Why Do We Hate Obama So Much?

Why Do We Hate Obama So Much?

My wife and I were talking yesterday about the impending budget fiasco brewing in D.C. when she paused and asked me, “Why do you hate Obama so much?”  I paused and actually had to think about my answer for a few seconds.  Not because I couldn’t find a reason but the exact opposite, where should I start?

Poor, poor Barack..He got a rock

As far as I’m concerned “hate” is a little too strong a word to describe my dislike of our current President.  But I do know “hate” exactly describes the feeling of a lot of today’s Americans.  According to the latest Rasmussen poll overall, 48% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove. Of that 22% of the nation’s voters strongly approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Thirty-seven percent (37%) strongly disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15.  In comparison Bill Clintons was 55.1 and George W. Bush’s was 49.4.  These figures are for first terms only.

So I began to research who were some of the more popular Presidents.  According to Wikipedia here is the top ten list…

George Washington


Abraham Lincoln


Franklin D. Roosevelt

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are consistently ranked at the top of the lists. Often ranked just below those three are Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. The remaining places in the top 10 are often rounded out by Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower, and Andrew Jackson.

So what is the common thread here?   Four of these men, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower were all decorated war heroes.  All of the above men served as President during military conflicts.  All of these men were strong, decisive leaders who put the United States first and foremost in domestic policy and foreign affairs.  They all walked softly but carried a big stick and knew how and when to use it.

President Barack Hussein Obama, 44th president of the United States fought in no wars and was not in the military but that is not always a guarantee of strong leadership.  Ulysses S. Grant was a decorated war hero and had a very weak presidency.  President Obama is serving during a time of numerous military conflicts and has only recently added one more.   But in my humble opinion neither of the above alone make a good leader.  So let’s see what Americans want and expect from their leaders?

For that I turn to an article titled “Do Americans Expect Too Much From Their Politicians” by Jim H. Ainsworth, published January 2010 in the American Thinker.  And I quote…

“So what should we look for in a president, or any politician? Let’s have someone who loves his country more than himself — who does not need the job to satisfy some internal craving — who has demonstrated leadership and competence in the military and/or private sector — who has a strong core belief system honed through at least two decades of mature thought, experiences, and study — who has enough internal confidence to admit mistakes — who recognizes personal limitations and delegates to wisely chosen people — who compromises but never abandons core principles.

A president should stop campaigning and start working. A president has to travel and be visible, but trips and visibility owe their value to their scarcity. Keep your butt in the Oval Office chair. I don’t want or need to see our president getting in the way at every natural catastrophe, pardoning turkeys, rolling Easter eggs, attending meaningless conferences, or bowing and scraping to despots.

A president should understand that government is not the solution; it is the problem.  I want a president who understands that his primary job is to keep us safe, and then get out of the way of great American ingenuity. One who understands that free people in a free market is the most powerful economic and military power in the world. I want a president who spends every waking moment finding and removing all the obstacles in our path and all the weight government has put on our shoulders, and then lets us fix things ourselves.”

So it appears Americans want their president to be a person of strong character; a person we can trust to do the right thing at the right time.  A person we can “TRUST.”  

Obama and Gadhafi
Our President bows to the Saudi King


These are all traits the above ten men had; these are all traits our current president doesn’t have.  And that is why so many people “hate” him.

As a side note; if you look at that list of men at the top of the article not one President in the last fifty years was able to crack the top ten…..pretty sad isn’t it.

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40 Responses to "Why Do We Hate Obama So Much?"

    1. Why didn’t you include a picture of George W.Bush holding hands and kissing the Saudi Prince?
      I know the answer: Bigotry. Yes, and RACISM. You evangelical religious right-wing fascists think you’re God’s Only People–GOP.
      Hate is the precise word. Your Self Righteous perversion of Christ’s words have created an insanity equal to if not worse than the extremist Muslims. You are NOT Christian, you are Republicanazis.

  1. I always find it very saddening to see Lincoln revered as a hero when he directly caused the only genocide of America.

    Lincoln’s actions with the sole goal of empowering executive authority resulted in the spilling of blood of a million American lives. Lincoln’s war killed more Americans than every other war the USA has been in COMBINED. I’m so glad people look up to the closest president we’ve ever had to Gaddafi or Mubarak.

    1. Chris: I don’t know how much you know about the Civil War, but it doesn’t seem too much. Lincoln was ready to let the south go and live there own life, but he was not willing to allow Federal land such as forts be turned over to the South. Lincoln’s War as you call it, started when the Confederacy fired upon Fort Sumter. The USA fired back in defense. From that point forward, the South was the aggressor as they continued to fire until Lincoln brough reinforcements in. Eventually, the South took the Fort. How, you can call it Lincoln’s war, shows an incredible lack of historical knowledge. I suggest you read a few books about the Civil War before you condemn the man.

