Fantasy and Hatred from the Left

Fantasy and Hatred from the Left
Soros - the harbinger of hate

Fantasy and hatred is essentially becoming the left’s playbook for 2012.  Fantasy can be seen in their use of the Koch Brothers as the octopus that controls the conservative movement, with tentacles everywhere.  No matter where you go according to the left, Koch Brothers are there like Big Brother watching you and controlling all you do.  When I think of the Koch Brothers, I think of a conversation with a young leftist who told me in 2008 that he could think about voting Republican if Republicans just talk bout restraining spending and quit talking about the social issues.


The Koch Brothers are libertarians who never supported much of Republicans’ social agenda and over the past couple of years, have promoted policies designed to reduce government spending and reduce taxes.  So what happens, the very people who for years lectured us on “let just talk economics” now are attacking the Koch Brothers for talking economics.


As for the conspiracy theory, conspiracy only works if it is kept a secret and so far, the Koch Brothers appear to work in the open in their efforts to promote free market policies; so where is the conspiracy?  Let face it, we could easily talk about the left wing conspiracy but left is just as open with their plans as the right.  George Soros and other leftist billionaires have been generous in supporting the leftist smear machine and it is an open secret; which means it is not a secret, that Soros funding keeps the left alive.   The left fantasy is that Koch Brothers are everywhere where the truth is that Koch Brothers have spent far less in politics than George Soros.  Koch Brothers are important to the right but not as important as Soros is to the left.  Meanwhile conspiracy theorists will continue with their lies about the Koch Brothers to create bogymen that exist to pump up the left.


The Koch Brothers

The war on the Tea Party is another sign of desperation of the left.  The left’s goal is essentially destroy the legitimacy of their opponents by declaring them racists and the need to combat them.   The left is responsible for the incivility that exist in politics today and that has been the case for decades.  It was the left who borked the Robert Bork nomination by essentially lying about his record and smearing him during his Supreme Court hearings.  Bush being compared to Hitler and fascism was always around the corner.  The attack on the Tea Party is simply par for the course for a movement that talks about the need of civility and shows none.


The Democratic Party and the left will simply go negative mostly through their independent groups and the goal is to pump up their base to vote, in particular minorities and  the young while trying to discourage independents from voting by extensive negative campaign.    The left has nothing left to say as Obamanomics has failed and economic problems have continued to simmer.  For the left, they can’t understand why their policies have failed and what you will eventually hear; it was not the policies that filed but the incompetence of Obama.  The reality, it was the policy that failed and they can’t stand it.  It is to claim your opponent is a racist than to say, I was wrong.

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