Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

Get a sneak peek at Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin HBO‘s latest anti-Republican flick.  The former Boogie Nights star Julianne Moore, 50, will play a 43 year old Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential election based on the 2010 book, Game Change, by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

Here is a look at the Cast & Crew:

Eric Kessler, Co-President of HBO – Gave $2,300 to Obama for America

Richard Plepler, Co-President of HBO – Contributed over $15,000 to Democrats in 2008, including $2,300 to Obama for America and another $500 to Obama for America, on 7/31/08 (isn’t that more than the allowable campaign contribution?)

Sue Naegle, President of HBO Entertainment – Gave $2,500 to Al Franken for Senate and $1,150 to Friends of Rahm Emanuel, who would later be Obama Chief of Staff

Len Amato, President of HBO Films – Gave $500 to Obama for America on 1/27/08

Gary Goetzman, Producer –Gave $2,300 to John Edwards For President on 3/31/07

Tom Hanks, Producer – Gave $28,500 to the Obama’s Victory Fund on 9/29/08 and another $4,600 to Obama For America on 3/21/07.

John Heilemann, Co-writer of Game Change – No found donations; however, on an April 18, 2010 airing of “The Chris Matthews Show,” Time columnist Joe Klein stated that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, “rub right up close to being seditious.” To that, Heilemann added, “”And Joe’s right and I’ll name another person, I’ll name Rush Limbaugh…”

Mark Halperin, Co-writer of Game Change – No found donations; however, in October 2004 Halperin sent to ABC News staff a memo about coverage of the U.S. presidential election directing them not to “reflexively and artificially hold both sides ‘equally’ accountable” and that both John Kerry and George W. Bush used “distortion” in their campaign, but that Kerry’s distortions were not “central to his efforts to win.”

Danny Strong, Adapting Game Change for the television – Gave $2,500 to the Obama Victory Fund on 9/30/08. In addition, he wrote Recount, a 2008 fictionalization inspired by the true events regarding the 2000 Presidential. It starred Democrat Kevin Spacey and was also produced by HBO. ABC newscaster and consultant on the film, Jake Tapper, stated the film is “a fictional version of what happened” and “tilts to the left.”

Jay Roach, Director – Gave $2,300 to Obama For America on 1/31/08. In addition, he directed the left-leaning HBO film “Recount.”

Julianne Moore, Actress – Gave $5,000 to the Democratic White House Victory Fund on 6/30/08 and another $250 to the Obama Victory Fund on 9/06/08 for good measure

Ed Harris, Actor – Gave over $20,000 to Democrats and Democrat interests including $2,000 to Obama For America on 6/30/08

Woody Harrelson, Actor – Gave over $7,000 to Democrats and Democrat interests

Brian Howe, Actor – Gave $3,000 to Democrats and Democrat interests since 2004

Jim Denault, Cinematography – Gave $350 to MoveOn.org on 7/23/09 and $250 to Obama for America on 9/04/08

Kathleen Chopin, Casting – Gave $1,000 to Obama Victory Fund on 9/14/08 and $250 to Obama for America on 3/06/08

Richard Hicks, Casting – Gave $200 to the DNC on 7/21/10 and $250 to Obama for America on 2/09/08

The Leftist list working on this project just keeps getting longer.

So, when this made for pay television comes out before the 2012 election, don’t expect an unbiased look at the story behind the 2008 election.  In fact, expect unkind and an unflattering look at the Republican Party, Republican voters and Republican candidates.   Clearly, timed to be aired before the 2012 election.

Just one more reason why HBO is no longer an acronym for “Home Box Office,” but for “Helping Barack Obama.”
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23 Responses to "Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin"

  1. Well if history is a good indicator people will probably end up fairly sympathetic to Mrs. Palin. Look at the movie “W”. Made by a strong leftist and honestly people who were incredibly anti Bush left that movie with more of an understanding of who he was and slightly more sympathetic. I am simply quoting what numerous left wing “socialists” have told me.

    1. Oliver Stone did W, and Stone has from time to time stumbled upon the appearance of objectivity. Hard core leftist though he is, he can’t help showing something he doesn’t agree with sometimes. That’s because he’s and artiste, don’t you know.

      But HBO can be counted on to slime up the universe with their Sarah Palin hit piece. They are the new breed lefty haters, who “go for it” no matter what, truth be damned.

