Common Hypocrisy

I recently received a barrage of Facebook posts from my Leftist friends regarding Jon Stewart of the “The Daily Show” and his rant on the so-called hypocrisy of Sean Hannity and Fox News over the rapper Common’s invitation to the White House.  Democrats accusing Republicans of hypocrisy… how ironic.

My first reaction to the story was that my friends don’t understand the definition of hypocrisy.  Quite simply, hypocrisy is the act of stating beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually personally hold or possess.  In other words, it is saying one thing and doing the opposite.

So, when Hannity and Fox News was critical of the White House for inviting a rapper whose contribution to American culture include rap lyrics that support cop killers, call for the killing of cops, call for the killing of a U.S. President, and are otherwise racist and sexist, what did Hannity and Fox News do in contradiction to make themselves hypocrites?  Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip.

Jon Stewart mentioned many things he felt were hypocritical, but they weren’t…. they were more ironic.  For example, Fox News ran a series of interviews with its pundits highlighting Common’s cop killer lyrics in his music, followed by a happy birthday message to Ice-T, who also had cop killer lyrics in his music.  That is not saying one thing and doing the other… that’s just ironic.

Stewart’s closest and best example is some footage he shows of President George W. Bush honoring Johnny Cash at the National Arts & Humanities Awards in 2002.  But this missed rising to the level of hypocrisy as well because it wasn’t comparable.  First, the footage Stewart showed was from CSPAN and not Fox News.  Second, the event took place at the Constitution Hall, not the White House.  Third, Common’s controversial lyrics are a call to action (I got the black strap to make the cops run, when we roll together with a strapped gun, we’re going to be rocking them to sleep”), whereas Johnny Cash’s controversial lyrics were of a fictional story (I shot a man in Reno, just to see him die).  And lastly, there was no commentary from Fox News or Sean Hannity regarding the 2002 event to use as a comparison.  File this one in the false analogy section.

To borrow from George Orwell, “It needed also a sort of athleticism of mind, an ability at one moment to make the most delicate use of logic and at the next to be unconscious of the crudest logical errors.”

Hypocrisy is not irony.  Hypocrisy is not a false analogy.  People are free to espouse their opinions.  It’s when their opinions are contradictory to their actions that hypocrisy is born.  Here are some real life examples:

