Osama and Obama

obama osamaSunday May 1st 2011 will go down in history as a great day for America.


It was the day the media reported that the Obama Administration had killed Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden is the spiritual leader and terrorist mastermind behind Al Qaeda and the September 11th 2001 destruction of the World trade Center.


After the news reports and the president’s statements, America broke out in a spontaneous expression of joy. A crowd of young people gathered outside the White House and chanted U-S-A, U-S-A! Another crowd gathered in New York. A feeling of national pride and joy swept the nation.


But something is terribly wrong.


Tora Bora

First there are some troubling facts. The first fact is that before he disappeared after the massive “Daisy Cutter” carpet bombing raid on the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan, Bin Laden was releasing videos of himself to his supporters and to the West on a regular basis. These videos served the purpose of showing to the world that Bin Laden was alive despite facing the post 9-11 military onslaught from American forces. Each one of these tapes showed Bin Laden in frame with a piece of evidence to show the current date, like a newspaper. This imagery is like what kidnappers use in their ransom demands to show the victim is still alive. The other purpose for these videos was to prove Bin Laden’s masculinity and bravado. This is common in the culture Islamist terrorists come from because it’s a symbol of power. If Bin Laden failed to produce this imagery to his followers, they would be incentivized to kill him and replace him with a stronger alpha dog as the leader of their groups.


After the Tora Bora raid all of these videos stopped. The only tapes that surfaced post Tora Bora were poorly produced low quality audio tapes that upon analysis showed that they were edited from previous audio Bin Laden had already recorded. When combined with the kind of person Bin Laden was and what kind of culture he was a part of and the fact that Tora bora was such a massive assault, the circumstantial evidence seemed to conclude at that point that Bin Laden was either incapacitated or dead. It is also pertinent to note that Bin Laden had bad kidneys and needed dialysis. It is a medical service not widely available in the wilds of the frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  There has been no mention whatsoever of dialysis equipment located at the compound where bin Laden was supposedly killed.


Even with all of these things being the case, the news on May 1st went from strange to bizarre to “this makes no sense whatsoever” really fast.


First was the late Sunday night news conference announcement about foreign policy so the news media was in position.


Then, instead of having the huge news of Bin Laden’s demise being announced by the president himself, while awaiting Obama’s statement all the networks broke the news.


Then Obama made his statement while a crowd of college students who look like the kind of people not a whole lot interested in foreign policy except to be anti-war showed up at the White House and chanted U-S-A! with American flags. The only problem is that at 10:45PM on a Sunday night in Washington, what store sells American flags? The crowd looked like a hastily drummed up Facebook and Twitter group. Did they raid every Rite-Aid in the DC metro area for the flags or, like many other Astro-turf events, was it preplanned? After what we saw in Wisconsin no one can argue that it is at least worth having the conversation about it.


Another thing to bear in mind is timing. Obama faced an onslaught of political threats like high energy prices, a staggered economy and terrible foreign policy decisions regarding Libya that resulted in Muammar Kaddafi’s family members being killed in a missile strike. Obama needed two things to happen and he got both from the Bin Laden news. One is that he got the subject to change and second, he now has a perfect excuse to explain why a major terror attack on U.S. interests or territory would perhaps occur in the near future. Instead of blaming such an attack on the bungling of the administration on Kaddafi, Obama can now blame it on Al Qaeda elements retaliating for Bin Laden. This would surely soften any blow the news media and people would direct at Obama.


Then the details of the raid were released. Since the statement the president made was just to a camera, no questions could be asked by the media. First it was announced that Bin Laden was killed earlier in the week and DNA testing was complete, then it came out that the raid occurred at 3:30pm EDT and that no DNA testing had yet been done. Days later we are hearing other versions of the story that there was “facial recognition” software. Other details got modified too. First Bin Laden put up a fight, then it was reported that he was unarmed. As a kid I learned that when one lies, they have to remember a bunch of stuff and the story changes but when you tell the truth, all you have to do is remember what happened and the details never shift. In the case of the Bin Laden death, details are shifting on a moment by moment basis.


Then the really weird news came. It was that Bin Laden was buried at sea and that he was laid to rest using Islamic rituals.  This is where the inconsistency really lies because if Bin Laden is not a representative of Islam and Islam is a religion of peace, then why did Bin Laden get an Islamic burial complete with a cleansing of his body? We were told that if Bin Laden was buried, a shrine to his evil would be visited by his followers, but if Islam is a religion of peace, what followers would come? Wouldn’t it be good police work to monitor such a shrine and arrest anyone who came to it to honor Bin Laden? In actuality, there are thousands of Islamic religious shrines dedicated to the teachings and actions of a genocidal Jihadist warrior. This warrior’s name is Mohammed and those shrines are called Mosques. One more shrine on the face of the earth dedicated to a Jihadist will not make Islam any more or less violent or Sharia compliant.


