choose.  They are members of the Republican National Committee:  two RNC committee members (Jo Ann Davidson & Bob Bennett), and Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine.

So, let’s see what happens tomorrow!

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6 Responses to "Ron Paul and Super Tuesday In Ohio"

    1. Angelina, I was unable to go to Franks Prayer page. I don’t think that a day goes by that I don’t wonder how he is doing. Prayers go out to your family.

      1. For some reason the direct link is broken 🙁 Try logging onto facebook, and in the search bar, type in “Frank Cervone Prayer Page.” let me know if you still can’t get to it.

        Thanks for the prayers!
        Angelina (:

  1. The uniformed public is empowering the MSM and status quo. The Iran Nuke fear, the isolationism talk, and the low celing remarks, are all Faux News and CNN talking points. Remember the Osama is in Afghanistan rhetoric? The Iraq has WMDs talk? The Obama will end the unConstitutional Patriot Act if elected bull crap? Lies. All lies.

    Stop being mislead. Think on your own. We deserve an honest, liberty minded President. Not another Bush-Obama clone. Vote for Ron Paul.


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