Can California’s Economic Self-Immolation Be Exported?

This is an article that really got me going as I live in this wonderful dump we now call California:

What is it about California that make its elected leaders work so hard to earn their place in the dunce’s corner alongside Greece? With all the state has going for it – abundant natural resources, an educated populace, and an entrepreneurial tradition second to none – California politicians and the people who put them in power seem determined to destroy the state’s economy in order to achieve some higher purpose.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the bizarre economics of California’s tax and energy policies.

Were California to shut down its entire manufacturing sector, turn off its power plants, idle its trucks and automobiles, and order its citizens to stop exhaling, the impact on the global atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide would be immaterial. So California’s energy policies cannot be directed at singlehandedly saving the planet from cataclysmic global warming. Rather, its enlightened leaders must be hoping to persuade the rest of the world to follow their example.

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