Is it Really Over for Obama?

Is it Really Over for Obama?
Don't Let me Lose!

Last week when I was in Toronto on company business, I had the pleasure of reading the national Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, every morning.  Frankly, I had no choice, it was the only newspaper that was left outside my hotel room each morning.  One thing I can say about this newspaper is that it definitely is better than our national newspaper, USA Today:  At least in terms of news.  USA Today definitely has a much better sports section.

One article that caught my fancy one morning, to no surprise of anyone that reads my columns, was something entitled “On the all-news channels, the big story is clear:  It’s Game over for Obama.”  It was written by John Doyle, a regular Globe and Mail columnist,  and was in the television section of the newspaper.  Yup, that’s right, the television section.  So, it was meant to be a pop culture take on Obama’s popularity within the media instead of your standard political op-ed piece.

The premise of the article was rather simple:  President Obama is on his way to becoming a one term president according to the mainstream media.  In fact, he says it clearly in his almost identical opening and closing paragraph:

“This Obama guys is toast.  Totally, totally toast.”

“Toast.  The guy’s toast.  That’s this TV drama’s message.”

And, you didn’t misread that, it does say the “mainstream media.”  Although Doyle doesn’t use that phrase exactly.  Doyle specifies the 24 hour news channels and the Sunday morning news shows.  Other than Fox News, I would have to say, he is speaking about the mainstream media.

He seems to believe that the media’s love affair with Rick Perry is an example of the lagging Obama popularity.  He shows that while Obama was on vacation, Perry took over the airwaves and lambasted Obama at every turn, including Obama’s policy in Afghanistan.

Columnist John Doyle

Doyle then goes on to say in a rather uncommital way that Fox and CNN are so excited about the Republican candidates that it appears they have written Obama off.  And, then he drops the major blow to the current occupant of the White House, even MSNBC seems to have taken up this band wagon.  The ever loving left wing nut job Chris Mathews said when asked if Obama would get reelected:

“I think it’s about him.  People find a way of liking the alternative if they don’t really like what they have.”

Chris Mathews - Mr. Liberal

Could these words really have come out of the mouth of Chris Mathews?  Isn’t he the one who had a slobbering love affair with the annointed one three years ago?  Didn’t he salivate on election day 2008?  Just imagine if he actually turns on Obama.  Then, where is the independent electorate right now?  I can tell you, only 41% of them approve of the President’s job according to Fox News the other day.

Let’s face it John Doyle is right and boy am I happy about this.  With the month of August showing absolutely no jobs growth at all for the first time in history and with unemployment still at 9.1%, the President is in trouble.  However, there is plenty of time for him to recover.  At this point in the 2008 election cycle most people didn’t even know who Barack Obama was.   Fifteen months is a long time, but maybe this time it just won’t be enough.

We can only hope.

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