  • Democrats give passionate speeches on raising and paying taxes because it is America’s “patriotic duty;” however, so many Democrats fail to pay their own taxes or find ways to reduce their taxes:
    A. Timothy Geithner failed to pay $35,000 in self-employment taxes he owed
    B. Tom Daschle failed to pay more than $100,000 in back taxes
    C. Charles Rangel failed to report $75,000 in rental income
    D. John Kerry purchased a $7 million yacht and moored it in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts so that he could avoid paying $437,500 in sales tax and an annual excise tax of about $70,000
  • Obama promised to use public funding in the general election if the Republican candidate would do the same.  McCain used public funding, but when Obama realized that he could raise more than triple the public stipend, he reneged on the deal.
  • Defending his Libya policy, President Obama declared, “Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different.” Yet, he has turned a blind eye to all the atrocities happening in Ivory Coast, Syria and North Korea.
  • The Left spoke of the immorality of waterboarding the “principal architect of the 9/11 attacks,” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, yet champion the morality of murdering head of al-Queda, Osama bin Laden.
  • The Left often compared President Bush or Governor Walker to Hitler, but comparing Obama to Hitler is “controversial” and deserves harsh criticism.
  • The Left lambasted “war monger” President Bush for invading Iraq even with  Congressional authority, they then cheered on Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama as he fired over 100 missiles into Libya without Congressional authority and is complicit in the active pursuit to assassinate it’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Obama voted with several other Democrats against raising the debt ceiling when he was a Senator during Bush’s presidency, but now as President himself facing the same issue, he is asking Republicans to vote to raise the debt ceiling.
  • Obamacare mandates that everyone in the country have health insurance or be subject to a fine and even imprisonment.  Health insurers and companies that provide health insurance to its employees must meet certain federal mandates, yet Obama has provided over 1,300 different waivers (including several unions and at least four different states) that would exclude the entities from the requirements.
  • In 2007, Obama said that the U.S. should begin pulling out one to two combat brigades each month, with all troops out by the end of 2008. After being elected, he said he would have all troops out of Iraq by August 31, 2010.  After two and a half years as Commander in Chief, there are still approximately 50,000 American soldiers in Iraq with yet a new promise to bring them home by the end of 2011.
  • Obama singed an executive order barring officials of his administration from lobbying their former colleagues “for as long as I am president.” He also barred former lobbyists from working for agencies they had lobbied within the past two years; however, within two weeks of signing his own executive order, he appointed more than 17 lobbyists to his administration.
  • In 2008, Obama stated, “I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all… The days of sweetheart deals for Halliburton will be over when I’m in the White House.” And even after becoming President, he continued the same rhetoric that he would “end unnecessary no-bid and cost-plus contracts.” And that “In some cases, contracts are awarded without competition… And that’s completely unacceptable.” Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, was awarded a no-bid contract worth $568 million and that Checchi & Company Consulting, a Washington-based firmed owned by Democratic donor Vincent Checchi, was awarded a no-bid contract of more than $24 million to train lawyers and judges in Afghanistan.
  • The Left feigned “outrage” when energy executives met in secret with Vice President Dick Cheney and the public questioned their influence on the President’s energy plan. The Bush administration claimed “Presidential Communication Privilege,” and never released the names. However, where are all the Leftists now that President Obama has done the exact same thing with Obamacare. Fourteen different executives involved with the drug, medical, and hospital industries, went to the White House to advise Obama on the health care reform bill. When asked for the names, the Secret Service cited “Presidential Communication Privilege” for their decision not to disclose this list.
  • Obama claims that this is the most transparent administration in history; however, his administration has censored nearly 200 pages of internal emails about their efforts to make government more transparent.
  • In 2005 Obama criticized Bush for making recess appointments, particularly when Bush bypassed the Senate when he appointed John Bolton as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations; however, Obama appointed a controversial pro-labor radical, Craig Becker, to the National Labor Relations Board as a recess appointment.
  • Those on the Left have pushed for major bans on smoking, yet work tirelessly to pass smoking illegal drugs.
  • Democrats are critical of abortion-seeking women from getting mandatory ultrasounds prior to their procedure, yet endorse bills that would force every single person to be an organ donor.  Is it your body or not?!
  • Those in the Democrat Party, a political party with a long sad racist history voted year after year for candidates like Robert “KKK” Byrd and even have major KKK leaders running as Democrat candidates in current elections, like John Paul Rogers running for Mayor in Wales, Florida, call Republicans racists.
  • Former Democrat Rep. Paul Kanjorski wrote an op-ed in the NYT, “We all lose an element of freedom when security considerations distance public officials from the people. Therefore, it is incumbent on all Americans to create an atmosphere of civility and respect in which political discourse can flow freely, without fear of violent confrontation.”  Kinda hypocritical for a guy who said just a couple months prior, “That [Rick] Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida. Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him.
  • Democrats promote and force “green initiatives” on the People, however, they fly in large private jets all across the country (Pelosi), live in mansions that require the same amount of electricity to power an entire city block (Kerry), and enjoy keeping their gas guzzling limos running while they give speeches because they don’t like the weather outside and want to be comfortable when they get back in their luxury mobiles (Gore).
  • Obama went to El Paso, TX last week and gave a speech on immigration that complained about “politicians” blocking comprehensive immigration bills; however, his own administration has used the legal system to block Arizona’s immigration bills and in 2007 he voted for amendments that killed a bipartisan Kyl-Kennedy immigration bill.

One last bit about the real hypocrisy surrounding the White House poet slam.

