Anti Breitbart Propaganda on Los Angeles Streets

Anti Breitbart Propaganda on Los Angeles Streets

There is a belief among us who are actors and stand-up comedians that the ultimate goal is to become so good at our craft that the entertainment industry can no longer ignore us. When this point is reached, the result is that we become widely accepted as employable by the industry and it becomes easier to get regular auditions, effective representation and work. As a man who is affecting our news media and culture, Andrew Breitbart has now reached this level.

Proof that Breitbart can no longer be ignored are everywhere this week I found more evidence to back up this thesis on a freeway off ramp in Santa Monica.

Andrew Breitbart
Breitbart Scorned in Los Angeles

I  have been a follower of street art propaganda for years. I wrote a piece about it for HERE:

Street level propaganda serves an important battle front in the culture war. At this level the marketing is binary. It is straight from the producer of the message to the receiver. It is gritty and authentic and no one looking not be well versed in the left’s astro-turfing tactics and agenda thinks that the media complex could possibly have any involvement in the message. In this case, it is precisely the opposite.

While this piece can hardly be called “art” because the piece does not seem to have the hand of an artist in its visual elements, it does have a message that the mainstream cultural messengers want all of us to believe which is that the gadfly Breitbart is not one to be trusted. The wording draws on the memory of the Nazis to scare Westside liberals and Jews of the long term ramifications of Breitbart’s work.
Of course like Soviets, the purveyors of this message are using all the techniques of the communists and Alinskyites: calling the enemy out by name to isolate and intimidate, writing in the text that the enemy is doing what they themselves do, ridicule, consistently and constantly attacking the enemy with twisting words and crudely marketing their message at the street fighter level to appear “authentic” and “grungy.” The implication of course is that Breitbart does not reveal information our society needs to be informed of, it’s that Breitbart “selectively edits” and that nothing from Breitbart’s “house of lies” can be trusted and if those of us do as Breitbart does, which is lie repeatedly, we will become the scourge that Breitbart is. In Los Angeles, this means entrance to nightclubs will be denied, prime tables in fine dining establishments will be relocated to areas near kitchens and bathrooms and the invitation one receives to trendy cocktail parties will be revoked. In totality the message that is conveyed in the piece is not a warning to Breitbart, it is Breitbart’s head on a stick posted as a warning to the rest of us.

If Andrew Breitbart was not such a threat the forces of leftism that posted this piece of propagandist vandalism would not have. They would not have taken their time, resources, energy, minimum wage street teams, wheat paste, printing presses or money to single out Breitbart by name with the clear intent of making his reputation questionable to someone either unaware of who he is or persuadable to their side.

In honor of Breitbart, I wrote this piece while listening to the Joy Division and not my usual Screaming Trees.

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2 Responses to "Anti Breitbart Propaganda on Los Angeles Streets"

  1. It worked in the last Presidential election against Sarah Palin so obviously they will continue to employ this lying tactic. It has never been about the truth in Hollywood’s liberal view.

    Do they go to Hollywood as liberals (“birds of a feather”) or do they become liberal as a result of the Hollywood “influence”? It might be helpful to know the answer to this question.


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