Penn State Firefighters Started the Fire

Penn State Firefighters Started the Fire

Are we soooo gullible?  How much has been written “pro” and “con” about the Penn State Scandal.  How little is posted in sympathy, support, future prevention of this evil raining down on the indefensible children, the victims.  Oh, yes, some are now adults, so get over it???  This subliminal suggestion, disgusting, exists.  PC-ness is in the wings of this discussion.

Innocent until proven guilty is a judicial juxtaposition.  It is not a truism and only has merit within the structural confines of a trial or civil adjudication.  There is no dogma that “proves” that a jury outcome is the truth.  Nor am I not allowed to arrive at or hold a different opinion, even if it is “true.”

There are no pristine arguments that denigrates any belief that there is not a profound difference between trying to get an innocent person exonerated and insuring that the guilty receive justice.  And when all is said and done, the actual truth always resides within the mind of the predator, innocent or accused.

Saving an accused innocent, tarnished or guilty person by legal excludability is noble but is not infallible.  And for many participants the primary motivation is not the victims, it is the money, it is escaping justice.

Who would not suffer mistakes to protect our loved ones and our noble nation?  Collateral damage, it does exist, has justification in war (war against sovereign and local evil) and peace.

And as we make commerce of the pain and suffering of children it might be worth a thought that over zealousness to protect the children is desirable, courageous and laudable.

This will not be the case as institutions, the Catholic Church, our ‘insider trader” Congress, the Benedictines, the Salesians, pedophiles and acolytes of  currentism” and “relativism”, will stand firm against this storm, any storm against “wrong”, until it blows over and then, as with the Church settlements, which have purchased the freedom of derelicts, and the civil adjudications, they will come forth from the sewers of mankind to cause havoc again.  “Freedom” allows for this havoc, we the people must stand guard against it.

The "holy" Penn State Football Team

A young Jesuit is being escorted to prison with the sign on his back “Ten Years at Forced Labor for crimes against decency.”  The old priest is pointing up, saying “Courage my son! Above (in Heaven) there are little boys, but no policemen.”  And this is repeating itself in the presence of the Holy Church of Penn State Athletic Department.

We ruminate, cogitate and rationalize “excuses”, explanation, argue over material and probative issues being not illegal even though they are patently wrong.  Some do not want these folks on this planet with our children and loved ones.  The penalties and condemnation should be so severe, harsh, brutal and ruthless that few if any would “dare” to stray or even be associated with this evil.  And the “religious” are deafeningly “silent.”  Why????

Society is empathetic.  But this is cowardly in its moral inefficiency and ineffectiveness.  And we paraphrase “The church (The Holy Church of Penn State Athletics?) is my mother (financial fountain, the Mother’s Milk of Penn State Athletics).  Sometimes she acts like a whore, but she is still my mother.” – Dorothy Day.  And we stumble on, in the moral darkness, never thinking to turn-on our individual ethical switch.

The dialogue today is damage control and will fall short of any real reform.  The dimensions of this scandal, generic pedophilia, are immense, going back over a century, maybe time immemorial, only now being confronted.  A pedophile layman or priest, if a pedophile in old age, was most assuredly a pedophile when young.  And the recidivism rate is near or at “zero.”  This particular disease is many decades old.

Certainly by historical standard, it is evident that our culture has so far outstripped the capacity of any hierarchy to address these issues fairly, ethically and adequately.

What is new are the questions raised, the intensity and urgency of their presentation plus the potential of radical danger to established power systems (Penn State Athletic Department, Catholic Church, Boy Scouts et al) that any meaningful, decisive change would effect.

Lionel Trilling

“Lionel Trilling (1965) talks about the power of forces that change culture.  Somewhere in the mind “there is a hard, irreducible, stubborn core of biological urgency, and biological necessity, and biological reason, that culture cannot reach and that reserves the right, which sooner or later it will exercise, to judge culture and resist and revise it.”  There is hope.

This is a symptom of the growing cancer of PC-ness of radical progressivism.  And now we hear a OWS San Diego report that a OWS leader called for “held a moment of silence “for the guy who shot at the White House”.

Oh, that this stirring caldron of dialogue paused for at least an equal share of time and print in support, defense and reparations for the abused child victims, forgotten except for a prayer, now forgotten, at the fifty yard line and…one candle vigil.  We are soooo….shallow.  May this “biological urgency” rise up and defend the victims.

And when the fire is out where will the moral arson squad be…..disbanded!

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