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Joe Kennedy II: The Mordred of Camelot

December 31, 2011
Apparently JFK's promise to bear any burden does not include donning a sweater.

The Kennedy myth has taken some well-deserved hits over the years. The carefully crafted image of the Kennedy White House as King Arthur’s Camelot has been tarnished by seemingly endless revelations of the past and current sins of the clan. The real Camelot only had to contend with the Queen’s infidelity, which was kept under […]

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Paul’s Invisible Army

December 29, 2011
Ron Paul

2012 is the year that conservatism begins the process of identifying itself for the 21st century while changing the face of a major Political Party.   The Democrats and the left goe into the election confident of an ideology that resembles more of a monarchy in which Obama, Pelosi and Reid play the roles of Kings and Queens and we […]

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Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Hollywood

December 28, 2011

I have a few end-of-year rituals I indulge as New Year’s Eve approaches. One thing I routinely do is go through my movie stubs for the year, usually anywhere from 40 to 50 tickets, and compile my lists of the 10 best and 10 worst films I saw during the preceding 12 months. This year, […]

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Women and combat sports

December 27, 2011
Emily Klinefelter

For many, Mixed Martial Arts represent human version of cock fighting but MMA is a sport that has been millenniums in the making.  The various art form involved in the sports including Karate, wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai; sports with a history that goes back to when humans went upright.  One of the more intriguing aspects is the number […]

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Christmas with MSA

December 25, 2011

Well, it’s Christmas Eve.  God has looked favorably upon me and granted me one more year, one more Christmas with those I love.  Every day that I awake, I am proud to say that I am a MSA survivor.  I will continue this way of thinking until I can think no more. There have been […]

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Christmas Walks

December 25, 2011
Christmas Bells

Almost every morning I walk about three miles around 6:30 am.  Most of the time I have the street to myself and I just put my I-Pod on an enjoy the stroll.  I try not to walk too fast, but just fast enough so that some calories are burned.  And, on the occasion when someone […]

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A Christmas Carol

December 24, 2011
The Birth of Christ.  The Real Reason for Christmas

It is said every year; the commercialization of Christmas is terrible.  Personally, I do not buy into that philosophy that somehow giving gifts is evil and refraining from celebrating Christmas is not much different from how Scrooge celebrated Christmas.  For many, Christmas is representative of the greed that consumes modern day America.  Somehow to participate in Christmas is […]

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Father Dollar Bill

December 23, 2011

Maurice Gordon Chase was born in the small town of Dinuba California on March 17th 1919.  He would later study at St. Paul’s College in Washington and be ordained by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in 1953.  It would not be for decades that this soft spoken Catholic Priest gained the name most of us  here […]

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Occupiers Future and Ours

December 22, 2011
Right Wing Pundit - Ann Coulter

Big Hollywood’s John Nolte has been a busy fellow, updating and trying to keep up with various acts of violence and other disgusting behavior among the Occupy movement, which is starting to peter out.  Most recently, one letter to Hollywood Republican wrote about what a bunch of peaceful folks that LA occupiers were and what kind of fools we […]

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‘Tis the Season to Talk Taxes

December 21, 2011

Congress deadlocked over payroll tax holiday As I write, Congress is gridlocked over the spending bill authorizing an extension of the payroll tax holiday. The empathetic voice of the people embodied by the Democratically-controlled Senate passed a bill extending the tax holiday for two months. Now those evil Tea Party Republicans in the House in […]

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