Current State of the Race V

Current State of the Race V

It’s almost half time in the race to to be the GOP nominee… here is the current state of the race.

Governor Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney came in first in one election (Illinois) and second in another (Louisiana); however, he came in first total delegates for the week.  He is 576 delegates away from the nomination and there is still 1,251 delegates available.  He needs to win just 47% of the remaining delegates, which shouldn’t be difficult since he wins about 55% of the elections, not to mention he enjoys strong leads in such delegate rich states as California (172), New York (95), New Jersey (50), North Carolina (55), Kentucky (45), Wisconsin (42), Utah (40), Maryland (37), Delaware (17), and District of Columbia (19).  His campaign funds are strong.  He is organization is solid.  The endorsements continue to pour in.  And the Republican electorate are read to move on to the main event.  This nomination is done.  In spite of the saboteurs that exist in our political party stubbornly staying in the race, Romney has the nomination locked up.

  • Romney versus Obama: Romney wins by 2 (Rasmussen 3/24)
  • Romney Campaign Finance: $74.7 million
  • Romney Cash on Hand: $7.3 million
  • Romney States/Territories won: 22 (1 tie)
  • Romney Delegates: 568
  • Romney Facebook: 1,548,551 Likes (+10,132)

Senator Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum came in first in one election (Louisiana) and second in another (Illinois); however, he came in second total delegates for the week.  A picture is worth a thousand words…

  • Santorum versus Obama: Obama wins by 5 (Rasmussen 3/24)
  • Santorum Campaign Finance: $15.5 million
  • Santorum Cash on Hand: $1.6 million
  • Santorum States/Territories won: 8 (1 tie)
  • Santorum Delegates: 261
  • Santorum Facebook: 186,142 Likes (+3,517)

Speaker Newt Gingrich

Newt is done.  Game. Set. Match.  It’s over.. and he knows it.  And this interview says it all:

[vsw id=”UDViwKMtCMg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

“Santorum’s not going to get 1,144, I’m not going to get to 1,144 and Ron Paul is not going to get to 1,144.”~Newt Gingrich

  • Gingrich versus Obama: Obama wins by 10 (Rasmussen 3/18)
  • Gingrich Campaign Finance: $20.8 million
  • Gingrich Cash on Hand: ($500k)
  • Gingrich States/Territories won: 2
  • Gingrich Delegates: 137
  • Gingrich Facebook: 296,375 Likes  (+126)

Congressman Ron Paul

As predicted, Ron Paul won no primaries last week.  Like Gingrich, he is done.  Game. Set. Match.  It’s over.  It doesn’t even make sense to spend the time to discuss his candidacy any longer.  Sorry Ron Paul fans.

  • Paul versus Obama: Obama wins by 10 (Rasmussen 3/18)
  • Paul Campaign Finance: $35.6 million
  • Paul Cash on Hand: $1.4 million
  • Paul States/Territories won: 0
  • Paul Delegates: 71
  • Paul Facebook: 921,785 Likes (+7,705)

The next three states are winner-take-all states.  Romney wins Maryland and Washington DC… and it is now looking like Mitt might win Wisconsin too.  With 98 delegates up for grabs, it is safe to say that Romney sales past 600 delegates by April 3, 2012… and with money woes, organizational woes and mounting pressure from the Republican electorate to step aside, we may see the end of this primary in that first week of April.  If not, I think it is only fair to label the rest of the GOP field as Saboteurs… because their only reason to continue would be to harm Romney and help Obama in 2012.

Next Up
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Wisconsin 42
Maryland 37
District of Columbia 19

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