Obama, in the past, has lamented those U.S. states that banned interracial marriage at the time of his birth.  Also, when he was asked in 2007 about the difference between interracial marriage and gay marriage, he said, “…we’ve got to make sure that everybody is equal under the law.”  Clearly, he is an advocate of interracial marriage.

And not to be left out of the conversation, Jon Stewart was critical of Bob Jones University on his show in 2000 because it banned interracial dating and he recently aired a skit in which an interracial couple began to “make a baby” on his desk as the segment ended and they went to commercial.  Seemingly, he approves of interracial relationships.

However, absent from Stewart’s hypocritical piece was the fact that Common and Jill Scott, another poet invited to the same White House event, are both openly against interracial relationships.  Jill Scott has said, “These harsh truths lead to what we really feel when we see a seemingly together brother with a Caucasian woman and their children. That feeling is betrayed.” And Common has said, “I disagree with [mixed race relationships]. It’s a lack of self-love. It’s a problem.”  Yet, all this is overlooked.  Talk about hypocrisy.

So where’s their outrage?  Why is Stewart feigning outrage at his notion that Hannity and Fox News are hypocritical when he clearly – and hypocritically – omits the elephant in the room… the blatant hypocrisy of Barack Obama, the product of an interracial relationship, inviting those opposed to interracial relationships to the White House?

I don’t know either.  I just know it’s ironic.

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29 Responses to "Common Hypocrisy"

  1. Is there room for Common Sense in the arena of “Common Hypocrisy”?

    “No habit or quality is more easily acquired than hypocrisy, nor any thing sooner learned than to deny the sentiments of our hearts and the principle we act from: but the seeds of every passion are innate to us, and nobody comes into the world without them.”

    Is there an olive branch in this excellent essay? Or have we skewered our opponent for sport? Here is the gift of demarcation, the honest ability to segregate on lines of human frailty. Do we move together or apart?

    Take a victory lap and then look inward. Few could have said it better. What was your intent, charity or self righteousness? Do we heal or open an old wound?

    “Honest discussions – even and perhaps especially on topics about which we disagree – can help us resist hypocrisy and arrogance. They can also help us live up to the basic ideals, such as liberty and justice for all, on which our country was founded.” Where was any of this!!

      1. In response to my comment on “Comment Hypocrisy”: to which you replied “I wasn’t trying to bring about world peace, I was really just looking to spike the football and do the Ickey Shuffle:”

        You fulfilled both expectations with remarkable class. A good objective, done well and admirably, but you are made of better stuff, the “right stuff.” Is there not a higher calling? I sense a greater calling, a higher platform for good, a refinement of your consummate skills and talents. You “hook” your readers effectively.” But the responses are full of liberal vs conservative ire. Now with that same special editorial gift, bring closure, a positive with each exposé, advance the cause of peace and help us all out of that Ickey Shuffle, I believe you would advance your cause, Republicanism, Conservatism, and pristine other “isms.” . I think I see something special. No disdain here, my friend.

    1. Is there room for Common Sense in the arena of “Common Hypocrisy”?

      Perhaps you should ask that of the Democrates who gave nothing but hate and Bile to the Republicans from 2006 to 2010. You reap what you saw and right now we need to return the favor ten fold. Giving in to Liberals gets you nothing but higher taxes, more corruption and broken promises when they renege on every thing they pledge to support.

      Now is the time for action not talking, force the Dems to face reality and don’t ever give them an inch.

      1. “Is there room for Common Sense in the arena of “Common Hypocrisy”?
        Perhaps you should ask that of the Democrats who gave nothing but hate and Bile to the Republicans from 2006 to 2010. You reap what you saw and right now we need to return the favor ten fold. Giving in to Liberals gets you nothing but higher taxes, more corruption and broken promises when they renege on every thing they pledge to support.
        Now is the time for action not talking, force the Dems to face reality and don’t ever give them an inch.”