      The only thing Lincoln did was protect the Union. Remember, the South left because he was elected. Remember, he did not free the slaves. He was willing to allow slavery to continue.

      Look it up.

    2. Dude… “Genocide”???? Please look up that definition… Genocide??? Are you speaking of the Civil War??? Pretty mushy thinking… Talk about thinking in broad strokes… Whoooaaa

    3. The south started the war and for almost a year the north tried not to fight it under what was termed Masterly’s inactivity. The south actually forced the north to fight and because the south was seriously out gunned they lost. Lincoln didn’t preside over a genocide but the southern aristocracy did preside over one of the most brutal and oppressive institution in the history of man which as John Brown put it at his trial could only be paid for by blood.

  2. Looks to me like Chris either gets all his history from the leftwing loons or he is a product of the radical liberal government run so-called educators that have been rewriting history for the last 40 years. Very sad indeed.

    1. KK: Are you serious? The south is run by repubs who run the schools. You are the one who is very sad indeed.

      Obama is hated because he is half black with a black family living in the White House. Anyone who has been paying attention since 2008 knows it. We should have let the south leave in the 1860s. Their views are disgusting. As a white American, I find the south a total embarrassment. They hate Obama so much that they are willing to run Romney who is a northern RINO. They look like a bunch of hateful fools.

      1. Cathy,
        Sounds to me like you are confused Obama is as much black as he is white… Don’t play the race card. I would strongly suggest you read a bit of history.

        1. Cathy is right, i don’t know why you guys think he looks like a bad president, i believe he trying his best to clean up the mess that George w. “BUSH” did, i don’t think we need a war “hero” just because he’s not one, i see in our president a strong president that is doing his best fixing our country and i see his way of making peace in our country, and i see him as my hero, i do really respect our solders fighting for our country and the wounded are heroes too but, heroes don’t have to be that way, there’s other ways then having a patriotism fever, who cares if Obama didn’t go to war, what i see in him is that hes not like Bush, that’s what i care i don’t want a president like that man. and Obama is AMERICAN NOT A RACE!.

          1. this president was put in office and bush left it a mess he was to clean it up but being that he is theonly black president no one thought he may need some help now every one hates him because things are not going well people get real

  3. And it is also saddening we look up to Franklin Roosevelt. After all he got us involved in World War 2 and put millions of American lives at risk plus established our current foreign policy as a modern day bully telling other world leaders such as Gadhafi and Sadam how they should behave. Lincoln was a piker compared to Franklin Roosevelt since Lincoln confined the conflict to America. After all, we should have non-violently responded to Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbor, met with them to understand their point of view and given them a chance to put into effect their Co-Prosperity Sphere to use resources from neighboring countries to fuel their empire and complete their conquest of China. What right did we have to say they weren’t justified in bombing Pearl Harbor and trying to establish a strong empire. The rape of Nanking by the Chinese was an exaggeration and what were a few thousand Chinese to us. And France, Great Britain and the U.S. should have continued with Neville Chamberlin’s wise policy of appeasement of Hitler. At some point after conquering all of Europe and Russia and the genocide of people considered non-desirable to Germany he would have been satisfied. After all, we never really tried to understand Hitler’s point of view. Neville initially tried but he gave up too soon and look at the millions of people who died during World War 2 because he did not try hard enough. And maybe millions more would have lived in Europe and Asia had we refused to have been the Arsenal of Democracy. Sounds stupid doesn’t it Chris? But to use your warped, stupid and misinformed reasoning President Roosevelt was directly involved in killing infinitely more people than Lincoln ever did. I can’t wait to hear what crap you’ll come up with!

    1. FDR was another terrible president, he’s 3rd on my worst presidents of all time list. 1st being Lincoln, 2nd being Wilson for creating the Federal Reserve. (Obama is doing a good job for reaching for #4)

      FDR’s “New Deal” and Second Bill of Rights were a giant leap into socialism. Thankfully his second bill of rights never went anywhere. The actions of the FDR presidency resulted in extending the great depression by nearly a decade: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/FDR-s-Policies-Prolonged-Depression-5409.aspx

      FDR did however get it right with WW II. However his actions against Japanese Americans was almost the same as Hitler’s treatment of the Jews. Thank god we didn’t just line them up and shoot them the way Hitler did.

      You seem to draw some very wrong conclusions when you make statements like “But to use your warped, stupid and misinformed reasoning President Roosevelt was directly involved in killing infinitely more people than Lincoln ever did.”

