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Religion, The Economy and Buckley by Anonymous

November 30, 2011
Air Force Academy

“The Air Force Academy has set aside an outdoor worship area for Pagans (The term Pagan generally refers to all religions that are not in the Abrahamic (Pertaining to Abraham, the patriarch; as, the Abrahamic covenant) category, the monotheistic faiths.), Wiccans “(Wicca is a modern Pagan religious movement. The other theological positions within Wicca range […]

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Cain reassessing campaign

November 29, 2011

Presidential contender Herman Cain told senior staff he is in the process of reviewing whether to stay in the race for the White House during a conference call on Tuesday morning. A reporter for the National Review Online was also on the five-minute call and posted a transcript, during which Cain again denied that he […]

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Red Card Solutions and Newt

November 29, 2011
Ready to Work, but do we want them?

Immigration has now comes front and center in the Republican primaries.  One idea promoted recently has been the Red Card Solution, proposed by Helen Krieble and promoted by Michael Reagan.   The Red Card Solution is not a solution to immigration but a first step toward a guest worker program.  But, it is connected to Gingrich’s own ideas […]

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Richmond City Audits Local Tea Party

November 28, 2011

Two weeks after the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice to Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones for costs incurred for previous rallies, we received a letter from the City of Richmond formally stating that the city is auditing our Tea Party. Coincidence? This audit is an obvious attempt to intimidate and harass us for standing up […]

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November 28, 2011

In the beginning, the American created the super market and the small business. And the stores were without form, and void, and darkness lay upon the faces of the deep, and the spirit of the American hovered over the cities and the American said “Let there be Thanksgiving,” and there was Thanksgiving. And the American […]

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Return To Free Market Principles

November 27, 2011

If we’re to form conclusions based on the behavior of our elected officials, the United States government being over $15 trillion in debt is a minor concern. It looks like figuring out how to cut spending is simply too adult a puzzle for ”progressives” in the Senate and the White House. What else can the […]

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The Untouchables: Classic Campy Film Noir

November 26, 2011
Robert Stack as Eliot Ness

Okay, I am a sucker for the old series “The Untouchables” which was a combination of campy dramatics and a television version of film noir.   Based on the book “The Untouchables” written by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley, the TV series followed the adventures of Ness and his band of untouchables. There was a campy aspect to the show […]

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Hope for the GOP

November 25, 2011

Faithful readers may be nonplussed to learn that I am now verging on political optimism. An event as close in clarifying effect to a Damascene bolt of lightning as is able to penetrate the regimental philistinism of my current surroundings alit on me last week, as silently as a bat. It happened unhoped, and, as […]

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Europe at a Crosswords

November 25, 2011
The Failing Euro

We are witnessing the end of Europe as we know it and the change may not be pleasant.  Europe is now at a crossroads with two paths to consider, neither ending happily.  The first is simply to end the Euro experience.  The second is a Germany dominated Economic Europe combined with more bureaucratic control over individual countries for the only […]

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November 24, 2011

The holiday of Thanksgiving is one of my favorites.  Not just for the food, though that does play a large part in it; or the crisp nip in the air this time of year brings.  No for me it’s the gathering of family and friends; the sharing of fond memories and the catching up on […]

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