        My thoughts are;

        Common Sense is the miracle of your own opinion when Free Will and Intellect are engaged in a dialogue, an “honest battle” with ideas. We don’t ask Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, et al, we listen. If the answer to hate and bile is reciprocity, the exchange of bad behavior, there is no room for dialogue.

        Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. Do we concede fundamentals! The “morality of compromise” sounds contradictory. Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong men don’t compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised.”

        But did not the “mother” compromise, an allowed sacred compromise, for the greater good, the epiphany, the manifestation of a higher rationality, of Solomon’s splitting of the baby. We find good where we left it. Hate and bile must be surrendered. It doesn’t matter who acts first. Soften up, lighten up, save the baby by giving it (hate and bile) up. This is a metaphor, an allegory; find your own hidden meaning, do not ever forsake our Republic! And then we may, just may, experience the exhilaration of coming together, almost achieved on 9/12/2001, but never forget the price.

        We can give a hand-out, a hand-up or a slap to the face. Which do you think is more effective, more efficient and more desirable?

  2. I have to say that I find this to be irrelevant nitpicking by both sides. So to counter (or maybe add to) this pettiness I will add some nitpicking of my own. Ronald Reagan invited Merle Haggard to perform at the White House in the 1980s. Now I am going to assume that Reagan appreciated Merle haggard’s music without embracing his full life’s work (Darryl Jackson proposes that a President should embrace such an artist fully). I say this because Merle Haggard was a criminal. I don’t mean he wrote songs about crimes. I mean he committed crimes, repeatedly, including assault and several robberies of homes and businesses. He spent many years in prison until Reagan pardoned him and invited him to the White House.

    Merle Haggard committed violent crimes and created music that often evoked violence and embraced the lifestyle of being an outlaw. Yet I have no problem with Merle playing at the White House because as an intelligent and sensitive person I can appreciate that this man had a difficult life and understood the darker, rougher side of American life and was able to transcend that and communicate it through art. People like Merle Haggard and Common help us understand the perspectives of less fortunate people. That is why we embrace them. If you think Reagan was inciting us all to rob and assault people by inviting Merle to the White House you are a fool. The exact same is true for Obama and Common. And I can only imagine the uproar that would have exploded if Common, as a black rapper and not a white country singer, not only had lyrics as controversial as Merle’s but also shared his history of committing crimes and serving time in prison.

    Whether it is irony or hypocracy is purely semantic. All I can say is it is certainly based in our fear and anxiety about eAmerican ethnicities and cultures that we see as the “other” and therefore respond negatively to. This is normal, but let us call it what it is.

    1. Spoken like a true Democrat (well, you are, right?). The article wasn’t an argument regarding Obama inviting Common to the White House. The article was about Jon Stewart fragrantly throwing around a term best suited for those he is defending. You ignore the litany of true hypocrisy listed in the article and focus on the strawman argument.

      1. Agree with you – I didn’t focus on the core of your argument (which was hypocrisy and not Common). But not sure why that makes it “spoken like a true Democrat.” Anyway, neither party holds any sort of monopoly on being hypocritical. Hypocrisy is ubiquitous in American politics. Obama shouts about the greed and shortsightedness of Wall Street but fills his financial posts with those that designed the deregulation of the derivative market and minimized oversight of Fanny and Freddy. Too many Republicans shout about the virtues of pure capitilism and say government meddling in markets only hurts growth…yet they want to build a wall on the Mexican border and deport illegal immigrants (human capital is a commodity that will follow market demand just like any other and if Republicans trusted minimally regulated markets we would open our borders outright (by the way I don’t advocate this!)). The reality is that there the components and inputs into a society as large as ours are far too complex to represented by 2 parties without an incredible amount of hypocrisy and contradiction.

