Multiculturalism’s Big Lie

Multiculturalism’s Big Lie

multiculturalismIf you ever hear the promoters of liberal multiculturalism in the Los Angeles area talk, they promote two ideas that one would seem to contradict their very core. These two ideas are communism and getting Hispanics to retain their “native” Spanish language. In the multi-culturalist’s mind the rationale of their argument in support of these two qualities is that capitalism and the English language are qualities forced upon the native cultures by white European colonial “oppressors.”

The reasoning these multi-culturalists use is that if capitalism and the English language were not forced on innocent natives in the Americas, the problems facing these groups of people would have never happened. The fallacy is that these things never were forced on the central and South American natives by the people who conquered them. They were colonized by people who spoke Spanish themselves which is why their descendents speak Spanish today. Instead of being subjected to free market capitalism, their ancestors were subjected to the slave economy that colonial powers in the 16th century like Spain operated under. In that system, caste and class systems kept people from ascending or falling in economic stature based on the content of their character or drive to get ahead but instead was based on one’s position in the Spanish monarchy or with one’s relation to the Catholic church. An antiquated and brutal Catholic church that is far different than the one we have today was in operation in those days. Slavery in this era of world history was not an exception, it was the rule and no one was immune to being subjugated by cultural annihilation, conversion to this old version of Catholicism or slavery after being conquered.

Clinging to this belief ignores that the native peoples of the Americas had plenty of problems amongst themselves like wars, poverty, oppression, their own systems of slavery and human sacrifice before any Europeans arrived.

What is truly shocking is if you look at the facts, no two things were more destructive in the past and more destructive in the present to the native culture of the people of Central and South America than the Spanish language and statist economic systems like the caste/slavery system of the past and communism in modern eras.

What multiculturalism dogma ignores is where the Spanish language and economic ideas of communism come from. The Spanish language comes from…SPAIN (duh!) with it’s roots coming from Rome’s ancient language, Latin. If fact, when the descendants of the people of Central and South America distinguish themselves as Latino or Hispanic rather than as descendents of natives of the Americas, they are actually giving a nod to the very “white male, Conquistador Colonial Catholics” who eradicated the American native culture’s ancestors in the first place. With a little research (like looking at a map of the world) the multiculturalist would see that Spain is located on a continent called Europe which shatters the idea that Spanish is anything but a language that comes from dead white European men.

The cozy relationship that multiculturalism has with communism is even more hypocritical. Communism is usually cited as an anti-colonialist/anti-European ethos but has their been a more colonial movement than communism? Has there been a system of modern governance that has more in common with the ancient unfair European feudal system of life in which noblemen ruled serfs who worked the land and did all the physical labor for almost no compensation than communism? First theorized by Engels and Marx (two dead white European men) communism (socialism) has colonized huge swaths of the planet. Most of South East Asia succumbed to this invasive weed of European ideology. Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam, Kim Il Sung’s North Korea and Mao’s China are the poster children of communist colonial imperial expansionism and examples of the inevitable poverty and slaughter that occurs when the ideology takes over nations or entire regions. Most of these maniacs learned their communist economic ideas in Paris which was the bourgeois heart of it all with it’s decadence and cafes. They learned at French universities like the Sorbonne then brought the ideas home to make their own perverse power fantasies of being a noblemen ruling a population of serfs come true.

In the western hemisphere, Castro has been making Cubans miserable for over 60 years and now the South American communist renaissance, led by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is engulfing the continent. The results in the next few years will inevitably mirror what communism caused everywhere else on the planet that it has infected. Central America is dealing again with Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Hondurans heroically removed from office a president in 2009 who tried to seize power and impose communism on them but it’s not over because former president Manuel Zaleya is still trying to force his communist will and getting the help of Democrat politicians in the United States like Representative Jan Schakowski of Illinois.

