Obama Insults Reagan Legacy Again

Obama Insults Reagan Legacy Again
Our Beloved 40th President

Of all the political figures in history, Ronald Reagan is the target of the most contempt by people on the left. Reagan, through his personality, vision and actions is the one person who has done more to undermine the flimsy ideas that liberals hold than any other.

Reagan was born in 1911 so 2011 has been a year celebrating the centennial of his birth. Many of the events commemorating the centennial have been held at the Simi Valley California, Reagan Presidential library.

A flagship event at the library for the centennial year is obviously the Republican Presidential debate scheduled for next week. It was revealing that Obama would make a bid to upstage the debate by scheduling his own “urgent” jobs speech to a joint session of congress on the same night. It revealed the Titanic level of contempt that Obama and his democrat cronies have for Reagan’s legacy and memory.

Sure, it is true that Obama may have sought simply to undermine the momentum Rick Perry and others in the GOP field have garnered against him in the last few weeks as the president has suffered political stumbles on myriad issues but there is no way that team Obama was ignorant of the bigger issue surrounding this particular GOP debate which was the specific stage and location it was being held at as well as the specific year it is being held in.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

This is not the first time Obama has gone after Reagan’s legacy or family in word and deed. Obama has made disparaging remarks about Nancy Reagan from the presidential podium before. Picture how graceful that looked. A forty-something man attacking a lady near the end of her life because he despises her deceased husbands politics. As with almost everything else Obama does, it demonstrated the total lack of class he embodies in equal measure to the amount of class the Reagans have always embodied.

One trait every totalitarian has in common is a desire to change or destroy the accurate recall of history. The left is desperately trying to do this to Reagan’s towering legacy. The ploy to undermine the GOP debate at the public house of Reagan’s memory is the totalitarians latest attempt.

I am greatly pleased that their attempt failed.

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2 Responses to "Obama Insults Reagan Legacy Again"

  1. The absurd part is that the real Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes several times, and created deficits large enough to tank Bush1s presidency couldn’t even win a primary in the new GOP! Reagan granted asylum for illegals and wanted both the US and USSR to reduce their nukes to zero. What liberals and intelligent conservativeshate is the revisionist right wing version of what was a complicated and sometimes bipartisan presidency.


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