      My reasoning is not warped. The war with the South never needed to occur. The intentional provocation of the South at Fort Sumter should have never occurred. Past that, once Lincoln was shown that the South would defend themselves there should have been resolutions formed that didn’t require the bloodiest war America has ever had by fought between the two halves of our very nation.

      Civil war is the ultimate sign of evil. It occurs when governments become so authoritarian that instead of being able to solve political differences with their populace they would rather SLAY their populace.

      FDR did indeed spill alot of blood in WW II however we were standing up to a world power that sought global domination. The South did not want to dominate the North, the South was trying to prevent the North from dominating them through economic and Federal governmental policy. The South was definitely justified in their actions, Hitler was in no way justified.

      Regardless of where the blame lies for the Civil War it is reprehensible to condone it. We as Americans should not come to the point where we would rather murder one and another than deal with our differences.

      Lincoln is the one and only president that has ever caused genocide to happen in the USA against our own citizens. We unfortunately have that track record of committing genocide against noncitizens (Native Americans).

      1. I’m pretty sure that ending slavery justified the Union’s actions, even if it wasn’t the main purpose for having the war. It would have been “Northern Agression” if the South hadn’t attempted to secede, but it did, and it deserved to lose.

  4. This is why I said it’s saddening to see few people that really know the history of the Civil War.

    The Fort Sumter incident was a provocation by the North, it was intentionally set up to be the trigger point for the war. When the South attacked Sumter it was after the North had been arming it at a furious pace. They attacked Sumter preemptively but it was out of self defense.

    It’s also saddening at how clearly misplaced your beliefs are in regards to this. The liberal slant is that Lincoln was a national hero, he saved the union, freed the slaves. Lincoln didn’t even truly free the slaves until well after the war begun and even then he only freed the southern slaves. He freed them under the expectation that they would defect to the North and fight in the Union Army. Lincoln was a coldhearted opportunistic butcher.

    Lincoln was a progressive, not a conservative. He believed devoutly in Federal authority and expanding the executive power.

    The only way you can call me a liberal is that I am 100% for classical liberalism. Classical liberalism is the ideology that created our Constitution. That man is to not have their rights infringed, whether by man or government.

    1. Again you do not know history and you don’t know the Civil War and it confirms you are sadly misinformed. Ford Sumter was a federal fort manned by less than 100 soldiers opposing thousands of rebel soldiers commanded by Buerregard. The federals moved from Fort Moultrie to Sumter because the were clearly outnumbered and in a tenuous position and were trying to avoid hostilities. Was the North to allow the South to take over all federal property in the South? Also, the North did not arm at a furious pace prior to Fort Sumter. Washington was wide open and virutally undefended at the time of Fort Sumter and no federal troops had arrived to defend Washington until after Fort Sumter. The Navy also had few ships at the time of Fort Sumter. It was only some time after Fort Sumter when it became clear the South fully intended to fight that the North armed at a furious pase. Lincoln also did not free the slaves until after the war began because his initial goal was to preserve the Union and the American people were not ready for the slaves to be freed at the intial stage of the war. What’s the difference between Lincoln saying you have no right to take over federal property and no right to divide the Union and Roosevelt standing up to world powers seeking to dominate the world? In fact Roosevelt did more to provoke the attack on Pearl Harbor than Lincoln did regarding Fort Sumter since Roosevelt moved the fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor as a direct challenge to Japanese aggression. I strongly suggest you read Shelby Foote’s 3 volume history of the Civil War, but I guess he’s a liberal too.

      1. … And how do you suppose that “federal land” became the property of our Federal gov’t? Oh yeah, we stole it from the natives. So, we (the federal gov’t) are entitled to steal it from others, but the south wasn’t entitled to have it as part of their territory? This is the double standard for which the USA has become to be known, eh? This is the same guiding principle that drove us to be such nice guys and invade the middle east, in the name of looking out for the oppressed folks there. Yeah, right. The USA has continued the imperialism that the British have perpetuated throughout history. We are no different than ever before, as we just continue to take that which we wish to take, be it fair or not. From where do you think our current society has gotten their great sense of entitlement? Business as usual…

  5. I strongly dislike him because a man is judged by the company he keeps & he is always associated with loser 60s radicals, socialists & Islamic extremists.

