Obama’s Remaking of America

Anyone who believes America’s culture wars are behind her should have started out Friday reading The Washington Times.

The headlines on the three top stories on page one read:

“California judges asked to say if they are gay.”

“‘Tebow Bill’ for home-schoolers dies in Virginia Senate panel.”

“Opt-out on birth control defeated in Senate.”

The California judges story dealt with the lately passed Judicial Appointments Demographic Inclusion Act, which mandates a survey of all of the state’s 1,600 judges — to find out how many are homosexual.

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2 Responses to "Obama’s Remaking of America"

  1. if Abraham Lincoln were to come back and ask you to explain obama’s over-all re-making of America, what would you tell him. interesting, huh?

  2. I couldn’t get through the whole thing. One flat-out lie after another, culminating in this:

    >>She has talked of $3,000 a year being the annual cost of birth control for a Georgetown student.

    ONCE AGAIN, what she said was that birth control CAN cost a TOTAL of $3,000 for the ENTIRETY OF LAW SCHOOL. Because it can.

    And what the fuck kind of argument is “Why should it be covered if she can afford it?”

    Gee, Pat, by that logic, no extremely wealthy people should have any health insurance at all. Including YOU.

    Jesus, he’s such an asshole.


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