Even more troubling is the media’s behavior. If the Bush administration had claimed to kill Bin Laden and then dumped his body at sea, wouldn’t the media ask some tough questions or get suspicious before parroting the administration’s story line to the American people? Would it not make sense to let a pool reporter come and photograph the corpse before dumping the body so that no questions would arise about the authenticity of this storyline?


Rather than to claim that the military photographed and filmed the body of bin Laden and the ocean burial rites and then say days later that the film and photos will not be released out of sensitivity to Islam. What about sensitivity to us in the west who are targeted by and victimized by Islamic Jihadist violence?  The worst thing about Obama and his underlings is their over concern about Moslem sentiment and their negligence toward American and western sentiment. This has been this administrations standard operating procedure since Obama took office and at times like this it is especially grating. What would fully explain this procedure being used again by Obama and his lackeys is if the whole story did not happen at all. Based on Obama’s established credibility to this point, everyone has to admit it is at least a possibility.


John Brennan attributed the predictable “Arab Street Inflammation” rationale for not releasing the photo of the dead Bin Laden. He did this after he said that Bin Laden is dead because of us. How did that not “inflame” the Arab street? The Arab street seems to have a chronic problem with inflammation. Perhaps they should look into using some Preparation H?


I am unconvinced. I believe Bin Laden has been dead since Tora Bora because if he survived, his behavior is out of character with how he acted his whole life and if Bin  Laden did survive Tora Bora, can you think of a more powerful and defiant insult to the United States that to show himself walking around alive? I can’t.


I want two things. I want answers but even more, I want the media to do its job and ask questions of the Obama administration and not just eat this story up, hook line and sinker (no pun intended.)


Something really stinks about this story. The burden of proof is now as it is and will always be, on Obama and not me. I’m just a guy who has been watching the news and it just doesn’t look right. The administration must explain and prove why it does what it does. I only ask for proof like pictures. I make no claims beyond what I have seen and I in no way believe Bin Laden is alive. An important question for all of us who have observed what has happened this last week is to ask ourselves about what has Obama done to engender our trust in him in the past and what has Obama done to hurt our trust in him in the past. The answers to these critical questions of Obama’s credibility are helpful guides in vetting the information we have been presented with.


A quick note to Democrats who think the Bin Laden “success” for Obama will lead to electoral victory in his re-election bid I point out to you that Jimmy Carter’s success brokering the Camp David Peace Accords and George H.W. Bush’s Gulf War approval numbers. Neither helped either of those presidents win re-election. Bin Laden’s death is sure to be overshadowed by other events leading up to the November 2012 election.


It’s strange to think that in the current world in which we live, in which everything is ultra-scrutinized and every major event, from 9-11 to Katrina is photographed, that not one image will be released of this event. Without the visual evidence questions will linger about the truth of this event forever.


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2 Responses to "Osama and Obama"

  1. As pointed out, so many inconsistensies, for example…the helicopters! They’re special, were a new breed of top secret whirly-birds, right? Well, if they’re so top secret and super-duper special, what were they doing at a Pakistani airfield where security is about as porous as a seive! They were out in the open, anybody could get a shot of them…if that is the truth!!!!!HAH! Fat lie. They’re small, refurb’s. Can’t carry more than 5, at the most six fully garbed, combat ready SEALS.

  2. It’s difficult to believe that Obama would be stupid enough to take credit for Osama’s death unless he had absolute knowledge of Osama’s demise or he had total control over him in a secret place of detention. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the whole thing about Obama giving the order to take out Osama was a farce. Most likely Osama was already on a slab waiting to be picked up by our guys. The fact is that nine years ago Osama fled Afghanistan into Pakistan and has been hiding there successfully ever since. Our government couldn’t find him until the Osama’s henchmen gave up his body after he died of natural causes. How embarrassing is that? The DNA bubbamises is a feeble attempt to divert attention from the real story that Osama’s people made a deal to hand over his body for the 25 million dollar reward and other considerations. Obama needed the drama because his approval ratings have been in the toilet so he staged the phony raid after receiving proof that the carcass was really Osama’s. Getting rid of the body in quick time, claiming to have DNA verification, announcing that there are classified video footage and photographs and then refusing to show this so-called evidence all leads me to conclude that if they had Osama’s body it was already decomposed to the extent that everyone could see that Osama had been dead for much more than a couple of hours. More at http://moshesharon.wordpress.com


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