Marco Rubio Should be our VP

Marco Rubio Should be our VP
The Best Choice for VP

2012 is a crucial elections and every vote counts.  So the question remains, who should be the Vice President nominee for the Republican Party?  If you would have asked me about Marco Rubio three months ago, I would have said his time has yet to come.  Today, I will say that whoever wins the Republican nomination will need an individual who hails from a crucial state, has charisma to excite the base and represents the future of the Republican Party.   That is Marco Rubio.

The Republicans are blessed with many qualified men to be Vice President beginning with Mitch Daniels who can help carry the Midwest and has a resume that is unassailable, but what Daniels provide in competency, he lacks in charisma.  Daniels would help the ticket as he will not only carry Indiana but he could make serious inroads throughout the rust belt with a record of job growth in a Midwestern state.

There is Bob McDonnell but like Christie and Rubio, he has been in the public eye for only two years barely.  But as the governor of a key swing state, Virginia, he has one important quality in his favor.  He is also proven to be both popular and effective as governor but like Daniels, competency may not triumph charisma.

Let deal with the disadvantages of a Rubio Vice-Presidency nomination, the first being Rubio has been in the Senate for only two years and for many Americans, he is still unknown.   The left and the Democrats will attempt to do to Rubio what they did to Sarah Palin with the politics of personal destruction.  The Democrats are beginning their anti-Rubio campaign and Rubio has already learned one lesson from the Palin candidacy, hit back hard and quickly when negative news or lies pop up.  Most recently, he insisted that an “ethics violation” be investigated and dropped as he understand that the left and Democrats will file ethics complaints simply to tie Rubio up while forcing him to defend himself on multiple fronts just as they did with Palin.  During a morning session of MSNBC morning, former McCain campaign consultant Steve Schmidt admitted that a scene in the upcoming HBO movie “Game Change” that he advised Palin not to fight back was true.  What the GOP must learn is that any attacks on Rubio must be confronted in brutal fashion in a take no prisoner style.  Rubio must also convince the public he can be President if something happens to the President.

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Rubio has the following going for him.  He was the Speaker of the House in the Florida legislature, a major role in a major state and he wasn’t just a back bencher voting present like President Obama was in Illinois and he has appeared to be a quick learner in the ways of Washington.  As a member of the committee on Foreign Relations, he is learning the intricacies of foreign affairs.  There are two primary reasons to have Rubio on board, the first being he is from a key battleground state, Florida.  He will help the Republicans take Florida.  The second is his ability to explain free market ideas as a son of immigrants as he can communicate conservative ideas to the public, in particular Hispanic audiences.  One reason the left fears him is that he can communicate Republican ideas to Hispanics and remember, the left needs Hispanics to vote not only in greater numbers than in 2008 but a higher percentage than in 2010 congressional elections.  Republicans don’t need to win majority of Hispanics, only a higher number than in 2008 and close to what they did in 2004; numbers that are in reach.

Rubio is the perfect Vice-President nomination for either Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney for he has appeal to Tea Party, selected minorities and he can talk the principles of conservativism naturally, something that Mitt Romney has problems with.

The Republicans are deep in talent when it comes to the selection of Vice President but may this year be for our first Hispanic Vice President.

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5 Responses to "Marco Rubio Should be our VP"

  1. One thing that is ignored by having Rubio on any Presidential ticket, is the US Constitution. Rubio doesn’t fulfill the requirement of natural born citizen as his parents were not US citizens at the time of Rubio’s birth.

    1. Barack Hussein became president, so why not Rubio? At least Rubio was born in the United States – and isn’t a fanatical muslim, Marxist enabler. Just sayin’

  2. It’s really insane that every time Rubio is mentioned as an option for VP, some yahoo has to point out that his parents weren’t born in the USA.
    Who cares?! That’s not relevant!
    RUBIO was born in the U.S. Period!
    His parents could’ve been born on Mars, it doesn’t matter.
    jdmeac is clearly referencing some archaic and repealed and no longer in effect rules from way back in the day that NO LONGER APPLY.
    Look it up, genius — you and everyone else who keeps pointing out this idiocy that Rubio is unqualified.
    It borders on racist and that makes you sound like a Democrat.
    We’re better than that.


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