American educators and their colleagues who share the ideas of Castro, Mao and Chavez are hard at work in the bureaucracy of the Los Angeles school system, and others, planting seeds for the nightmare harvest they wish to reap. These activist teachers, administrators and politicians are doing their best to make the communist Hell on Earth one day comes to pass in the United States that the parents of Spanish speaking students escaped from. They constantly do everything to make integration and assimilation into American culture as difficult as possible for these students under the rationale that they are being sensitive to the kid’s native culture. The curriculum bombards the children with anti capitalist messages that decry the free market and teach how unfair and how inequitable the American economic and judicial systems are. They are taught the history of their native lands from the perspective of the communist politburos and council on highs with short shrift given to the history of America, our constitution and how our republic fought a war with itself to eradicate slavery. Instead of being immersed in English and made proficient in it, these kids are forced to participate in the curriculum of bi-lingual education or are taught entirely in Spanish so that they never learn any English. The coup-DE-grace is that these kids in some of the more radical programs are not even taught math based on the system used today throughout the developed world based on contemporary numerals but are taught Aztec math! As if anyone still uses it or as if it has any practical application or use in the modern world.

At some schools and colleges in the Los Angeles area the reverence of communism and rejection of American heroes includes what holidays are or are not celebrated and what days off kids get or don’t get. Columbus day had to go so now many schools give kids a day off to reflect on the great historical contributions of communist farm worker leader Cesar Chavez.

The school leaders belief that America is unfair and oppressive will become a self fulfilling prophecy for the students left permanently handicapped by these education practices. By teaching future generations of Americans useless curriculum so that they leave school incompetent, believing that they can never succeed and angry, their communist sympathizing teacher’s horrific vision of America will come true.

There is no worse way to insult the legacy of the native American people than to force their descendents to live under communist oppression that mirrors the worst of feudal Europe and be subjected to the thought prison that not speaking the language of a developed culture around them uses. Only by firing those in positions of power and taking back out education system will we be able to break these kids out of this prison. When freed from this prison, these kids will be successful participants in a vibrant, prosperous and strong American society.

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5 Responses to "Multiculturalism’s Big Lie"

  1. Good job! Our public schools LIE. I got 2 daughters in it, I have to do counter-programming to the brainwashing that’s going on. (We’re sports oriented, so I’m sort of sticking it out… though I’ve been researching options)

    Here’s a funny one, my 7 yr old came home, and said she wanted to help the protest against laying off teachers! I said, no not teachers… UNION TEACHERS. They don’t care about any teacher! It was funny, I could tell my daughter learned something there, her look, her realization… that she’d been had.

  2. >>If you ever hear the promoters of liberal multiculturalism in the Los Angeles area talk, they promote two ideas that one would seem to contradict their very core. These two ideas are communism and getting Hispanics to retain their “native” Spanish language.

    I’ve lived here over 19 years and never heard ANYONE promoting Communism. Nobody. Zero. No one. It’s all voices in your mind. Your premise has zero cred. Thank you for saving me a lot of time.

    1. SpazGoof, you are hilarious. Of course no one in your circles may say the actual word communist but this is exactly what they mean. Thanks for playing and now go back to your videogames in your mommies basement little boy.

      1. >>Of course no one in your circles may say the actual word communist

        a) Why would no one in “my circles” say it? Aren’t we all a bunch of Commies according to you guys? If anything, in the privacy of “my circle” would be the ONLY place where we WOULD feel comfortable saying it. Have you really thought this through?

        b) I didn’t merely say I haven’t heard the word “Communism”, I said I haven’t heard anyone PROMOTING Communism, explicitly or implicitly, ever in my 19 years here. So if they are actually promoting Communism out there, they’re not doing a very good job of it. Or possibly, it’s a false, stupid premise.

        >>but this is exactly what they mean.

        Who? What are they saying? What ideas are you referring to that are actually veiled promotions of Communism? (So veiled that I’ve never noticed it in 19 years!)

        It’s almost as if they’re not actually saying or implying anything like that, and you’re just a paranoid douchebag or something.

        >>Thanks for playing and now go back to your videogames in your mommies basement little boy.

        Ha…Zing. Meanwhile, you tremble in fear over non-existent promotion of Communism. The paranoid guy trapped in the McCarthy era is trying to belittle someone else’s life.

        Welcome to Ironyville!

  3. Hello. I just stumbled on this site and have learned so much about…
    Oh, wait. All I’ve learned is that SpaceGhost is the only individual here who can think in a cogent, critical manner. Could that possibly be an outgrowth of the fact that SpaceGhost is also the only individual here who can spell and has mastered basic English grammar?


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