Occupiers Future and Ours

Tom Donelson
December 22, 2011 Posted by Tom Donelson tomdonelson@aol.com

Big Hollywood's John Nolte

Big Hollywood’s John Nolte has been a busy fellow, updating and trying to keep up with various acts of violence and other disgusting behavior among the Occupy movement, which is starting to peter out.  Most recently, one letter to Hollywood Republican wrote about what a bunch of peaceful folks that LA occupiers were and what kind of fools we were to oppose a peaceful demonstration.  (Just to make sure we got the point, he even capitalized PEACEFUL so we would understand it was peaceful.)

Mr. Nolte has documented 417 acts of violence and when one understand that the vast majority, if not all of the Occupy movement occurred in some of America’s most liberal cities; the various efforts to remove demonstrators came as a result of threats to public safety. (I will point out that this is probably some 415 more reported than what was reported with the Tea Party demonstration over a course of two years.)   In Los Angeles, Mr. Nolte documented overt anti-Semitism signs, attempts to occupy private properties including trying to shut down a local Burger King and a local bank, blocking freeways, occupiers arrested for throwing items at police, one guy caught masturbating in public, several assaults including one individual trying to set a vender on fire, and a newspaper report in which city employees wore hazmat suits to clean up the ground.  Nolte only gave us just the tip of the iceberg and in his most recent column, he quoted leading Democrats including the President as supporting Occupiers, so the leadership of the Democratic Party finds themselves allied with a movement bordering on anarchy.

As Mr. Nolte noted, to compare the Tea Party to the Occupy movement is absurd and while the Tea Party was accused of being a bunch of racists (with no actual proof of this), the real Nazis Party actually supported Occupy along with a real KKK member David Duke and the number of anti-Semitism comments found in the open at the Occupy movement shows an increasing Anti-Semitism appearing on the left.   Mr. Nolte stated, “What I’ve collected below is far from comprehensive but still shows over 75 incidents of sexual assault, violence, vandalism, anti-Semitism, extortion, perversion, and lawlessness…  The MSM could easily tell the story of how this violence-prone movement is becoming an increasing threat to our society.  After all, my research below is the result of nothing more than Twitter and Google.  Among others, The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, and the LA Times have willfully chosen not to use the resources at their disposal to give the public an honest look at this growing menace.  In their partisan minds, truth doesn’t trump agenda.”

The majority of those involved did so in their beliefs that there is a need to a change policy, but there is a significant minority involved in violent actions and we can certainly judge this movement based on this significant minority since there have been very little condemnation of the violence by the Democratic establishment.  As liberal pollster Doug Schoen observed, some 30% of those Occupiers had no problems with the use of violence, so we are talking significant numbers.  As the movement peters out and police start cleaning the various pockets of the Occupy movement, it should be noted that the movement will not disappear, but it portends a disturbing future for a major Political Party.

As I have mentioned in other blogs and discussions with political pundits, Occupy is but an extension of the Wisconsin strategy taken nationwide.  In Wisconsin, the left provided a three prong attack; first occupation of the capital with much of the foot soldiers taken from the public sector unions, massive protest outside along with some old fashion union intimidation as downtown Madison stores were told either put an anti-Walker sign up or risk boycotts by the unions and finally, the legislators simply left the state to deny the Republican a quorum and make it impossible for Governor Walker to govern.  Money poured into the state from outside sources and the GOP found themselves outspent by the left.  This has been the consistent refrain among the various special elections this year, the left tactics have essentially been the same with the additional benefit of being able to outspend Republican and conservatives.

The Occupy movement with support of the unions provide the foot soldiers and considering that much of unions today are public sector, the goal is to increase government spending.  As John Nolte noted, the main stream media covered up much of the violence committed by the Occupy movement and the Occupy got far less scrutiny than the Tea Party, where truth was the first causality when the media discuss the movement.

The movement will be used to harass Republican candidates and one example of this strategy was a group of Occupy movement attempted to shout down Michelle Bachmann in South Carolina and the movement, along with unions, long term strategy will be help to Obama win in 2012 and if that doesn’t work, make it difficult for a Republican administration to govern.    The movement will be part of the Obama’s class warfare attacks of the 1% versus the 99% while getting those 1%, who are part of Obama’s crony capitalism to fund the scorch earth attacks on Republicans.

Right Wing Pundit - Ann Coulter

The Tea Party was effective in moving the GOP to the right on economic issues and making the goal of shrinking government important.   The Occupy movement has succeeded in pushing the Democrats ever farther to the left, which brings us to our present dilemma.   The Tea Party has allowed the GOP to emphasis economic concerns as a top priority and this help garner independent votes in 2010.  For GOP, it is the economy and yes, it is the economy!  For the left, a more dangerous sign is now occurring as the Democrats move ever more leftward.  When Senator Pat Toomey promoted a compromise similar to what Obama’s own deficit plan came up with, he was rejected out of hand.  For the Democrats, it is the politics of envy and class warfare; with proposals that are designed to punish producers as oppose to promoting economic growth.

Ann Coulter in her book “Demonic” noted that much of the Democratic Party is comfortable with mob rule and certainly, the Occupy movement shows a political Party ready to use the mob as part of a strategy to win an election and if that fails,  attempt to stop the Republicans from governing.  It is a Party, bereft of ideas but a Party comfortable with the street mob.  The Obama deficit commission led by Erskine Bowles began the process of putting a compromise for future proposal to reform our tax system and entitlements, but Bowles proposal will go nowhere until this administration is voted out of office and whole new generation of Democrats can rise to replace the leftist domination of the present Party.

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