    2. If HBO stands for Helping Barack Obama,exactly what is FOX News which always shows Palin, Bachmann and the rest of the Far Right Republicans as the most intelligent individuals on the universe. Let’s not even bring the Tea Party in the the equation. The Tea Party ideologs put the Government on the brink of disaster and it is far from over. This country will never get out of debt with these folks in power. They have been in power for 8 months and they were going to bring jobs, jobs, jobs! So far all they have done is focus on individual rights – abortion, unions and marriage.

  2. Gee, it will be right up there on my bucket list for me to watch-AFTER I kick the bucket! Made by the same leftists who created that crapola Recount? Child,,PLEASE!

  3. You got to be kidding, Julianne Moore is as homely as a church mouse. Sarah Palin is beautiful, this is going to be a hit piece, they should post in the opening credits, all the donations by the cast and production were all donors to The Democrats and Obama.I got a feeling this will be cartoon like, Tina Feyish which she was horrible.

  4. Anyone who’s understanding of the political landscape is anything more than a knee jerk reaction, is well aware that Sarah Palin is only second to George W as those who made it into the arena while being totally unqualified to be President of the United States. Throw the word liberal or socialist on somethng and you easily get a knee jerk reaction without a full appreciation of what these words really mean. Call a health care program ‘socialist’ and all of the sudden it is wholly un-American. However, the program that put men on the moon – socialist, the greatest military ever – socialist, the greatest eduation system – socialist; and of course all American. Further, the most loved statute – the Statute of Liberty. The best bell – the Liberty Bell. Don’t hate the word liberal, it is actually a very good thing. “Give me liberty or give me death.” “Sweet land of liberty.” As Americans, less there be any doubt in your mind we are all liberals, and would lay down our lives to preserve liberty. Forming a democracy is about as liberal as you can get. The American government is simply the greatest ever, at least until you get too many people who become members of the government, only then to tell you the government should not be trusted to do anything – think about it. The American government is the most loved and trusted ever in the World. The right to vote, which many Americans gave their lives to give us, places upon each and everyone of us an equal burden of responsibility to to fully inform ourselves beyond a knee jerk reaction to a simple liberal or socialist tag. There was a time when much of Hollywood was labeled communist and blacklisted by a simple tag. Such a knee-jerk reaction was wrong then and it is wrong now to label a bunch a people participating on a film as liberals and prejudicing ourselves to hating thier work and denouncing them, just don’t forget one of the most important liberties – freedom to associate.

    1. Working in the private sector (one as a CEO), Governor of Alaska and Governor of Texas is not good enough to be “qualified?” But being a community organizer and part time voter as a Senator for one year before campaigning to be President is most certainly being “qualified?” That is the mindset of the Left. No executive experience necessary. Perhaps the fact that Obama’s lack of experience, or as Biden once said, “the Presidency is not something that lends itself to on the job training” (words he “stands by”), is why our country is in such turmoil right now… with gas prices skyrocketing, the dollar weakening, inflation getting higher, unemployment worse than before Obama came in, consumer confidence low, the housing market in the toilet, unconstitutional war in Libya, unconstitutional individual mandate in Obamacare, unconstitutional moratorium on offshore drilling (for which his administration is in contempt), a deficit that has seen Obama indebt America more than every single President combined from George Washington to George W. Bush, and so on… probably why America is so polarized instead of united… and explains why Obama’s approval rating, according to Gallup, has spiraled downward from 68% in January 2009 to 42% in April 2011. Couldn’t have been because Obama “made it into the arena while being totally unqualified to be President of the United States,” now could it?

      1. So the Republicans have the house and all they would like to do is cut, cut, and more cuts and raise no revenue. You forget that before Bush and Cheney we had a surplus. A unnecessary war and tax cuts puts us where we are today. So it left to one man to try to clean up the mess and deal with the Tea Party ideologs.

  5. To say that W and Sarah are not qualified just shows how ignorant people are. I disagree with BO on his policies but I know he is an intelligent man. I don’t let my political views blind me like most people do. So sad that people can’t separate the 2.

  6. It is pretty clear. it has been crystal clear for many decades. that hollywood has been town full of far left liberals. mainstream media is very bias imo. mainstream media has given obama a free pass. I get he was left a giant mess from W. he is not making it better. Had complete control of house and senate for 2 yrs. b.o could pass any bill he wanted. He added 6 trillion to debt. It was 10 trillion when he took office. It is now 16 trillion in debt. He lost our AAA credit rating. He spends more time hanging out with celebs, golfing and vacations. then he does in whitehouse. we need new leader. romney is not perfect. but he is better than current guy in office. obama failed to cut debt. make econmy better. hollywood favorite son will be given his pink slip in a few weeks. on november6!


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