The Game Changer

This morning, I’m going to write about something that I really don’t want to write about.  Read on and perhaps you’ll understand why.

Last week, Pres. Obama stirred up quite a bit of dust in the media by issuing a speech proclaiming that 63 years of US policy supporting Israel is about to be changed.  The speech was given on the eve of Israeli Pres. Netanyahu’s arrival at the White House.  Clearly, Obama timed his remarks in an attempt to embarrass and undermine the leader of Israel.  Personally, I believe it backfired, based upon the eloquent rebuttal delivered by Netanyahu as he sat next to our Community-Organizer-In-Chief.  But regardless of your opinion concerning which leader came out looking more presidential, more balanced and more realistic, this event has generated media noise.  So much noise, in fact, that you may not know of another story which broke May 13th.  So prepare yourself for a little more bad news.

The German newspaper Die Welt published in article written by Reza Kahill.  Don’t bother trying to look him up, because the name is an alias for a purported ex-CIA spy familiar with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.  In essence, the article states that Iran is partnering with Venezuela to build a nuclear missile base in the Paraguana Peninsula.  If you’re uncertain where that is, take a look at this map.


If I understand remedial geography, the Paraguana Peninsula is relatively close to home, just on the other side of Cuba.

Here are some disturbing details, taken not only from the German newspaper story, but also some other blog sources that are listed at the end of this piece –

  • On October 19 of last year, a secret agreement between Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was signed calling for the expansion of relations between the two countries in order to establish a “New World Order”.  The same phrase often used by George Soros.
  • Engineers from Khatam Al-Anbia, the construction arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, have traveled to Venezuela in order to build military command stations, control bases, residential buildings, security towers, bunkers, dugouts and even pipelines designed to deliver rocket fuel underground.
  • According to the Venezuelan government, the facilities under construction have no  military significance, but rather are simply “commercial enterprises”.   That same government, however,  has issued a strict no-fly zone over these installations.
  • Some recently completed buildings being used as a base of operations for Quds, which is a special unit of Iran’s Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.  Other facilities are also harboring Hezbollah terrorists as they move throughout Latin America collaborating with the Mexican drug cartels.
  • While it’s true that Iran’s Sajil-2 missile has a limited range of only 1200 miles, Iran also has two versions of long-range ballistic missiles it has developed in cooperation with North Korea.  They are known as the Shahab 5 and 6 and are built around a three stage system capable of delivering payloads across distances ‘between 3000 and 10,000 miles.
  • Iran’s nuclear program continues to progress unchecked by Western powers.  It is currently 80% on its way to developing a nuclear warhead.


Predictably, Venezuela has “officially” denied these allegations, dismissing them as political saber rattling coming from  “propaganda labs of imperialistic US states aiming to attack our country”.


Whether or not this story is true is open to debate.  Of the dozens of Internet blogs which have sprung up within the last four days, virtually all point to the same details released by the German newspaper.  It is also worth noting that this article was written by an anonymous individual who has recently published a book entitled “A Time to Betray”.  It chronicles his life as a double agent for the CIA assigned to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.  It is possible, therefore, that some or all of the story has been generated in an attempt to increase book sales.


But putting cynicism aside, some of the facts above are not in dispute, particularly facts regarding the relationship between Chavez and Ahmadinejad, as well as Iran’s nuclear program.  So it’s probably a better- -than-even bet that much this information is true.  If you accept that premise, then juxtaposition this story next to Obama’s abandonment of Israel, you can begin to see that jihadist forces are gaining ground in the world and are currently operating without impunity in our own backyard.  Now complicate the situation with the fact that the Obama administration has no interest in enforcing America’s border to the south, nor have they made any serious attempt to halt Iran’s nuclear program.  If you mix all of these foreign policy ingredients together, you have the makings of a disaster on a scale that dwarfs 9/11 by comparison.  Virtually every major city in the continental United States is at risk.  And as one blog pointed out, the maniac with his finger on the button is not an atheist.  Rather, he believes that massive world destruction will bring back his Muslim messiah, known as the Mahdi.


So in my humble opinion, the killing of bin Laden was not, as NPR’s Cokie Roberts put it, a “game changer”.  But having a situation in which nuclear warheads may be buried in silos 60 feet underground and within 1200 miles of Miami is definitely a “game changer”.  Particularly when the launch directives are controlled by a joint partnership between Venezuela and Iran.  Am I assuming too much?  Perhaps.  But let me leave you with one final thought.


Some believe that history is doomed to repeat itself.  I disagree.  President Kennedy stopped a Soviet blockade from delivering missiles to Cuba in 1961.  Why?  Because he had the best interests of American citizens at heart.  Unfortunately, 50 years later I don’t believe we can say the same, with any certainty,  about Obama.  This current president seems preoccupied with appeasing our aggressors at the expense of American defense.  It’s a Rodney King foreign policy, aka “Can’t We Just All Get Along?” And his renowned lack of empathy towards his own citizens was illustrated last September when he told Bob Woodward:


“We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger”.


His words seem to suggest that the mass murder of innocent American lives totaling thousands or even tens of thousands is simply unavoidable.  Something to be “absorbed”,  like an oil spill.   Sorry, bad example.

Well Mr. President, your somewhat passive, often contradictory and inconsistent foreign-policies may have finally produced a situation that threatens one or more American cities.   That’s quite an accomplishment for less than three years in office.  But let me ask you one very important question.   Can America  “absorb” the destruction of Miami or Memphis or Dallas or Las Vegas or Los Angeles once Iran completes it’s nuclear development?  Because if we can’t, then your misguided foreign policy of Arab appeasement has truly become a “game changer” in which we all lose.



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  1. We need to make sure this keeps circling until enough folks see it! That is what made most of us jump in was the true concern for our national security! Thanks!


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