        So you are quite right that Democrats and liberal commentators are often hypocrites. John Stewart is quite right that Republicans and conservative commentators are often hypocrites. And yes, what John Stewart described was not hypocrisy and the bullet points you wrote were indeed hypocrisy. But I am not sure what you were trying to accomplish by proving that Democrats can, too, be hypocrites. It seems like an incredibly obvious, if well articulated, observation of some of the symptoms of an underlying problem which is that our increasingly diverse society can not be reduced to the historical common denominators of Republican and Democrat. Those that expect that we can be represented by these 2 denominators will be repeatedly annoyed when our politicians demonstrate this inequity in the form of hypocrisy.

        1. What I wanted to convey, whether or I did or not is up to the readers, is the blatant inexcusable hypocrisy that runs rampant on the left… sure, there are a few exceptions on the right (generally dealing less with political issues and more with personal issues), but hypocrisy is really where the left flourishes. They own it. Big time.

          Your example of hypocrisy on the right, free market capitalism versus immigration, doesn’t hit the mark. Free market capitalism is about the government taking a laissez-faire approach to individuals and business inside the United States. Immigration is an entirely separate issue that is simply about making sure those who come to the United States do it in a legal and safe way. Immigration is about not seeing another 9/11 happen… it’s about not seeing people cut in line in front of other people who come here the legal way… And I could go on. These are the primary issues. Sure, the free market is impacted by the increase or decrease in the legal and illegal immigration population in the U.S., but that is only a by product and not a ways and means of controlling the market or creating a free market. Using the Constitution as our road map, the federal government has the responsibility to keep us safe… it does not have the right to manipulate the market place by usurping its own primary responsibility, our safety, with an influx of illegal immigrants (not to be confused with regulating interstate commerce). Bottom line, your argument is apples to oranges. It is another false analogy.

          “Spoken like a true Democrat” because you wanted to defuse the issue, provide equal blame to both sides, omit the list of hypocrisy on the left, and turn the attention of the argument away from it’s crux to some ancillary issue. You are a lot more clever than most of the dopey Dems I deal with, but not so clever that I don’t see your tactics (whether intended or by accident).

          1. This country will never return to greatness until everyone stops hating! Conservatives are patriotic Americans. Liberals are patriotic Americans. Agree to disagree, but don’t wear hatred on your sleeve. Your comment: “blatant inexcusable hypocrisy that runs rampant on the left… sure, there are a few exceptions on the right (generally dealing less with political issues and more with personal issues), but hypocrisy is really where the left flourishes. They own it. Big time.”, makes me feel very sad that such a wonderful country has spawned such vitriol and hatred. I am as Liberal as they come and many of my best friends are extremely conservative, but we respect each other rather than hate each other. Anyone who feels as strongly as you do about your neighbors and co-workers and people you pass on the street should probably look within to try to learn why you have to hate and name-call those who don’t agree with you.

          2. Dave…

            Pointing out an observation that the left are hypocrites and then supporting it with a litany of examples is not name calling… it is fact.

            The irony of your comment is that so much hate exists on the left. A shoe gets thrown at a Republican president, and the left cheers. SNL makes a Republican president look like a complete moron for 8 years, and the left cheers. Democrats march with pictures of Republicans as Hitler, and the left cheers. The examples of hate-filled vitriol on the left is endless. Where was all that “patriotism” then? Where was all that respect then?

            Once again… oh, the irony.

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  5. When we were living in caves, we had to band together to protect our “tribe” from animals that were stronger and faster than us, or we would die. We no longer live in caves, but some people cannot seem to overcome their animal instincts and, instead, direct those tribal instincts against those with a different philosophy. Why don’t you try to stop the hate and have a discussion about issues instead of demonizing those who disagree with you?

    1. “Why don’t you try to stop the hate and have a discussion about issues instead of demonizing those who disagree with you?” Just like the hate the Left stopped spewing from 2003-2008? Just like the demonizing the Left stopped doing between 2003-2008? Why was it “patriotic to dissent” back then and not now? To steal a quote from a Leftist, “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic, and we should stand up and say, “WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DEBATE AND DISAGREE WITH ANY ADMINISTRATION!”

