Why Republicans Don’t Trust Romney

Here is an article from Fox News on the issue of the nomination of Mitt Romney:

Why can’t Mitt Romney make the sale to conservatives? And why is Rick Santorum, the ultimate long shot at the start of this race, now in a position to be a viable alternative?

Mitt Romney used the word conservative and conservatism more than two dozen times, according to the Washington Post’s Dan Balz , in his speech last week at the CPAC convention. That rhetoric is quite different from ten years ago when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts.


Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/02/14/why-republicans-dont-trust-romney/#ixzz1mTbRoQBN



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One Response to "Why Republicans Don’t Trust Romney"

  1. Good lord. Santorum, a BIG GOVERNMENT REPUBLICAN, overuses the word “conservative” to the point where people actually believe it. This guy sponsored and co-sponsored 1 new law every 3rd day he was a Senator for 4.383 days. Do you know what that amounts to? Rick sponsored and co-sponsored a whopping 1,451 bills. He voted to raise the debt limit 5 times. He voted for every pork barrel project in his state and even those out of his state (like the Bridge to Nowhere). He voted with Big Labor and against “right to work” laws and even endorsed Republican trader Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey! Furthermore, Rick had one of the biggest spending agendas of any Republican — sponsoring more spending increases than Democrats Herb Kohl, Evan Bayh and Ron Wyden! This is the “conservative?” I guess if you say it enough, people tend to believe it.

    By contrast, Romney is a federalist. The best type of Republican. It lends itself to smaller government. Local governing. In fact, Romney cut 341 government programs, vetoed the Democrat legislature 877 times in four years, turned a deficit into a surplus, did not raise taxes, and took his state from 50th in unemployment to 11th. Romney is EXACTLY what people today associate as a true “conservative.”

    But the most disingenuous part of all this gambit? SANTORUM ENDORSED ROMNEY IN 2008 BECAUSE HE WAS THE MOST CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE!!!


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