    1. “Associated” with Islamic extremists? How on Earth has Obama associated himself with extremists? If you mean Muslims in general, surprise, not all Muslims are terrorists. Lord, have mercy…

    2. Obama is a very popular President. He didn’t have the chance to meet all of his campaign promises because of the 8 year mess he had to attend to. Our economy is better than it would have been if Obama just decided to full-fill his promises and forget the oncoming depression, and the big oil spill.
      Obama had made the decisions and took out some of our worst enemies with very little American lives lost if any. The World is going through a economic slump and we’re starting to get better and you want to ditch it all and bring in Romney so he can either lie and do nothing or start all over again with his unknown plan. He’s such a puppet, I’m getting the impression the GOP only wants him in office so they can bring in their own items of interests (ban abortion, repeal the Bush Tax cuts for the rich—ah– Job creators, etc.) The GOP wants Obama out of office so badly, they would Droopy Dog into office.

    1. How about the repubs doing all they can to make sure Obama and the country fails? Most folks would call that bordering on treason. Have a nice day!

      1. Cathy: obama actually should have been impeached the first year he was in office, but since the Senate is the body who carries out this process, and it’s still in the hands of demonrats, it hasn’t happened. The Republicans have sent loads of common-sense legislation to the Senate and it’s the demonrats who have held it all up, and it’s also the demonrats who haven’t passed a budget since obama took office, and it’s the demonrats who screwed up the housing market, and on and on and on…I could write a book about the despicable way the demonrats are destroying this country- try spewing your lies; to no avail- this country has awakened!

  6. You spent a lot of energy stating what people want out of a president but what you did not do was show how Obama does not have these traits.

    Can you show me facts that indicate that he is dishonest and can’t be trusted, that his policies are failing etc. People hated Obama before he got into office. I’ve always been told to trust my gut and something deep down in my gut tells me people hate him because he’s black. The sad thing is, I don’t know if they even know that’s why they hate him.

  7. You could’ve summed up the whole page with, “Well, I just don’t trust the guy.”

    Because from my perspective, the president HAS demonstrated leadership and he DOES have strong core beliefs and he HAS admitted mistakes. In fact I would argue he has everything you listed except the “not see government as a solution” part.

    Further, the idea that a president is not going to visit national disasters is utterly ridiculous. Name one in the past century that hasn’t! Similarly, when a president meets foreign diplomats, he’s going to be cordial regardless of who it is. Obama shook Gaddafi’s hand but came home and ordered our military jets to bomb his infantry. Why is the former more important to you than the latter? I can show you as many pictures of Bush kissing the Saudi Arabian King as you can Obama bowing to him. It’s what presidents do. You can say you don’t like that all our presidents do that, but to pretend that Obama is the first is just demonstrating ignorance.

    The only real disagreement you have with him is that you want smaller government and he doesn’t. That’s fine. That’s a political disagreement, not something that should rise to the level of hatred. Everything else you say is rationalizing your gut feelings of distrust, egged on by one-sided reporting from Fox News.

  8. No one here or anywhere else has been able to give me real practical examples of what Obama has done to them or someone else to be hated so much. If you can give me real examples of how Obama or policies he put inplace have actually hurt you, I won’t vote for him. Otherwise I would conclude that you just don’t like him for no particular reason at all.

  9. Obama diveded the country even further, blacks were looking for a black president to help them and they got screwed by the media hype too.

    I wasn’t a vocal bigot before Obama, but he put their race back 25 years with his hope & change.

    Hollywood got him elected and when the shine leaves the tool in hollywood its time for a new one.

    FACT: he has spent more than the last three presidents combined and has lined his pockets well.

    1. painkiller: thats not a fact, and you know it.

      And what does a single race have to do with the welfare of our country? i dont understand why its always brought up if people dont have an issue with it.

      I would assume youre a republican, that wants small a gov.

      At the same time you you dont like gays, you probably disapprove of dont ask dont tell.

      And youre convinced Obama wants to take your guns too.

      I try not to undermind what republicans have to say, but you make it very difficult

  10. NRA Rewrites History To Hide Romney Support For Assault Weapons Ban
    It gets worse. Republicans are eager to sell public land. Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” proposes to sell millions of acres of “unneeded federal land” and billions of dollars worth of federal assets. His running mate Mitt Romney admits that he doesn’t know “what the purpose is” of public lands.
    GOP GOVERNORS/Elected Officials Are Responsible For State Joblessness & UNEMPLOYMENT | Sabotaging America’s Economy For Political Gain WANT MORE

  11. Still there is no answer why do you hate Obama,a lot of bs about why you love Lincoln . Really were around when London was president ? Oh by the way he wasn’t a war hero, and the stories are exactly that some truth some not,can you imagine the history books two hundred years from now, come on admit why you really hate Obama.Oh let’s see Bush was a Great War hero,Nixon another Great War hero,let’s go on and on.Admit why you hate Obama.


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