      1. It is pointless to argue about who was nastier than who in the past. It is also pointless to argue about who has been more hypocritical than who in the past. Our problems, as Americans, are too great for us to dwell on petty name-calling. I offer my hand to conservatives because we are all Americans and must find a way to deal with huge issues challenging us as a nation, all of us, left and right. You can take my hand, or you can slap it away. That is a decision you make today, so that we will have a tomorrow. It has to begin somewhere.

        1. So after 5-8 years of you slapping my hand away because I am in power, you want me to take your hand now that you are in power? And if I slap your hand away now, I am un-American and not helping with the issues challenging the nation? No thank you… but I do pledge to offer you my hand shortly, when I am in power, and we’ll see how American you are then. My guess is that you will slap my hand away… screaming at the top of your lungs how patriotic you are to dissent and disagree with me.

          1. Back and forth, back and forth. I could talk about the insane impeachment of Clinton, and then you could talk about Iran-Conta and the impeachment of Nixon, and then I could talk about the destruction of LBJ due to his civil rights accomplishments, and on, and on, and on, but that gets us nowhere. I wasn’t born yesterday, and I suspect you were not either. My mother always taught us growing up that if we got hit, we should tell her. If we hit back, we all got punished no matter who started it. My mother was a wise woman!

          2. By the way, I wouldn’t buy stock in that “we’re gonna be in power” startup just yet. I have sometimes felt that the best thing the Democrats have going for them is that the Republicans often find a way to do even dumber things than the Democrats do. I have a hunch that the Republicans, who are often quite good at framing a message, have blundered, perhaps dramatically, on the vote on the Paul Ryan Medicare “blueprint.”

  6. Enemy to Fox News · Edit

    Note to the author:
    Fox news is a propaganda machine!

    Hypocrisy = a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

    Sean Hannity is the definition of a hypocrite. Watch the daily show more often he catches hannity one way or another almost every week. The propaganda machine doesn’t really care if things are ethical or things are right, they simply care about pushing their own agenda. If you want more on this particular instance I recommend you watch the full unedited version of O’Reilly vs Jon Stewart. You will notice that O’Reilly had a difficult time debating such issues with Jon and Bill would not defend Hannity in the slightest despite all of Jon’s concerns. If you do watch it, it would be nice for you to listen to what both have to say with an open mind. Probably won’t happen but what the hey…

    So listen I entertain all ideals, and understand the republians ideas of corporate freedom, trinkle down effect, the free market, but it is completely absurd to strike against every single thing any democrat does, and never EVER do anything to ruin the republican image, a perfect case and point was Fox News reporting on Newt Gingrich’s interview stating he doesn’t favor a financial plan of a republican. Fox News isn’t for the people, it’s too pass a selfish bias through and through. Because after all Gingrich through this all didn’t have any liberal message attached to it, and it was still shot down.
    If the question is really hypocrisy then how is it possible to run a partisan news station, when they only criticize that which will help there party? Every immoral Republican issue not broadcasted is a hypocrisy by the network. Jon Stewart seems to be the ONLY voice of reason delivering political information to the public.

    “You’re Wrong”
    You’re wrong about virtues of Christianity
    And you’re wrong if you agree with Sean Hannity
    If you think that pride is about nationality,
    you’re wrong

    1. This from a guy who said on his Facebook page, “Ok I’ve been telling people for years, we need a communist system…” and “I got glasses with 20/20 vision for the sole purpose for me looking smart.” Good Lord. If you and Michael Moore love communism so much, please move to Cuba, North Korea or China (take Jon Stewart, Common and Obama with you too, please). There you all could love their central planning system, their freedoms, their liberties and their excellent record on human rights. You can all sing kumbaya and live happily ever after. Vote for Drew Adams in 2016!

  7. Hey,Fox News lover here and darn proud of it!!!I can’t stand Hollywood.They preach about conservation and all the rest.But then they use resources at a rate twenty times greater than the rest of us EVER will.So who’s lecturing who???I can’t stand those people.


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