A Capitalist Confronts Occupy LA

October 16, 2011

Something amazing happened at the Occupy LA rally last Thursday night. Who knew a capitalist would confront the people at the Occupy LA Rally?

Funny but who knew that so many of the Occupy LA crowd would support Herman Cain for president.  They even chanted “9-9-9!”  Looks like Cain has crossover appeal that the GOP establishment has overlooked.

Occupy LA is backed and led by several out of the closet communists who are part of the Communist Party USA.  For more info about them check out the link here.

Communists Lead “Occupy Los Angeles” Movement – Nationwide Takeover Planned

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One Response to A Capitalist Confronts Occupy LA

  1. jim hull on October 16, 2011 at 9:30 am

    proving once again, ari, that those demonstrating without any real knowledgw of their gripe shout down
    those who could impart a little knowledge to them as the enemy solve nothing. their beef is age-old, haves and have-nots, it has always been with us and will alwayy be with us, in every society in this world. fight that.

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